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New books for March 2009

This is a big old list for March 2009............ some great reads...... I will also be doing a list for new books in the U.S for March 2009 soon.

Also if you want any further information or i have missed any books or you would like us to review a book for you please email us!!!!

Martin Jenkins and Chris Riddell - Don Quixote - Walker Books 2nd March

M.G Harris - The Joshua Files - Ice Shock - Scholastic 2nd March

Paul Dowswell - Auslander - Bloomsbury 2nd March

Lazlo Strangolov - Feather and Bone - Walker Books 2nd March

Andrew Prentice and Jonathan Weil - Intelligencer:The Flint King - David Fickling 3rd

Julia Donaldson - Running on the Cracks - Egmount 3rd March

Sam Mills - Shooting Words - Faber 4th March

Steve Cole and Linda Chapman - Genie and the Phoenix - Red Fox 5th March

Alexander Gordon Smith - Furnace:Lockdown - Faber 5th March

Natasha Narayan - The Mummy Snatcher of Mephis - Quercus 5th March

Mark Haddon - Boom! - David Fickling 5th March

Tracey Morley - The Unravellers - Book Guild Publishing 26th March

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Jonathan Stroud Heros of the Valley

I hope you are all having a Great Christmas if any of you would like to see any thing on Mr Ripley's please feel free to email me. The address is at the top of the page.I am Also putting together a list of some of my favorite reads of 2008.I would be also inteasted in you the reader to find what books you liked in 2008 so get emailing me.

What is Heroes of the Valley about?

It’s the tale of young Halli Sveinsson, who’d very much like to be the hero in question. Certainly he’s got a hero’s heart (brave, reckless, resolute); unfortunately he’s also short and squat, with little stumpy legs and a face like a toad peering out in a rainstorm. Still, this doesn’t stop him trying to emulate the tales of the great heroes of old, much to the annoyance of his parents, his brother and sister, and everyone else in his small Scandinavian village.

Up on the hills are the burial cairns of his ancestors: beyond them legend says sinister creatures named Trows lurk beneath the ground. Halli would like to test this, but society is nice and peaceful; the days of strife are over and swords have been melted down.

Bored and frustrated, Halli rebels against the claustrophobic restrictions of his day-to-day life. When his pranks lead to sudden violence, Halli must set out on a true quest of his own, but he soon finds that life is more complicated than the stories he adores . . .


Stroud’s new book is fresh and imaginative. It’s a tale set in a medieval world that recalls Norse epics and a heroes adventure. This book is truly wonderful and a compelling read for old and new fans alike. Funny and exciting with lots of memorable moments which makes this a timeless journey you will want to read again.

I give this book four out of five as Jonathan always writes like a dream and always a pleasure to meet him on tour.This is some of the events you may be able to go along to.

Publication is Jan 1st. He his launching the book on 8th January in London. Most of the tour will consist of events in schools, which won’t be open to the public. But there are several public events, which are below:

8th Jan – Schools events, store signings and interviews in London
9th Jan – Schools events in Hertfordshire
19th Jan – Schools events in Doncaster and Wakefield
20th Jan – Schools events in York, Leeds, and…

20th Jan Public event in Bolton:
6 – 7pm The Central library, Le Mans Crescent, Bolton BL1 1SE
For more information and to book your seat call 01204 333173
Tickets are free but you must reserve your place.

21st Jan – schools events in Liverpool, Preston and…

21st Jan Public event in Preston
4.30pm Borders, Deepdale Shopping Park, Blackpool Rd, Preston, Lancashire PR1 6AF
For more information and to book your seat call 01772 703856
Tickets are free but you must reserve your place.

9th Feb – Schools events in Coventry, Kidderminster and…

9th Feb Public event in Dudley
7 – 8pm Earls High School, Furnace Lane, Halesowen, B63 3SL
For more information or to book your seat call 01384 816105
Tickets are free but you must reserve your place.

11th Feb – Public event in Wiltshire
7 – 8pm St Mary’s school, Curzon Street, Calne, SN11 0DF.
For more information or to book your seat
Adults £2, children free.

12th Feb – schools events in Oxford

Jonathan is the author of the bestselling Bartimaeus trilogy, as well as stand-alone novels, Buried Fire, The Leap and The Last Siege. Jonathan worked as a children's book editor before becoming a full time writer. He lives in St. Albans with his wife and their two young children.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Morris Gleitzman Then


I was nervous about reviewing this book due to the success and adulation of The Book Thief and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Would it come close to these great modern books emotionally and yet with a different interpretation? I was assured by the publisher that it would and so I undertook the reading task. The style was very different to the above two books even though the story was told through the eyes of a young boy. The short intense sentences held a powerful story which was harrowing and strong. It told the difficulties of the time well whilst explaining the adults and children’s instincts for survival. As well as having inspirational heroic characters with great moral beliefs. The twist at the end came as a surprise and left a choked feeling within. This book is compelling reading and one to have on the list.

