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Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books: Children's/Young Adult Book Picks September 2018 - US Post

Sean Easley - The Hotel Between - Published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (September 4, 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1534416970 - Hardback 

A magical hotel, a mysterious tree, and a cryptic story about their missing father leads twins Cam and Cass on a worldly adventure in this enchanting debut novel that’s perfect for fans of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library and Wildwood

Twins Cam and Cass have never known their parents. They’ve been told their mother died, and Cass is certain their father abandoned them. Cam isn’t so sure. He wants to prove her wrong; he must.

Cam’s wish is soon granted in the form of a glistening, golden sign with elaborate flourishes that reads: The Hotel Between. With doors that open to countries all over the world, magical trollies, charmed corridors that can be altered on a whim, stone elephants that turn to life, sweets made from rocks; everything is possible in The Hotel. Cam has a hunch his father is somehow connected to this magical place, and may even be lost within its hidden halls.

Every journey has its risks, and The Hotel Between is full of dangerous secrets. If Cam’s not careful, his stay may be over before his vacation has even started.

Liesl Shurtliff - Time Castaways #1: The Mona Lisa Key - Published by Katherine Tegen Books (September 18, 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-0062568137 - Hardback 


From the New York Times bestselling author of Rump comes a thrilling new middle-grade trilogy about three city kids who get on the wrong subway train and wind up on a wild, magical mystery-adventure throughout time. Imaginative, daring, and packed with fun, Time Castaways is perfect for fans of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Libraryand Percy Jackson.
Mateo, Ruby, and Corey Hudson’s parents don’t have too many rules. It’s the usual stuff: Be good. Do your homework. And never ride the subway without an adult, EVER. But when the siblings wake up late for school, they have no choice but to break a rule. The Hudson siblings board the subway in Manhattan and end up on a frigate ship in Paris…in the year 1911.
As time does tell, the Hudson family has a lot of secrets. The past, present, and future are intertwined—and a time-traveling ship called the Vermillion is at the center. Racing to untangle the truth, the kids find themselves in the middle of one of the greatest art heists of all time.

And the adventure is just getting started.

Karsten Knight - Welcome to Doom Farms (Bonegarden) - Published by Independently published (September 4, 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1718179325 - Paperback 

The first in a spooky new series perfect for fans of Goosebumps. 
When Kayla Dunn’s family moves from the city to the country town of Orchard Falls, she has one dream: to grow pumpkins big enough to compete in the annual Jack-o’-Lantern Festival. Desperate to win—and beat her next-door nemesis—she resorts to planting unusual, glowing seeds from a mysterious shopkeeper. 

Kayla should be overjoyed when her pumpkins grow faster and bigger than she ever imagined … but her first harvest is about to become a real nightmare. 

Because these pumpkins are blue and veiny. 

Because their vines seem to have a mind of their own. 

And because something terrifying inside them is longing to hatch.

Cherie Priest (Author), Tara O'Connor (Illustrator) - The Agony House - Published by Arthur A. Levine Books (September 25, 2018) - 

  • ISBN-13: 978-0545934299 - Hardback 

Denise Farber has just moved back to New Orleans with her mom and step-dad. They left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and have finally returned, wagering the last of their family's money on fixing up an old, rundown house and converting it to a bed and breakfast. 

Nothing seems to work around the place, which doesn't seem too weird to Denise. The unexplained noises are a little more out of the ordinary, but again, nothing too unusual. But when floors collapse, deadly objects rain down, and she hears creepy voices, it's clear to Denise that something more sinister lurks hidden here.

Answers may lie in an old comic book Denise finds concealed in the attic: the lost, final project of a famous artist who disappeared in the 1950s. Denise isn't budging from her new home, so she must unravel the mystery-on the pages and off-if she and her family are to survive...

