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Wednesday, 16 March 2022

John Tarrow - The Stranger's Guide to Talliston (Talliston House & Gardens) - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books

The Stranger's Guide to Talliston is a YA fantasy adventure novel set inside ‘Britain’s Most Extraordinary Home’ (Sunday Times): the internationally famous Talliston House & Gardens. The book written by John Tarrow is an adventure like no other just to match the real-life setting. A journey into the unknown and back. A book we think you should READ. One of the best-hidden secrets. Published by Unbound UK. Purchase a signed 1st edition HERE

Abandoned and alone, thirteen-year-old Joe’s world is shattered when he enters a deserted council house and becomes trapped within a labyrinth protecting the last magical places on earth. There, Joe discovers a book charting this immense no-man’s land, without time or place, its thirteen doors each leading to a different realm. Hunted by sinister foes, Joe is forced ever deeper into both the maze and the mystery of his missing parents. What will he find at the labyrinth’s centre, and can it reunite him with the family he so desperately needs?
John Tarrow is a novelist, poet, storyteller and award-winning writer. His fascination with folk and faerie tales has taken him around the world, gathering threads of story and legend to weave into his own mythologies. He spent twenty-five years transforming a three-bedroom, semi-detached, ex-council house in Essex into the world-famous Talliston House and Gardens.