Intro to the first Chapter.....

we ran for our lives, me and Zelda, up a hillside as fast as we could.
Which wasn’t very fast.
Not even with me holding Zelda’s hand and helping her up the slope.
You know how when you and two friends jump off a train that’s going to a Nazi death camp and you nearly knock yourself unconscious but you manage not to and your glasses don’t even get broken but your friend Chaya isn’t so lucky and she gets killed so you bury her under some ferns and wild flowers which takes a lot of strength and you haven’t got much energy left for running and climbing.

About the author

Morris Gleitzman was born in 1953 in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England, and then moved south when he was two.
Then, in 1969, he emigrated to Australia. It was a big change. The heat, the flies and the completely different tinned meats. The shock was so great he stopped reading books for nearly a year. When he started again he found he wanted to write as well. That's when he fell in love with writing books. Since then he's written another 27. And he discovered that telling stories involves filling blank pages in more ways than one.

Book published by Puffin 1ST January 2009

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

More new books Jan/Feb 2009

Morris Gleitzman - Then - Puffin - 1ST Jan 2009 U.K

I had a plan for me and Zelda. Pretend to be someone else. Find new parents. Be safe forever. Then the Nazis came.My name is Felix.This is our story................

James A Owen - The Indigo King - Simon & Schuster Children's - 1ST Jan 2009 U.K

On a September evening in 1931, John and Jack, two of the Caretakers of the Imaginarium Geographica, discover a cryptic warning on a medieval manuscript -- which is not only addressed to them but seems to have been written by their friend, Hugo Dyson! But before they can discover the origin of the strange book, Hugo walks through a door in time -- and vanishes into the past.

And in that moment, the world begins to change.

The Frontier, which separates our world from the Archipelago of Dreams, has fallen. Dark and terrible beasts roam throughout England. No one can be summoned from the Archipelago. And both worlds have fallen into darkness under the reign of a cruel and terrible king.

The only hope to restore the proper order of things lies on a forgotten island at the edge of the Archipelago, where a time travel device left by Jules Verne must be used to race through history itself -- from the Bronze Age to ancient Alexandria and the founding of the Silver Throne -- in one night. And in that single night, John and Jack will find that the only way to save their friend and stop the chaos destroying the world is to solve a 2,000-year-old mystery: Who is the Cartographer?

P.W. Catanese - Happenstance Found - Simon & Schuster Children's 27TH Jan 2009 U.S

A boy named Happenstance wakes up, confused and frightened, with no memory of his past. Soon a mysterious trio arrives to take him away -- including the extraordinary Lord Umber: a merchant, explorer, inventor, and chronicler of all things monstrous and magical. This begins a dazzling adventure in a world filled with frightening and majestic creatures, strange and wonderful places, new friends and terrible foes. As the boy tries to unravel the mystery of his own origin, he also begins to wonder: Who is this Umber? What is the secret he's desperately trying to keep? And what is the destiny he's planned for Happenstance?

N.D Wilson - Dandelion Fire:Book 2 of the Cupboards - Random House - February 24TH 2009 U.S

Henry York never dreamed his time in Kansas would open a door to adventure—much less a hundred doors. But a visit to his aunt and uncle’s farm took an amazing turn when cupboard doors, hidden behind Henry’s bedroom wall, revealed themselves to be portals to other worlds. Now, with his time at the farm drawing to a close, Henry makes a bold decision—he must go through the cupboards to find the truth about where he’s from and who his parents are. Following that trail will take him from one world to another, and ultimately into direct conflict with the evil of Endor.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Henry Chancellor The Remarkable Adventure of Tom Scatterhorn:The museum's Secret

From time to time Mrs Ripley is going to review some of my Favorite books of 2008.
I love the feeling when some one else loves a book as much as you do!!