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Barry Hutchison (Author), Lee Cosgrove (Illustrator) - Night of the Living Ted - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books Book Review

When Lisa Marie and her step-brother Vernon pop into town to get their dad a birthday present, they discover the Create-a-Ted shop is offering free Halloween bears! Making two grisly bears for themselves and choosing an Elvis bear named Bearvis for Dad, they head home. That night the shopkeeper brings the bears to life for nefarious purposes … but Vernon’s bear, Grizz, doesn’t want to be a slave to humans – he wants to rule the world! Converting the shopkeeper’s Stuff-U-Lator into a machine for turning living matter into stuffed bears, he begins to prowl the streets. Can the children and Bearvis save themselves – and the world – from being stuffed?

WARNING: No Teddy Bears were harmed in the making of this book - they were only stuffed!

One of the most asked questions we receive is: what books would you recommend for readers around the ages of six or seven that have a scary element to them but are not ghost stories? This for me would be a good start to answering this question. It is the latest book by Barry Hutchison entitled Night of the Living Ted. The first book in a brand new series, this has already been published by Stripes Publishing and is out in shops now. 

The book has been illustrated by Lee Cosgrove which makes it even more fun and appealing to this particular age group. The illustrations add life to a story that is already brilliant and very enjoyable. The book cover image is especially clever; it really gives the reader the idea of what to expect inside the cover. For me, it captures the essence that you will definitely love it and, if you don't then we will set the teddies on you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Only five-star ratings on Amazon PLEASE. 

The magic of this book is that it will appeal to everybody regardless of age. You will laugh all the way through this crazy plotted story that harks back to the early books written by Barry Hutchinson's such as the INVISIBLE FIENDS series. The book is so funny that I found myself laughing on many occasions, especially if you are familiar with "THE KING" (Elvis Presley). The puns come quickly just like the action. The concept of the story revolves around Teddy Bears coming to life and wreaking havoc on their local neighborhood. Stealing, destroying and turning parents into slugs, what more could you want. It will both hook and transport you into the slightly sinister world of the author's childhood fantasies. (I think he might have read too many comics if you ask me!)

This book will provide great family entertainment. However, it also depicts the relationship between step-siblings and the feelings they have between each other. It develops another side to the story which just adds a little element of thinking.

You will never look at a Teddy Bear in the same way again. Those glassy eyes will be staring at you in a sinister way - you might want to watch your games console, just in case .... You'll certainly want the planet to be saved from these cuddly monsters. This is a five-star book full of fun, laughter and much much more .... Just watch your step and remember no teddy bear is to be trusted!

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Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books: Children's Book Picks September 2018 - UK Post Two

Patrick Ness (Author), Rovina Cai (Illustrator) - And the Ocean Was Our Sky - Published by Walker Books (6 Sept. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1406383560 - Hardback


From the multi-award-winning author of A Monster Calls comes a haunting tale of power and obsession that turns the story of Moby Dick upside down.
"Call me Bathsheba." The whales of Bathsheba's pod live for the hunt. Led by the formidable Captain Alexandra, they fight a never-ending war against men. Then the whales attack a man ship, and instead of easy prey they find the trail of a myth, a monster, perhaps the devil himself... With their relentless Captain leading the chase, they embark on the final hunt, one that will forever change the worlds of whales and men.

Andy Briggs - Drone Racer - Published by Scholastic (6 Sept. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1407188423

An action-packed novel that brings drone racing to life!

Carson and his friends love racing drones, and they can't believe their luck when they stumble across a discarded one at a junkyard. 
But this new find is full of surprises. When they power the drone up, it starts talking
And it's fast.
Really fast.
Carson's team could win big prizes in the racing leagues. 
Trouble is, someone wants their incredible drone back, and they'll stop at nothing to get it. How can three kids protect their new friend?

J. R. Wallis - The Black Amulet (Badlands 2) - Published by Simon & Schuster Children's UK (6 Sept. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1471157943 - Paperback  

Welcome to the Badlands ... a hidden part of our world populated by creatures which most people think exist only in fairy tales and nightmares.

Reunited with his parents, Jones is finally living the 'normal' life he's always wanted. But, despite leaving the Badlands behind, there's still magic inside him...

His two friends, Ruby and Thomas Gabriel, are struggling with their new lives too; Thomas Gabriel's magical abilities are fading away and Ruby is realizing she might never be accepted as a 'proper' Badlander in a world of monster-hunting men.

