Thursday, 15 November 2018

Nick Cook - Death Of Light (Fractured Light Trilogy BK 3) - BOOK COVER REVEAL

Here at Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books, we love to highlight the hidden talent behind some of our favourite book covers. It has been nine years since I introduced the book cover wars to recognise illustrators and the creative teams behind them. With the final of this year's book cover wars starting next week, one of the books starring (or sparring!) in the last battle is Fractured Light by Nick Cook. This novel is book one in The Multiverse Chronicles. 

We are delighted, however, to be able to reveal the author's third book in the series which is called Death Light. It features another very talented book design and illustration by Ryan Schwarz. It is possibly the scariest one published to date. We are proud to be the first to release the image prior to it going on sale this weekend. Look out for a copy and be prepared to be thrilled by another great story. 

Please check the author's Website for further announcements and more information about this thrilling Sci-Fi trilogy. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books: Children's Book Picks November 2018 - UK Post

Alex Bell (Author), Tomislav Tomic (Illustrator) - Explorers on Witch Mountain (The Polar Bear Explorers' Club) - Published by Faber & Faber (1 Nov. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-0571332564 - Paperback 

Stella Starflake Pearl is eagerly anticipating her next expedition. Suddenly disaster strikes when Stella's father, Felix, is snatched by a fearsome witch. Stella must bring her magic ice princess tiara to Witch Mountain or she will never see Felix again! But no one ever returns from Witch Mountain . . .
Stella, Ethan, Shay, Beanie and reluctant Jungle Cat explorer, Gideon, set off into the unknown. They will face chomping pumpkin patches, vampire trolls, poisonous rabbits, outraged vultures and deranged broomsticks in their quest to rescue Felix.

Matilda Woods - The Girl, the Cat and the Navigator - Published by Scholastic (1 Nov. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1407184906 - Paperback 

An enchanting, charming story of bravery on the ice-tipped ocean, with stunning art by Anuska Allepuz on every page. Curious, pin-bright Oona Britt dreams of setting sail with her ship's captain father for a life of excitement on the wild waves. She has read stories of a magical creature - the Nardoo - who swims through the stars at night, and stows away on whaling boat the Plucky Leopard for an adventure full of myths and marvel among the ice-caps.

Gregg Hurwitz - The Rains (Rains Brothers) - Published by Penguin (1 Nov. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1405938280 - Paperback 

It's never really been my thing to be the brave one - that's always been my older brother Patrick - but something world-changing is happening in our small town of Creek's Cause. Parasites have infected everyone over the age of eighteen, making them violent, and if they even sniff a kid they either bash our brains in or take us back to their creepy lair.
We're trapped at the school with the other remaining survivors, including Patrick's girlfriend Alex, and we don't know how long we'll last. The school is surrounded by infected adults, and we're sure that there is something else out there, something controlling the people that used to be our parents, our guardians.
But here's the real problem, Patrick is turning eighteen in a few days, so it's up to me - Chance Rain - to find a way to save him. And maybe, just maybe if we survive the next few weeks then we can help save humanity.

Alan Durant - Clownfish - Published by Walker Books (1 Nov. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1406374629 - Paperback 

Clownfish is a moving and stunningly original story of friendship and life after loss, from award-winning and much-loved author Alan Durant.

From award-winning author, Alan Durant comes a surreal, poignant story about family bonds and loss. Dak's dad has been dead for seven days when suddenly he reappears. He's the same in almost every way, with one startling exception: Dad has turned into a clownfish, and now lives in a tank at their local aquarium. Dak is delighted by the news – he has Dad back, even if he isn't quite as he was before. Deciding to keep Dad's transformation a secret, Dak visits him at the aquarium as often as he can and ends up spending so much time there that they offer him a job. This is how he comes to meet Violet, the owner's prickly but kindhearted niece; when the aquarium is threatened with closure, the pair must work together to save it. For Dak, the stakes couldn't be higher … after all, if the aquarium shuts down, what will happen to the fish? In parts wry, moving and undoubtedly strange, this beautifully crafted story will stay with you long after the final page.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Armand Baltazar - Timeless Bk 1: Diego and the Rangers of the Vaslantic - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books Book Review

The first book in a cinematic-style middle-grade adventure series about what happens when many different time periods collide and have to co-exist in the city of Chicago. You’ve never seen Earth like this before: continents reshaped, oceans re-formed, cities rebuilt, and mountains sculpted anew. Dinosaurs roam the plains alongside herds of buffalo, and giant robots navigate the same waters as steam-powered ships. This is the world Diego Ribera was born into. The past, present, and future coexisting together. In New Chicago, Diego’s middle school hallways buzz with kids from all eras of history and from cultures all over the world. The pieces do not always fit together neatly, but this is the world he loves. There are those, however, who do not share his affection. On his thirteenth birthday, Diego learns of a special gift he has within, a secret that is part of something much bigger—something he cannot understand. When his father, New Chicago’s top engineer, is taken by the Aeternum, Diego must rescue him and prevent this evil group from disrupting the fragile peace humanity has forged.