Mrs Ripley's Review

I began my adventure with Tom Scatterhorn from a free chapter sampler I managed to acquire from a local bookshop I frequent. After several pages I was hooked and by the time I reached the end I knew that my literary appetite was not satisfied. After hunting high and low through Mr Vincent’s prized proof copies; finally I fell upon the missing chapters. Due to a busy workload I was unable to finish this book in one sitting but had time allowed I could have easily managed it. Instead over several nights I wrestled with heavy eyelids to devour just one more page, then one more sentence and finally just one more word. I really enjoyed the composition of the story; time travel and the unusual theme of taxidermy. The twist at the end jolted me back to the beginning prologue involving Tom’s father and his experience with beetles. Which through the main section was not mentioned and totally slipped my mind. I liked the sudden realisation and effect that it left with me. I will be recommending this book and would easily give it a four out of five. Until next time Tom Scattehorn; I look forward to meeting again.


When Tom Scatterhorn's eccentric father disappears to the Far East in search of rare beetles, closely followed by his mother, Tom is left to spend Christmas with his uncle and aunt, keepers of the weird and wonderful Scatterhorn Museum. But don’t get too excited – because it's a dusty, dingy place, full of tatty stuffed animals and rickety cases of junk. Nobody really wants to visit it anymore, and it looks as if its days are numbered.

But when Tom comes to live there, he finds more to the museum than meets the eye. The animals may be ragged and moth-eaten but they have an incredible secret – a secret that originated when the stuffed animals were first made, a hundred years earlier. And then Tom discovers he can go right back to the time of their making. . . .

In an exciting adventure that threads in and out of time, from an Edwardian ice fair to the wastes of Mongolia to the jungles of India, Tom discovers that there is far more at stake than the fate of the museum. . . .

Book was published by Oxford Children's books in September 2008 so you can read a copy now.............

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Steve Feasey Changeling

In this last week I have probably read the best debut books to be released in 2009 so far. That has made it a special week for me. So I'd like say to thank you to Michelle Harrison and Steve Feasey, for writing two such great stories.


Steve has many big acts to follow in this genre of writing. But I think he's produced a great debut book. With a fresh imaginative story encompassing Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Djins, Sorcerers and a Serial Shopper! It is an action packed mission; lots of fire power with good pace which leaves it set for the next book. This book should appeal to Darren Shan and Dean Vincent Carter fans and indeed give them a run for their money - so watch out. I have to say that I read this book in one sitting; from cover to cover and with great pleasure. This book gets five out of five, well done Steve!!

About the author.

He was born and raised on a council-estate in Hertfordshire, England. At the time he hated living there.He Say's in retrospect, I think that it gave me a good grounding in life that I may not have experienced if I had had a more privileged upbringing. There is something to be said about growing up in a tough environment.


Trey thought he was an ordinary teenager. Then he meets a mysterious stranger, Lucien Charron - luminously pale, oddly powerful, with eyes that seem flecked with fire and skin that blisters in sunlight. Somehow Trey finds himself in a luxury London penthouse, like a Bond villain's lair. It's the heart of a sinister empire, built on the powers of the netherworld - werewolves, vampires, sorcerers, and djinns. And Trey himself has a power that's roaring to break free. Is he a boy or is he a beast?

Changeling is published by Macmillan Children's Books out Jan 2 2009

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Michelle Harrison The Thirteen Treasures

Michelle Harrison's debut book flows with energy from page to page; with a magical enchanting story which kept me gripped. This book holds everything for me. Faeries causing mischief, goblin beatings, witches living in caravans and a big old house with secret passages. It has all the ingredients to do very well; I devoured each page. I enjoyed following Tanya and Fabian through their adventure and all the highs and lows which came with this journey. All in all it's a little treasure and the first of many I hope. I can't wait for the next installment!! So get writing Michelle!!

I give this book five out five; it should do really well next year. One to watch out for.


Even as a small child Tanya had known her grandmother's manor to be
home to many secrets. Like everyone, she had heard of the disused escape tunnels rumoured to run beneath the house. And like most children, she spent many a rainy afternoon hunting for their concealed entrances, only to meet with disappointment. Upon reaching her teens Tanya had long given up hope of stumbling upon one of these secret passages, and had begun to question whether they existed at all.
So when the bookcase had revolved in the wall before her to reveal a narrow stone staircase leading down into musty darkness, it hadn't altogether come as a shock. Nor though, did it bring the delicious thrill she had so long anticipated, for the circumstances leading to its discovery were quite different from what she had imagined.

About the Author
Michelle Harrison is 28 years old, and an editorial assistant in children's publishing. She is a former bookseller at Ottakars/Waterstones in Stafford. Originally from Grays in Essex, she is a keen illustrator as well as writer and now lives in Oxfordshire with her partner. The Thirteen Treasures is her first novel and a sequel is to be published in 2010.