One thing could help them all - the Black Amulet, a magical artefact hidden for centuries by the most powerful Badlander that ever lived. But finding it won't be easy, and using it even harder, because things are never simple when magic is involved... 

Cornelia Funke - The Glass of Lead and Gold - Published by Pushkin Children's Books (27 Sept. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1782691983

It's a beautiful story set in an alternate London, and is full of magical characters you may have seen in the InkWorld and MirrorWorld stories!
 In a land of elves, mermaids and trolls, true magic is where you least expect it...
In the snow-covered city of Londra, young Tabetha survives by finding treasures in the mudbanks of the river Themse. On Christmas Eve, a sinister stranger asks her to keep her eyes open for a priceless, long-lost magical object: the Glass of Lead and Gold.

As word of the Glass spreads across the city, Tabetha finds herself with some unlikely companions, not least a one-armed girl and a rather impressive soup chef. But will Tabetha discover that there are even greater fortunes to be found than the magical Glass?

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A. F. Harold (Author), Illustrated by Emily Gravett - The Afterwards - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books - Book Review

Fact: Ember and Ness are best friends. There's nothing more to say about it. It is what it is. It is what will always be. Ember and Ness. Then Ness dies. It is sudden and unexpected and leaves Ember completely empty. How can this be? When Ember finds a way into the Afterworld, she determines to bring Ness back. Because that's what friends do isn't it? They rescue each other. They help. They never give up. Ember and Ness. That don't change. A powerful, poignant, darkly comic and deeply moving story about friendship at its most extraordinary.

This is another moving book by A. F. Harold titled "The Afterwards". On the 1st November 2018, this tiny little seed of a story will amble into the life of the reading world and beyond. It is delightfully and intelligently illustrated by the amazing Emily Gravett. You only get a glimpse of the illustrations inside the proof copy, however, you know they will fit seamlessly together like a fantasy glove. Working together in harmony they give the reader both the feel and the flavour of the story inside. For me, it's another masterclass of the author and the illustrator working and connecting together to deliver something special to the reading world. 

The book cover for me captures the story really well. It draws you in and makes you want to start reading. You instantly turn the pages which are filled with children's laughter and vibrant colour. It's a book filled with friendship, but the mood does dramatically turn to death. The rainbow of happiness is stripped back for the main two characters (Ness and Ember), falling through a sieve to land in a world of black and white. These are ordinary children about to embark on an extraordinary adventure like no other, but will there be a happy ending?

The reflective story takes shape the more you read. You'll be pulled and tugged through the emotional playground of life and what it means to be HUMAN, but more precisely what it means to be YOU. Everybody who reads this book will SEE it from a different perspective. It is very poignant and thought-provoking. A powerful narrative lies ahead with one that will seek answers to what lies within. It is a grown-up book written from a child's perspective as it is played out through two young children capturing the essence of true friendship. 

You can expect a straddle of mystery and a large slice of the author's personality. You'll navigate a family path of love, an endless amount of hope and perhaps even a handful of tissues. There is also a cat which is probably based on one of the author's own. This is a great book that has a fantastic reach into the human world and beyond. It's a story that will make you think and certainly reflect on life. Consider it as a train ride into the reader's past and when the last page has been turned, a journey into the reader's future. A brilliant and much recommended read. 

Friday, 7 September 2018

Mark Lowery - Charlie and Me: 421 Miles From Home - Short Extract

Here we have a short extract from the marvellous novel Charlie and Me:421 Miles From Home. This is a funny and sad story, which is full of kindness and loss. I feel this was a book that may have got slightly lost and swept under the carpet - it has appeared to have missed people's attention. Yet, it is a brilliant book and one that you should definitely track down. Read the synopsis and short extract to hopefully whet your appetite. It's out now in all good bookshops. 

Thirteen-year-old Martin and his younger brother Charlie are on a very special journey. They're going to be travelling 421 miles all the way from Preston to the very tip of Cornwall. They're hoping to catch a glimpse of the dolphin that regularly visits the harbour there. But is that the only reason they are going? 