We always say that you should never judge a book by it's cover, but we still do. If you are a person drawn by a cover, then I can safely and honestly say that this book cover matches the content. It is absolutely amazing and neither will it let your judgement down.

I realise that I am late to this party as the book was published in the US back in OCTOBER 2017 (last year!). However, I do remember highlighting this book back at the time of publication. It is only now that I have recently got round to buying a special copy of the book from the author. This has now driven and given me the incentive to tell you all just how wonderful it actually is. 

Visually, it is stunning. Take a look at this short youtube clip which shows some of the full-colour, illustrated page images. You will soon see and understand how brilliant they are. The colours are so vibrant whilst the images just pull you into the adventure. This fully immersive quality is so easy to get lost in. The illustratoins really does push the boundaries with creativity here to bring a special book to both children and adults.

The story is imaginative and fantastically written. The plot feels very cinematic and is extremely well thought out. It will transport any reader into a fantasy bonanza of images and words. The fantastic blend of time travel and destructive worlds where the past rolls into the future and the future also rolls into the past which make for an interesting concept. It's a plot where anything can happen and will happen. It is an adventure like no other ....

The exciting adventure filled with danger and peril is reminiscent of a classical Jules Verne novel. The characters are wonderfully written and endearing; they make the whole story a joy to read. Each personality comes together to try and save their parents and friends. It highlights the importance, regardless of culture or ethnicity, of working together and respecting each other. 

This really is a one-of-a-kind book. It's an epic story based on a large scale vision. It is certainly one of the best books that I have read; it's super cool and very entertaining. It is what can be described as a hoverboard fuelled ride full of adrenalin action inspired from working in the film industry. Will somebody please publish this book in the UK? It really is very special. I would 100% recommend you to purchase and read a copy as soon as you can, especially before the second book comes out, hopefully soon! 

Also, check out the author's website FOR MORE ON THE BOOK and some amazing artwork HERE.  You could also purchase a personalised copy like mine - it makes it even more special!

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books - Brilliant Graphic Goodness - Gift Inspired Book Picks (Oct - Nov 2018)

Tales from the Inner City (2018), a sister volume to the anthology Tales from Outer Suburbia (2008) is a collection of 25 illustrated stories about relationships between humans and animals. The basic premise set was quite simple: think about an animal in a city. Why is it there? How do people react to it? What meaning does it suggest?

Where can we live if not in each other's shadow?
World-renowned artist Shaun Tan applies his extraordinary talent to a reflection on the nature of humans and animals, and our urban co-existence. From crocodile to frog; tiger to bee, this is a dark and surreal exploration of the perennial love and destruction we feel and inflict – of how animals can save us, and how we are entwined, for better or for worse. Tales from the Inner City is a truly masterly work, bearing all of Shaun Tan’s trademark wit and poignancy in both its prose and exquisite illustrations.

Published by Walker Studio (4 Oct. 2018)

Deep in the African rainforest, in the midst of a tropical storm, a gorilla is born – a gorilla-like no other.
This is the story of that gorilla’s fantastic voyage across the world, from the Congolese jungle to the grand bazaar of Istanbul, from Borneo to London, Singapore and beyond. The story of a mysterious jewel thief and a sad sailor with a heart of gold. A story of friendship and adventure on the high seas.
This is the story of Sally Jones.
The prequel to the award-winning international bestseller The Murderer’s Ape by Jakob Wegelius, for children aged 7+.

Published by Pushkin Children's Books (1 Nov. 2018)

Traces of the Great War features contributions from both the UK and around the world. The anthology includes a number of collaborations between graphic artists and writers (Dave McKean with poet Simon Armitage, Charlie Adlard with Robbie MorrisonSean Phillips with novelist Ian Rankin), and between artists and illustrators who have never worked together before (Juan Díaz Canales and Kris, Régis Hautière and Thomas von Kummant).
Co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW: WW1 Centenary Art Commissions, La Mission du centenaire de la Première Guerre mondiale, On a Marché sur la Bulle and the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival. It is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, the Heritage Lottery Fund and from the Department for Culture Media and Sport.
Traces of the Great War anthology launched in October 2018 at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival (Kendal, UK) and Salon du livre d’Albert (Albert, France), and is accompanied by touring exhibitions and a wide-ranging education programme. The project will also celebrate the historic alliance between Ulverston in Cumbria and Albert in the Somme. The twinned towns will be actively involved in the launch of the project.
Published by Image Comics (1 Nov. 2018)

Jon McNaught returns with another beautiful comic that makes the ordinary, extraordinary. A family sets off for a long weekend at a caravan park on the British coast. We follow them through the familiar landscapes of a summer holiday: motorway service stations, windswept cliffs, dilapidated museums and tourist giftshops. In this atmospheric and contemplative work, Jon McNaught explores the rhythms of nature, the passing of time, and the beauty and boredom of a summer holiday.
Published by Nobrow (1 Oct. 2018) -  ISBN-13: 978-1910620243

Monday, 5 November 2018

Mr Ripley's New Book Cover Wars Heat FOUR 2018/19 + Matt Haig & Chris Mould - The Truth Pixie Signed Book Competition

We have now come to the end of week three.....