Published by Simon & Schuster Children's Books 5 Jan 2009

Monday, 8 December 2008

Books recommended for 2009 Part one

I am like a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to books; hence I am always looking ahead to see what new books are coming out. Here are some of the books of note which should hit the book stores next year. All of these titles are worth a look. I hope you enjoy reading each synopsis and that they get you excited to the point that you need to read them immediately.

I am always looking forward to some feedback in any of the post.So please do so.

Book One (one to watch)

By Philip Reeve -Fever Crumb

The long-awaited prequel to the critically acclaimed and award winning Mortal Engines quartet. Is the mystery of Fever, adopted daughter of Dr Crumb, the key to the secret that lies at the heart of London?

May 2009 Scholastic

Book Two

By Sam Osman - Quicksilver

Three children, born on different continents, mysteriously connected by the power of ancient leylines. What cosmic force brings them to an ordinary London suburb to fulfill a prophesy written in pre-history? Will it explain why their parents have vanished? And the chilling secret of who they really are?
A gripping mystery from a very exciting new writer that links our modern world to the forgotten wisdom of lost civilizations.

I have no more information on this title as i can't find a release date for this book may be published by Scholastic 2009

Book Three

Patricia Wrede - Thirteenth Child (Frontier Magic Book)

Eff was born a thirteenth child. Her twin brother, Lan, is the seventh son of a seventh son. This means he's supposed to possess amazing talent -- and she's supposed to bring only bad things to her family and her town. Undeterred, her family moves to the frontier, where her father will be a professor of magic at a school perilously close to the magical divide that separates settlers from the beasts of the wild.

Out April 15 2009 Scholastic Press

Book four My tip for for sucsess next year.

Francisco Stork - Marcelo in the Real World

Marcelo Sandoval hears music no one else can hear--part of the autism-like impairment no doctor has been able to identify--and he's always attended a special school where his differences have been protected. But the summer after his junior year, his father demands that Marcelo work in his law firm's mailroom in order to experience "the real world." There Marcelo meets Jasmine, his beautiful and surprising coworker, and Wendell, the son of another partner in the firm. (cont'd)
He learns about competition and jealousy, anger and desire. But it's a picture he finds in a file -- a picture of a girl with half a face -- that truly connects him with the real world: its suffering, its injustice, and what he can do to fight.

Reminiscent of "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" in the intensity and purity of its voice, this extraordinary novel is a love story, a legal drama, and a celebration of the music each of us hears inside.

Out March 2009 Arthur A. Levine Books

Friday, 5 December 2008

J K Rowling the Tales of Beedle the Bard Collector's Edition

Thursday was an amazing day as the snow was falling and everywhere was in lock-down. Roads were blocked, schools were closed and if by magic the postman delivered some great treats. I rushed down the stairs to the postbox like a little child. I was looking forward to receiving my collector's copy of this great book and there it was alongside another parcel; my JK Rowling book and a fantastic new book proof of Paul Stewart's finale the Immortals with amazing embellishments by Chris Riddell. I hope to put a reveiw up soon. So thank you to everyone as I got my Christmas presents early.

JK Rowling's Collectors Edition of The Tales of Beedle The Bard from Amazon. Tucked in its own case disguised as a wizarding textbook found in the Hogwarts library, the Collector's Edition includes an exclusive reproduction of J.K. Rowling's handwritten introduction, as well as 10 additional illustrations not found in the Standard Edition or the original. Opening the case reveals a velvet bag embroidered with J.K. Rowling’s signature, in which sits the piece de resistance: your very own copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, complete with metal skull, corners, and clasp; replica gemstones; and emerald ribbon. As a special gift for fans, the Collector's edition also includes a set of 10 ready-for-framing prints of J.K. Rowling's illustrations, enclosed in a velvet-lined pocket in the lid of the outer case.This is a great edition for ever Potter Fan.


Five Magical short tales are a testament to J. K. Rowling's astounding imagination. After each one, Dumbledore writes his own analysis of the tale, and his personal experience of it ('The Fountain of Fair Fortune' has the funniest commentary). An introduction is penned by Rowling, and the original story is translated by Hermione Granger from the ancient runes they were originally written in (she is given credit, but she does not appear anywhere in the book writing as herself). At the end of the book are a few pages from the charity representative, explaining what the charity does.

Five out Five

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sean Beech The Ice Crown the Lords of the Moon


This book has to be a great collectible with a small print of 1000 hardbacks on a small book publisher.Book one was Published by Melrose in Sep 2008 with more books to follow in this series. This book is getting a great reputation as more people read it.A strong debut with a well written story also featured in a big news paper recently.