It's a journey that's full of challenges and surprises. Martin adores his brother Charlie but he's not like ordinary kids. He's one in a million. He was born far too early, and ought to have died. And cheeky, irrepressible, utterly unique Charlie is always keeping Martin on his toes - especially on this crazy trip they are now on. Martin is doing his best to be a good big brother, but it's hard when there's something so huge coming once they get to Cornwall ...

I always try to help Charlie with his homework. He struggles at school because he can’t focus on things and he’s a bit hyperactive. Mum says this is common with kids who were born early. She’s always having rows with the teachers about it, because he can’t be expected to learn like everyone else, can he? And if they let him use his imagination instead of trying to stuff his poor little head full of useless information, then maybe he’d have a chance in life. 

She’s very sensitive when it comes to Charlie. And she’s sort of right – people think he’s thick, but in some ways he’s mega-smart. His brain’s just wired up differently that’s all. 

Even so, the teachers have got a point. When he was in Year Three, he brought a letter home saying: ‘Charlie did not complete today’s spelling test because he was pretending to be a tortoise.’ Dad thought this was hilarious and stuck it on the fridge. 

‘Times tables? On a Saturday?’ says Charlie, flinging the stick down. The baggy sleeves of his jumper swing round afterwards. ‘Child cruelty! I’m calling the RSPCA.’ 

‘What?’ I say, ‘The animal charity?’ 

‘Yeah,’ replies Charlie, as though this is what he meant all along.

 ‘I’ll tell ’em you keep a . . . a pig in a shoe box and . . . you throw darts at it and you make it smoke cigarettes. 

They’ll lock you up and then I’ll be safe.’ 

I snigger. ‘Come on. Which times table are you doing at the moment?’ 

‘The one times table,’ he says immediately. ‘One one is one. Two ones are t—’ 

‘Rubbish!’ I interrupt, giving him a friendly jab in the arm. ‘Nobody learns the ones. Let’s do the eights. One eight is eight. Two eights are . . . ?’ 
Charlie looks off into the distance and scratches his head. ‘Er . . . fourteen . . . ?’ 

‘Try again.’ 

‘Twelve . . . no, seventeen.’ 

‘It can’t be seventeen,’ I sigh. I try to be patient with him, but I’m pretty good at maths and working with Charlie can get seriously frustrating.

 ‘We’ve been through this. Seventeen’s not in any tables. It’s a prime number.’ 
This was a mistake. Straight away he’s talking about something else. 

‘Prime number? 

Is that like the Prime Minister?’ he says, and before I can answer he’s off: ‘If I was Prime Minister, I’d make everyone wear top hats.’ 

We reach a red light and I push the button. ‘What? Why?’ I say, my brain struggling to catch up. 

‘I like ’em. Plus then I’d be taller than everyone.’ 

‘But they’d all be wearing top hats too.’ 

He thinks for a second. ‘Yeah. But only the Prime Minister would be allowed to wear high heels.’

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Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books: Children's Book Picks September 2018 - UK Post

Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books has handpicked some of the best reads from those coming out this September 2018. We have been thoroughly spoilt by the quality of so many books packing a great fantasy punch. Why not check out the post and maybe add some of them to your upcoming reading book pile. 

Kieran Larwood (Author), David Wyatt (Illustrator) The Five Realms: The Beasts of Grimheart - Published by Faber & Faber (6 Sept. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-0571328444 - Hardback 

 The bard looks up at the three figures. They have black hooded cloaks and long robes. From the holes in their masks, three pairs of eyes watch him: cold, calm, emotionless.'Yes,' says the bard. 'They're bonedancers. You don't need to sound quite so excited, though. They have come to kill me.'

And so it is that the bard and and his young apprentice Rue are taken to Spinestone, the temple warren of the bonedancers. It is here that the bard is ordered to retell the tale that has got him in so much trouble . . . and so to the next instalment in the astonishing tale of Podkin One-Ear . . .
Podkin, Paz and Pook once again find their home under threat, but this time they are ready to fight! Podkin and the others leave for Sparrowfast to ask their uncle for the use of his magic bow. It's the one weapon that could save them all. But as they flee into the forest depths, it seems they have been betrayed . . 