Congratulations to our previous heat winners, 

Heat One: P. G. Bell 'The Train to Impossible Places'. Published by Usborne Publishing Ltd (4 Oct. 2018) with the Book Cover Illustration By Flavia Sorrentino. - 65 Votes

Heat Two: Sophie Green - 'Potkin & Stubbs'. Published by Piccadilly Press (7 Mar. 2019) with the Book Cover Illustration by Karl James Mountford - 128 Votes

Heat Three: Vashti Hardy - Brightstorm: A Sky-Ship Adventure - Published by Scholastic (1 Mar. 2018) - Book Cover Illustration by George Ermos - 88 Votes

Heat Three: The winner of the £10 Book Voucher is -  Mrs Lenbob - Congratulations!

This week is the fourth heat (four altogether) of the Book Cover Wars. For any follower of this site, I am going to select another five book covers for you to vote from. The winner of this heat will then go forward to the final round and get a chance to be crowned as 'Mr Ripley's Enchanted Book Cover Winner 2018/19'.

Mr Ripley's Enchanted Book Cover War Rules are as follows: 
  • There will be four weekly heats with five book covers to vote for.
  • One heat winner each week will make the grand final. 
  • The book cover with the most votes from the other four heats as the highest runner-up will also be entered into the final. 
As a voter, not only will you get the chance to choose your favourite book cover, but you will also be in with the chance to win a different special book/gift voucher each week. This week is the chance to win a first edition Double signed a copy of Matt Haig & Chris Mould - The Truth Pixie, a fantastic read...

If you are interested then all you need to do is:
  • Vote for your favourite book cover using the poll 
  • Leave a comment through this post or poll - HERE
  • Mention it on Twitter/Facebook share any place you like!  #BOOKCOVERWARS 
  • Sit back, watch the voting develop and wait to hear whether you've won (once the poll has closed).
  • This poll will end 12th November 2018 at midnight UK time. 
    So here are the five book covers to vote for this week:

    Book One: Nick Cook -  Fractured Light - Published by Voice from the Clouds (20 Aug. 2018) - Book Cover Illustrated by Ryan Schwarz

    Book Two: Amy Wilson - Snowglobe - Published by Macmillan Children's Books (18 Oct. 2018) - Book Cover Illustration by Helen Crawford-White 

    Book Three: Candy Gourlay - Bone Talk - Published by David Fickling Books (2 Aug. 2018) - Book Cover Illustration by Kerby Rosanes

    Book Four: Philip Reeve - Night Flights - Published by Scholastic (5 July 2018) - Book Cover Illustration by Ian McQue

    Book Five: Jarrett Lerner - REVENGE OF THE ENGINERDS? - Published by Aladdin Paperbacks (19 Feb. 2019) - Book Cover Illustration by Serge Seidlitz


    Thursday, 1 November 2018

    Jamie Smith - Frostfire - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books Book Review (Chicken House Books)

    Chosen for the honour of bonding with a frostsliver – a fragment of the sentient glacier that crests her icy home – Sabira embarks on the dangerous pilgrimage to the top of the mountain. But when a huge avalanche traps her on the glacier and destroys the pass, Sabira is determined to find another way home. In order to survive, she must face up to the merciless mountain – but there are dark and fiery secrets hiding in its depths …

    The mountain had murder in mind with the publication of Frostfire. This is the debut middle-grade read from Jamie Smith which is published by Chicken House Publishing. It sets off on its reading voyage on the 1st of November 2018. OOH, I hear you say, isn't that TODAY? 

    The book sparkles in the light just like the story. The striking book cover illustration, by the talented Karl James Mountford, is just wonderful. There are two different book covers that I've seen for this book (the one above and the one below). I'm not sure if there is any significance in the book having two covers. However, they both look really good. I certainly cannot choose which one I like the best, can you?  

    Three years in the making, this story will be the fire to warm any cold winter's day. It will provide a pleasant glow as you adventure into the icy cold landscape. This is a brilliant winter adventure featuring one girl's survival as she becomes caught up in a mountain avalanche. However, this story is not just about returning home. The main character needs to bond with a Frostsilver (an intelligent life force) that communicates and gives Sabira a deep magic. This is a special type of magic that comes from the heart of the mountain. 

    This is a brilliant story about personal limitations and a journey of tradition that has some major consequences to Sabira's way of life. It will keep the reader glued to the pages with intrigue, mystery and some timely twists and turns. The book has a fantastic atmospheric feeling that is developed through the author's well-considered, descriptive narrative. This really helps you to bond with the main character and the extraordinary landscape. 

    Sabira is a fantastic character who faces a battle of survival, not just her own personal battle, but also the fate of Aderasti. It's a book full of heart and adventure. You will certainly not be disappointed with this book as it is full of compassion as well as explosive action. It is a boundless story for the seasoned adventurer regardless of age and gender. 

    If this sounds like a book you would enjoy, then why not read an extract Here