About the author

Sean, 38, wrote his fantasy adventure story The Ice Crown on Army notebooks while an army medic treating the injured and sick in Basra, Iraq.

He joined the Army at the tender age of 16. He recalled: “In between mortar attacks, I had a bit of downtime. It was escapism I needed to take my mind off the harrowing things in Basra.”

Now the married father-of-three has left the Queen Alexander Royal Nursing Corps, in the Light Infantry.

He is now training to become a primary school teacher and is donating half of the book’s profits to the National Literacy Trust.

The book, the first in The Lords of the Moon trilogy is aimed at teenagers.

Whilst serving in the Army Sean said he was saddened by the poor reading standards of many of the young soldiers and added he hoped his book may increase interest in reading for pleasure.


For nearly three hundred years now the Moon lands have known peace. But now suddenly not only has the Ice Crown of man been stolen, but also the Ancient howl of the Fennigan Wolves. But for what purpose? Their theft robs both races of the power to unite their peoples! But who is responsible? The mysterious Fey? The magical mages? Or their lands erstwhile enemy, the dreaded Dark Knights?

Review by: Joanne Lee

A book of darkness and light, of seriousness and laughter. Most authors would not even attempt to combine then two for fear of them becoming tangled up and diluting the power of the other. Sean Beech has achieved this brilliantly as he masterfully weaves the plot through seven characters. The entire 1st book seems to occur in only 3 days yet the action is intense as you switch from one character to the next and relive some of their pasts. The author is obviously setting the scene here for what promises to be an outstanding follow up and I for one cannot wait. I do not but into what people class as genre's of books; are not all books the fantasy of the author. What is the difference in making up a gruesome murder or an adventure at sea. I read books because of the author and if you like author's like Bernard Cornwell, Terry Pratchett, Dan Brown and JK Rowling to name just a few then you will love this. For me a new star has been born and one I will look out for.

I would like to have some feedback on this post.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Maya Snow The Warrior's Path (Sisters of the Sword)

I am having problems finding any details on this author so straight on to the

Kimi dreams of being a great samurai warrior, but she and her sister, Hana, are young ladies of feudal Japan, daughters of the Jito of the province. Her future seems clear: Girls do not become samurai.

Then, betrayal shatters the sisters' world. Their power-hungry uncle murders their father, and their mother and little brother mysteriously disappear. Determined to seek revenge and restore their honor, they disguise themselves as boys to train at a school for samurai. Kimi and Hana are thrown headlong into a life of warrior codes, sharp swords, and shadowy figures—as they work with fierce determination to avenge the brutal wrongs done to their family.

In a flash, life has swept them into a terrible adventure, more heart-pounding than Kimi and Hana ever could have imagined . . . and once it has been set in motion, nothing will ever be the same.


A great read for every girl who has the tomboy within. Well paced and clearly written. You can picture yourself right in the middle of the action.I enjoyed the addition of the Japanese terminology as well. Graphic at points, not for the young reader. Only downside is the open ended ending to the book. Leaving lots of unanswered questions for the next book in the series,which is entitled "THE BLADE'S EDGE ". Which is out in the U.K in June 2009. With the answers to them questions i hope!! All considered, she is definitely an author I would read again Three out Five.

I have used the U.S book cover,as i find it more of eye catching then the U.K cover.This book will be released in the U.K on the 1st Jan 2009 by Oxford Children's books and it's already out in the U.S in a nice hardback edition with Harper Collins.

Also thanks to every one who as sent me books to read and review. With out your help i can't continue to review books on this blog.Also if any one can help me get U.S books to review please contact me at the above email address at the top of the page. Many thanks!!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Chris Wooding Malice

This is one of my favourite books so far..........

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a finished copy of this book and it is really cool. The front cover has a great 3D effect, as one the characters of the book (Tall Jake) emerges from the cover making it stand out. Also what makes this book ground-breaking is that it is part-novel, part-comic which really works well with this story.
Again Chris Wooding has delivered a refreshing style of writing and never ceases to amaze me. He writes with such vigour covering dark characters and gripping sub-plots. I was gripped from beginning to end and was disappointed when I finished the book; I wanted to read the sequel straight away. However "Havoc" is advertised as coming soon but I'm not sure the exact date as of yet.

This book gets five out five well worth reading and owning a copy.


Everyone's heard of it, but nobody's read it... Seth and Kady have heard all the stories about MALICE - a secret comic about a strange and awful world full of traps and tricks, overseen by a sinister master of ceremonies, Tall Jake. But if rumours are to be believed, the children in this comic are real...