Anna James - Pages & Co: Tilly and the Bookwanderers - Published by HarperCollins Children's Books (18 Sept. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-0008229863 - Hardback

 A captivating, curl-up-on-the-sofa debut about the magic of books and the power of the imagination. 

Since her mother’s disappearance, eleven-year-old Tilly has found comfort in stories at Pages & Co., her grandparents’ bookshop. But when her favourite characters, Anne of Green Gables and Alice from Wonderland, appear in the shop, Tilly’s adventures become very real. Not only can she follow Anne and Alice into their thrilling worlds, she discovers she can bookwander into any story she chooses.
Tilly’s new ability could even help her solve the mystery of what happened to her mother all those years ago. But danger may be lurking on the very next page…

Ross MacKenzie - The Elsewhere Emporium - Published by Kelpies (13 Sept. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1782505198 - Paperback (Book Review Here)

The Nowhere Emporium has been stolen. The shop from nowhere has vanished without a trace. Will it ever reappear? As they search for the lost Emporium, Daniel and Ellie encounter magical bookshops, deserted islands, and an array of magicians (both dead and alive). Meanwhile a dangerous force is attacking the Emporium from the inside, waiting for a chance to break free. In this highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning The Nowhere Emporium, readers will once again be transported into a magical realm where imagination is power and anything is possible. Loyal fans will be astonished by the new wonders beyond the Emporium's doors as the gripping mystery unfolds.

Piers Torday - The Lost Magician - Published by Quercus Children's Books (6 Sept. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1786540515 - Hardback

'If you can imagine it, it exists ... somewhere.' The new spellbinding fantasy adventure from the bestselling, award-winning author of The Last Wild trilogy.
1945. They have survived the Blitz, but when Simon, Patricia, Evelyn and Larry step through a mysterious library door, it is the beginning of their most dangerous adventure yet. They discover the magical world of Folio, where an enchanted kingdom of fairy knights, bears and tree gods is under threat from a sinister robot army. 
The many stories of the Library are locked in eternal war, and the children's only hope is to find their creator - a magician who has been lost for centuries. 
What they find will change not just their own lives, but the fate of the world, for ever...

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Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books: Children's/Young Adult Book Picks August 2018 - US Published Post

Katherine Marsh - Nowhere Boy - Published by Roaring Brook Press (August 7, 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1250307576 - Hardback 

An "important and riveting story, masterfully told" of family, sacrifice and the friendship between a young Syrian refugee and an American boy living in Brussels. Nowhere Boy is a "captivating book" that focuses on the "discourse around the refugee crisis." The Center for Children's Books calls it a "perilous journey, tempered by the striking realism of obstacles refugees face daily."
Fourteen-year-old Ahmed is stuck in a city that wants nothing to do with him. Newly arrived in Brussels, Belgium, Ahmed fled a life of uncertainty and suffering in Aleppo, Syria, only to lose his father on the perilous journey to the shores of Europe. Now Ahmed’s struggling to get by on his own, but with no one left to trust and nowhere to go, he’s starting to lose hope.
Then he meets Max, a thirteen-year-old American boy from Washington, D.C. Lonely and homesick, Max is struggling at his new school and just can’t seem to do anything right. But with one startling discovery, Max and Ahmed’s lives collide and a friendship begins to grow. Together, Max and Ahmed will defy the odds, learning from each other what it means to be brave and how hope can change your destiny. 
Set against the backdrop of the Syrian refugee crisis, award-winning author of Jepp, Who Defied the Stars Katherine Marsh delivers a gripping, heartwarming story of resilience, friendship and everyday heroes. Barbara O'Connor, author of Wish and Wonderland, says "Move Nowhere Boy to the top of your to-be-read pile immediately."