This book will be published by Scholastic on the 2 Feb 2009

Saturday, 29 November 2008


U.K BOOKS OF NOTE............

Steve Feasey - Changeling - Macmillian Children's - 2nd Jan

Michelle Harrison - Thirteen Treasures - Simon and Schuster - 5th Jan

Kristin Cast - Marked (House of Night) - Atom - 15th Jan

U.S Books of Note...................

Patrick Carman - Skelton Creek - Scolastic - 5th Feb

N D Wilson - Dandelion Fire - Random House - 5th Feb

M.L. Forman - Adventurers Wanted, Book 1: Slathbog's Gold - Shadow Mountain - Feb 4T

James Dashner - Hunt for Dark Infinty - Shadow Mountain - 1ST March

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Alison Goodman Eon: Rise of the Dragoneye

This is a great fantasy read set in an ancient Oriental world, drawing on Chines myths and tradition. Complex, vivid,and with themes of difference,and politics which have critical consequences for Eon.It's a real page-turner, with fights and chases aplenty, but the narrative itself isn't in a rush, it's simply and well written and well worth the read.Eon is probably intended for the young adult market but this will be a big hit with younger avid readers.

So all in all i give this book four out of five but i know this book is going to be a big seller and and get alot of attention from all media avenues.


Twelve-year old Eon has been studying the ancient art of the Dragoneyes for two years. Singled out by an ailing but power-hungry Dragonmaster, he is desperate for the chance to become a Dragoneye, the human link to one of the twelve energy dragons and its power. But he is playing a dangerous game: Eon is actually Eona, 16 years old and a girl. His true identity must remain hidden at all costs: it is forbidden for women to practise the Art, and to be discovered would be punishable by death.Now the Rat Dragon seeks a new apprentice and only one boy will be chosen. The twelve candidates approach the mirrors and perform ancient combat sequences to prove their worth. Let down by his injured leg, it seems that Eon is destined to fail, until a spectacular twist in events catapults him into the opulent but treacherous world of the Imperial court. Without a master to guide him, Eon must learn to harness his unprecedented natural power, while protecting the secret that could cost him everything ...Set against a rich backdrop of Ancient Chinese myths and traditions and fraught with tension.

Book published by David Fickling in the U.K January 2009 also to be released in the U.S in late December through Viking Children's Books.

Friday, 21 November 2008

David Jones Baboon

Gerry finds him self in a plane crash after getting struck by a lighting storm. When Gerry comes through he finds himself trapped in the skin of a baboon. He finds him self adapting to a baboons way of life, while emotionally missing his parents and his only school Friend Milton.This makes a great read as David Jones degree in zoology shows through the quality of his written and the story he tells. It's great book to read for all ages.

I will give this four out of five.

This is the synopsis for the book.

Fourteen year-old Gerry and his parents are returning to the African Savannah after six months in London when their plane crash lands in the jungle, killing the pilot. When Gerry wakes, he has a terrifying shock. He is now a baboon. Using his human intellect and powers of reason he ensures his survival and growing acceptance by a baboon troop. Just when things are getting comfortable, a shock attack by a leopard triggers Gerry's re-entry into his own body. In hospital, Doctor's tell him he has awoken from a coma - but does Gerry have the scars to prove otherwise?

This book is now to be released Jan 5Th by Chicken House in the U.K and has already been published in the U.S.

And a big thank you to for Chicken House for sending me a copy to review.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Philip Caveney Watchers Unpublished

Just keeping the Philip Caveney thing going this week. On reading the first chapter of Philip Caveney's new project Watchers which is some what different from his normal style of writing. This covers real-life and emotional issues. I am looking forward to reading the finished book but I believe this book is at the stage of finding a publisher. So I hope this book finds a publisher soon. Below is part of the first chapter, you can read the rest on Philip's website.

Chapter 1
It was Saturday afternoon, a cold and miserable October day. There was nothing on the telly, so Will took Spot for a walk down by the river.

Spot was a scruffy little mongrel, golden brown in colour, with not a single dark blemish on his entire body. Will couldn't exactly remember why he'd called him Spot in the first place, but it hardly mattered now and at least it was a conversation piece, on those rare occasions when they encountered strangers.

Mum had repeatedly told Will, ever since he was old enough to understand, that he wasn't to talk to strangers, not ever; but Will needed to talk to somebody and conversation was in pretty short supply around the house since Dad had died.

Mum did her best, obviously, but she spent a lot of time these days staring at the television with a tall glass of gin in her hand and a lot on her mind and Will could understand only too well why she didn't have much to say for herself. She'd lost the love of her life way too early and she didn't have the first idea how to make things work without him.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Philip Caveney Collector's Books!!