Ethan M. Aldridge - Estranged - Published by HarperCollins (August 7, 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-0062653864 - Paperback 

Rising star author-illustrator Ethan M. Aldridge delivers a fantasy adventure with all the makings of a classic. Illustrated with over two-hundred pages of watercolor paintings, this epic graphic novel is perfect for fans of Amulet.
Edmund and the Childe were swapped at birth. Now Edmund lives in secret as a changeling in the World Above, his fae powers hidden from his unsuspecting parents and his older sister, Alexis. The Childe lives among the fae in the World Below, where being a human makes him a curiosity at the royal palace.
But when the cruel sorceress Hawthorne seizes the throne, the Childe and Edmund must unite on a dangerous quest to save both worlds—even if they’re not sure which world they belong to.

Kristin O'Donnell Tubb (Author), Iacopo Bruno (Illustrator) - The Story Collector: A New York Public Library Book - Published by Henry Holt and Co. (August 28, 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1250143808 - Hardback
"For every book lover who fantasized about getting locked in the library overnight,The Story Collector is a dream come true!" New York Times-bestselling author Alan Gratz
In the tradition of E. L. Konisburg, this middle-grade mystery adventure is inspired by the real life of Viviani Joffre Fedeler, born and raised in the New York Public Library. 
Eleven-year-old Viviani Fedeler has spent her whole life in the New York Public Library. She knows every room by heart, except the ones her father keeps locked. When Viviani becomes convinced that the library is haunted, new girl Merit Mubarak makes fun of her. So Viviani decides to play a harmless little prank, roping her older brothers and best friend Eva to help out.
But what begins as a joke quickly gets out of hand, and soon Viviani and her friends have to solve two big mysteries: Is the Library truly haunted? And what happened to the expensive new stamp collection? It's up to Viviani, Eva, and Merit (reluctantly) to findout.

Keir Graff - The Phantom Tower - Published by G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers (August 21, 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1524739522 - Hardback

Twin brothers discover their new home is also a portal--for an hour a day--to a parallel dimension in this rollicking middle-grade adventure, perfect for fans of The Mysterious Benedict Society 

Colm and Mal are twins so identical their own mom can't tell them apart, but they're different in just about every other way. Mal's a pragmatist while Colm's a dreamer, and they bicker and battle constantly. Neither brother is excited to be moving to Chicago for a fresh start with their mom just after their dad's death. But nothing cures homesickness like intrigue--and their new home, Brunhild Tower, has plenty of it: mysterious elderly neighbors who warn against wandering the building at midday, strange sounds in the walls, and an elevator missing a button for the thirteenth floor. 

One day, that button appears--and when the doors open on the missing floor, the boys are greeted by the strangest puzzle yet: a twin building that is stuck in time and bustling with activity. All of Brunhild Tower's former residents live on in this phantom tower, where the rules of the real world don't apply. But when the brothers and their newfound friends discover they're all trapped by an ancient curse, they must band together to set everyone free before it's too late.

KR Alexander - The Collector - Published by Scholastic Press (August 28, 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1338212242 - Paperback 


Josie always liked visiting her grandmother in the countryside. But when her mother loses her job in the city and they're forced to relocate along with Josie's sister, Annie, she realizes she doesn't like the country that much. Especially because Grandma Jeannie has some strange rules: Don't bring any dolls into the house. And never, ever go near the house in the woods behind their yard. Soon though, Josie manages to make friends with the most popular girl in the sixth grade, Vanessa. When Vanessa eventually invites Josie back to her house to hang out, Josie doesn't question it. Not even when Vanessa takes her into the woods, and down an old dirt road, toward the very house Grandma Jeannie had warned her about.

As Josie gets caught up in her illicit friendship with Vanessa, Annie is caught in the crossfire. What follows is a chilling tale of dark magic, friendship, and some verrrrrry creepy dolls. 

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Mal Peet - Mr Godley's Phantom - Book Review - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books (David Fickling)

It's 1945 and Martin Heath, like many men at that time, is struggling to settle, to find his place again after the horrors of war. When an old comrade sends him a letter, telling of a position that's just come up with an elderly fellow called Mr Godley in the deepest and loneliest part of Devon. Martin travels there and so begins a dark mystery...

David Fickling Books proudly presents new fiction for adults. The first title to be published in October 2018 will be the last book ever finished by Mal Peet. The author sadly passed away in 2015 and is sorely missed by Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books. However, his memory continues through this marvellous book "Mr Godley's Phantom". It truly highlights his amazing and brilliant storytelling skills. 

This book has to be one of my favourite reads of the year and one I hope will get new readers to appreciate the other seven books that have already been published. He started to write his first novel at the age of 52 and produced some of the best books for teenagers. Like this book, he slowly sucks you into the narrative distilling a dark supernatural feeling that you have no idea where it will take you or leave you. The simplicity of the plot is laced with a mysterious edge comprising of part ghost/part crime novel and something slightly more seductive. 

The story harks back to the 1940's, just after the war. Mal Peet manages to effectively write a story very evocative of this time period. He really gets the emotions and dark feelings across in this story. You can almost feel the emotions of the characters who captivate you the more you get to know them, but you don't really know them. 

It's a very intelligent story which hangs in the realms of reality. It has a sharp and snappy no-nonsense dialogue. You WILL definitely turn the pages quickly which, in this case, will be at the speed of a fast Rolls Royce car. You'll journey comfortably across the Devon landscape before being led into a thrilling, but unsettling, ending that will make you truly squirm inside. This is a deep psychological look into two characters with traumatic previous lives. 

This book is one of the best atmospheric stories that I've read - it will come back to haunt you again and again. It is a truly brilliant book attributed to a truly brilliant man. Mal Peet. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books: Children's Book Picks August 2018 - UK Post Two

Victoria Schwab - City of Ghosts - Published by Scholastic Press (28 Aug. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1338111002 - Hardback

Ever since Cass almost drowned (okay, she did drown, but she doesn't like to think about it), she can pull back the Veil that separates the living from the dead . . . and enter the world of spirits. Her best friend is even a ghost. 
So things are already pretty strange. But they're about to get much stranger. 
When Cass's parents start hosting a TV show about the world's most haunted places, the family heads off to Edinburgh, Scotland. Here, graveyards, castles, and secret passageways teem with restless phantoms. And when Cass meets a girl who shares her "gift," she realizes how much she still has to learn about the Veil -- and herself. 
And she'll have to learn fast. The city of ghosts is more dangerous than she ever imagined.

Catherine Johnson - Freedom - Published by Scholastic (2 Aug. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1407185484 - Paperback


An action-packed and pacey story about slavery in Britain. Nathaniel doesn't want to move to England with his master's family, leaving behind his mother and sister on the Jamaican plantation. But then he remembers what his mother told him: once a slave sets foot on English soil, they're free. Perhaps he can earn his fortune and buy his family's freedom, too. When Nat arrives in London, he soon discovers that his mother was wrong. Nat refuses to live like a caged bird, and seizes the first opportunity to escape. Alone on the streets of London, he hears the story of a nightmare ship, the Zong, where over a hundred slaves were thrown overboard. Now, those responsible face a trial. Will the world continue to turn a blind eye to the horrors of slavery? And can Nat really evade his masters forever?

Candy Gourlay - Bone Talk - Published by David Fickling Books (2 Aug. 2018) -  ISBN-13: 978-1788450171 - Hardback (Book Review HERE - Mr Ripley's Book of the Month)

Samkad dreams of becoming a mighty headhunter like his father, carrying his own weapons and etching tattoos across his chest to proclaim his greatness as a warrior. His best friend is a girl his age, Little Luki and Little Luki wants to become a mighty warrior too ... except in their culture, girls don't grow up to become warriors. The two friends have no idea about the world outside their isolated mountain village until a boy from the Lowlands turns up ... a boy who can speak many tongues and who tells stories about the world outside that seem ridiculous and unbelievable especially the part about invaders called 'Americans' who are coming to take over the village.
Sally Nicholls (Author), Brett Helquist (Illustrator) - A Chase In Time (The Time-Seekers) - Published by Nosy Crow (2 Aug. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-0857638984 - Paperback 
From multi-award-winning author Sally Nicholls, A Chase In Time is the first in a brilliant time-slip adventure series for 9+ readers, beautifully illustrated by Brett Hellquist.
The old gilt-edged mirror has hung in Alex's aunt's house for as long as he can remember. Alex hardly notices it, until the day he and his sister are pulled through the mirror, back into 1912. It's the same house, but a very different place to live, and the people they meet need their help. Soon they're caught up in car chases and treasure hunts as they race to find a priceless golden cup - but will they ever be able to return to their own time?