Attention Collectors!

Would you like to own a very special edition of a Philip Caveney book?

These handsome first edition volumes, individually illustrated by the author and each one featuring a unique image, are now available through his site. These books make superb gifts and customers can even choose which character they would like to have in their edition! For full details contact Philip through the author link section on my page.

See below for available editions and prices. (Please get in touch for postage rates outside the UK.)

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools
1st edition, hardback
UK, German, Italian, USA, Spanish, Catalan, Greek, Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish editions

£65 + £5 P&P (UK)

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools
1st edition, paperback

£35 + £5 P&P (UK)

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools
USA audiobook

£15 + £5 P&P (UK)

If you are interested in any of the above books please click the Philip Caveney link on the left hand side of this page.YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED IN DOING SO.....

Saturday, 15 November 2008

New Book Release - February - 2009

Thanks to everyone who has sent me any of the books to review.

I don't have all of the books in yet,as soon as I do I will read them and put up a review. I am also still getting in books for January so I will be adding to that as well. Happy reading and please share any comments or let me know if there are any books I have missed off. I will keep adding to the lists as I get more information.

February 2009 Book list..............

David Calcutt - Shadow Bringer - Oxford Children's Books - 1st February
David Jones - Baboon - Chicken House - 1st February
Chris Wooding - Malice - Scholastic Children's Books - 2nd February
Matt Haig - The Runaway Troll - Bodley Head - 5th February
Philip Caveney - Sebastian Darke: Prince of Explorers - Bodley Head - 5th February
Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell - The Immortals - Doubleday - 5th February
Julia Golding - Cat's Cradle - Egmont - 6th Februrary
Rick Riordan - Percy Jackson: The Demigod Files - Puffin - 10th February

Thursday, 13 November 2008

David Calcutt-Shadow Bringer

This is the second major children's book written by the new talent of David Calcutt his first book was entitled "CrowBoy".His new book is called the Shadow Bringer which will be released in February.The story is a cross between David Almond and Michelle Paver which makes this story a powerful read.

The story sets a very dark atmosphere. As a reader you feel you are being watched! It follows the unknown journey of Nathan out walking with his dog. Whatever it is, it's after him. Will it get him?I think you should find out!!

I give this book three out of five as I did have some small issues with this book. It could have had a little more story content and I felt there was a slight repeating of dialogue. But overall something you should read.


It starts when Nathan is out walking in the fields with his dog. Something is watching him - something menacing and dangerous. Something without a shape, that he can't get out of his head. The Creature. Then there's the noises he starts to hear in the attic. Shuffling. Scratching. Even a voice. The Bogeyman. Somehow Nathan knows that the Creature and the Bogeyman are the same thing. And whatever it is, it's after him. As soon as it's strong enough, it will show Nathan what it really wants. And it's growing stronger all the time...

David Calcutt-Shadow Bringer Hardback-Oxford Children's Books Feb 2009

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Times/Chicken House Children's Fiction Competition 2008

Emily Diamand -"Reavers' Ransom"

Barry Cunningham left Bloomsbury and in 2000 set his sights on starting up Chicken House, a dedicated publisher of children's literature. Discovering authors who have a talent for storytelling and a voice as distinctive as J K Rowlings. Chicken House and the Times recently launched a children's fiction competition in The Times newspaper. The winner was Reavers' Ransom by Harrogate author Emily Diamand.
Emily admits she went into self-denial about her prospects of being short-listed and believed that if she even thought about winning for a moment, it wouldn't happen. Emily Diamand's book did shine out over all the other stories and has now been published to some success. Emily has had huge interest from more than forty countries and great PR support with wider national and international coverage. The book was launched at the Cheltenham book festival and now has people speculating if Emily is the next J K Rowling.

This is the synopsis for Emily Diamand Reavers' Ransom.

Lilly Melkun is out fishing with her sea-cat when the bloodthirsty Reavers come raiding and steal the Prime Minister's daughter. Her village blamed, Lilly decides to find the girl. Off she sails in secret with a ransom - an extraordinary talking jewel. But nothing can prepare her for what happens next ...

This my review...........

This is one of the best written stories this year.

Set in the 22nd-century in an England partially flooded by climate change, Reavers' Ransom follows the exploits of Lilly Melkun who finds herself embroiled in the kidnap of the Prime Minister's daughter.I loved every page of this book not Knowing what was going to happen next.With it's well written story and it distinctive voice makes it a memorable read.