Vanessa Harbour - Flight - Published by Firefly Press (1 Aug. 2018) - ISBN-13: 978-1910080764 - Paperback 

Austria 1945. After losing his family, Jakob shelters with Herr Engel in a rural stable, where they hide the precious Lipizzanner stallions they know Hitler wants to steal. When a German officer comes looking for Jakob and finds the horses, Jakob and his guardian know they must get the stallions to safety, but the only way is straight through Nazi territory. Joined by Kizzy, an orphan Roma girl, the three must guide the horses across the perilous Austrian mountains. Will they reach safety? What will be waiting for them on the other side?

Monday, 20 August 2018

Liz Flanagan - Dragon Daughter - Book Review - David Fickling (Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books)

On the island of Arcosi, dragons and their riders used to rule the skies. But now they are only legends, found in bedtime stories, on beautiful murals and ancient jewellery. Then servant girl Milla witnesses a murder and finds herself caring for the last four dragon eggs. Forced to keep them secret amidst the growing tensions in the city, she begins to fear that the island's ruler, Duke Olvar, isn't all that he seems. But how can Milla and her friends keep the eggs safe when it means endangering everything she's ever loved? Fiery friendships, forgotten family and the struggle for power collide as Milla's fight to save the dragons leads her to discover her own hidden past.

The last book to be reviewed this month is in keeping with our theme of escapism. It is Dragon Daughter by Liz Flanagan which will be published by David Fickling Books on 4th October 2018 in glorious hardback. The cover has been fantastically illustrated by Angelo Rinaldi and deserves a closer inspection. It has a large blue dragon taking centre stage with three smaller dragons in the sky above. It is a very appealing look for this genre and has a similar look to that of Eragon (Christopher Paolini) and the original book cover for Dragon Rider (Cornelia Funke). It will certainly help to pull the readers in once it's been published later this year. 

Will it live up to the fantasy expectations when it flies off the shelves later this year?

For me, the answer is YES. The story inside is a fantastic middle-grade read that is full of rich detail and a great story concept. As soon as you turn the pages, you stumble into an epic adventure that is thrilling, captivating and covers one of my favourite fantasy themes, Dragons. The author's love for travelling has made the location of this book wonderful and imaginative. The small island of Arcosi feels like a magical timeless place that you would really want to explore yourself. If you take a magical pinch of Yorkshire, a splash of Rome and a very large Italian fishing village, this just about sums up the amazing location. 

I HEAR you say you need more than a great location and dragons to make a good story. Well, the story also has a fantastic set of characters. Each reader, I'm sure, will have their favourite which will make this book exciting to read. It also covers key themes that are relevant today like migration and belonging in society. You follow the characters with your heart as the struggle for power is a key element in this story. It's a fantastic blend of action, fleet of foot realism that coalesces into a brilliant and vibrant story. It makes you want to take flight on the wing of fantasy and adventure. Soaring on the thermals of friendship, forgotten family and war, it will take you to new literary delights like no story will have taken you so far this year. 

THE DRAGONS WILL RETURN ONE LAST TIME... One of the best aspects of the story was to follow the evolution of the Dragons from eggs to hatchlings and the bonding process with the four main characters. This was a very different and interesting take on events. All the characters personalities and traits came through with their respective dragons.

This is a very creative story that has been well written and is very different from Liz's first book Eden Summer.  It slowly builds into an epic adventure before finishing with a climatic and brilliant ending. This, for me, reflects the author's life and passion for stories that she has both read and loved. It really shows the power they can have on the reader. This is a story that stays with you for life and this one ends with a bang. Hopefully, there is still more to come....