Published by Chicken House 6th October 2008 paper back edition and a limited Slip cased edition to 1000


Friday, 7 November 2008

Book Two- Dean Lorey Monster Madness........

Book synopsis.....

The pupils of the Nightmare Academy are in for their hardest year yet, as the Named monsters of the Nether prepare to break free! Final exams don't normally end in death, but Charlie Benjamin's final exams are far from normal. When Charlie, Violet and Theodore embark on a routine test in the Nether, they don't expect Violet to be abducted by demonic, kangaroo-like Dangeroos and they really don't expect to end up in the middle of an all-out breakout attempt by the remaining Named monsters. With the mysterious "Guardian" under threat, and Barakkas and Verminion still loose on earth, only the misfits of the Nightmare Academy stand between an oblivious humanity and total annihilation. Because if the Four Named should ever escape the Nether and assemble on earth, they would be able to summon the Fifth. And that, by all the most reliable accounts, would be Bad. Really, really Bad.

This is how starts....

We're under attack! The last of the mega-monsters known as the Named are fighting their way into our world, and only a mysterious being known as the Guardian can help -- but the Guardian is dying. To save him, Charlie Benjamin and his friends from the Nightmare Academy must journey into the heart of a Hydra cave, through the spooky Bermuda Triangle graveyard, and across the treacherous, monster-filled San Diego Zoo.

Book review

I have used the American book title as i have only got the American proof copy.
All of the books in this sereies have diffrent book titles in the U.K.
This is the second book in the series wich i love more then the first book. This book was totally original and really distinguished this story from other books. The story was fast paced, exciting, and I couldn't put it down.All in all four out of five.I hope to have some more news soon on the next instalment and possably the new film.

Book released date 5-Jan 2009 Harper collins paper back in the U.K if you want to read it now you can buy an american copy now on Amazon.

I have now had reply fron Dean Lorey and this is part of the email.Thanks very much Dean...........

Thanks very much for your great review! Book 2 comes out in the UK at the beginning of January and will be called MONSTER REVENGE (my preferred title, by the way). Book 3, MONSTER WAR, is currently scheduled to come out in the US and UK around the same time -- late summer of 2009. That book is completed.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and your site is terrific!

Dean Lorey

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Book One - Nadia Aguiar-The Lost Island of Tamarind

Stranded on a lost island, a teen faces nail-biting adventures searching for her missing parents in this fantasy cliffhanger. Maya has lived her 13 years aboard the Pamela Jane sailing through the Caribbean with her marine biologist parents, her brother Simon and baby sister. Until recently Maya loved life at sea, but now all she wants is to live with her grandmother in Bermuda, go to school and have friends. During a freak storm, Maya's parents are washed overboard while winds propel the Pamela Jane to Tamarind, an unknown island populated by fantastical plants and creatures. In breathtaking succession, Maya and Simon encounter carnivorous vines, flying fish, treacherous pirates, a mad zoologist, giant turtles, warring soldiers, a tribe living in treetops, a mysterious lady riding a jaguar, singing mermaids, giants and a glowing substance called ophalla. As she bounces from one adventure to the next, Maya forgets all about having a normal life and longs just to have her family reunited. Spunky kids, perilous pursuits and marine mystery make for a smashing good read. (Fantasy. 10-14)

Book Description
The first in a magical trilogy about the mysterious island of Tamarind. Narnia meets Neverland for a new generation.
Praise for The Lost Island of Tamarind:

"Aguiar’s exciting debut novel is a cross between Peter Pan and Lost. Readers will be drawn into this dangerous, magical world where anything is possible and nothing can be fully explained...Young people will be transported to a world so different from the one they currently inhabit, following along as Maya and Simon escape their adversaries and struggle to survive in this hostile land.

Published 1-Jan 2009 as Puffin Paper back.

I give this book four out of five..

Monday, 3 November 2008

Up and Coming 2009 releases . . . . .

These are a selection of new books soon to be released in the New Year (Jan/February 2009). At the moment they are just listed but once we've read them (providing we obtain pre-publication copies), we'll add a review giving insight and detail so that you can look out for them!

Alice Goodman - Rise of the Dragon (David Fickling - 1st Jan)
Jonathan Stroud - The Hero of the Valley (Doubleday - 1st Jan)
Maya Snow - The Warriors Path (Oxford University Press - 1st Jan)
Nadia Aguiar - The Lost Island of Tamarind (Puffin - 1st Jan)
Francis Hardinge - Gull Syruck Island (2nd Jan)
Dean Lorey - Monster Revenge (Harper Collins - 5th Jan)