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New Children's Books: Published in the US - April 2012

Marissa Burt - Storybound - Published by HarperCollins - 3 April  2012
When Una Fairchild stumbles upon a mysterious book buried deep in the basement of her school library, she thinks nothing of opening the cover and diving in. But instead of paging through a regular novel, Una suddenly finds herself Written In to the land of Story—a world filled with Heroes and Villains and fairy-tale characters.
But not everything in Story is as magical as it seems. Una must figure out why she has been Written In—and fast—before anyone else discovers her secret. Together with her new friend Peter and a talking cat named Sam, Una digs deep into Story's shadowy past. She quickly realizes that she is tied to the world in ways she never could have imagined—and it might be up to her to save it.

book cover of 

The Templeton Twins 

Have an Idea 

 (Templeton Twins, book 1)


Ellis Weiner
Ellis Weiner - The Templeton Twins - Published by Chronicle Books - 1 April 2012
Suppose there were 12-year-old twins, a boy and girl named John and Abigail Templeton. Let's say John was pragmatic and played the drums, and Abigail was theoretical and solved cryptic crosswords. Now suppose their father was a brilliant, if sometimes confused, inventor. And suppose that another set of twins-adults-named Dean D. Dean and Dan D. Dean, kidnapped the Templeton twins and their ridiculous dog in order to get their father to turn over one of his genius (sort of inventions. Yes, I said kidnapped. Wouldn't it be fun to read about that? Oh please. It would so. Luckily for you, this is just the first in a series perfect for boys and girls who are smart, clever, and funny (just like the twins), and enjoy reading adventurous stories (who doesn't?!)

book cover of 


 (Flaxfield Quartet, book 1)


Toby Forward
Toby Forward - Dragonborn - Published by Bloomsbury USA - 24 April 2012
When Flaxfield the great wizard dies, his apprentice Sam is left without a master. Sam has great power-but he doesn't know it yet. All he knows is that he needs a new master if he wants to finish his education in magic. With his dragon Starback at his side, Sam sets out alone on his quest. But there are those who want Sam's power for themselves, dangerous forces who are waiting for his first mistake so they can attack. When Sam is tricked into making a mortal error, only Starback can save him, thanks to a bond between them that is deeper than either of them know.With a strong sense of adventure and a lyrical writing style, Toby Forward has created a page-turning, accessible fantasy with the literary quality of a classic.

book cover of 

13 Hangmen 


Art Corriveau
Art Corriveau - 13 Hangmen - Published by Harry and N.Abrams - 1 April 2012
“Some people won’t believe any of this story. You might be one of them. But every single word is true. Tony DiMarco does catch a murderer, solve a mystery, and find a treasure—all in the first few days after he moves, unexpectedly, to 13 Hangmen’s Court in Boston. The fact that he also turns thirteen at the same time is not a coincidence.”
So begins the story of Tony and his friends—five 13-year-old boys, all of whom are living in the same house in the same attic bedroom but at different times in history! None are ghosts, all are flesh and blood, and somehow all have come together in the attic room, visible only to one another. And all are somehow linked to a murder, a mystery, and a treasure.

THE MAPMAKER AND THE GHOST by Sarvenaz Tash (Official Trailer) from Sarvenaz Tash on Vimeo.
Sarvanez Tash - The Mapmaker and the Ghost - Published by Walker - 24 April 2012
Goldenrod Moram loves nothing better than a good quest. Intrepid, curious, and full of a well-honed sense of adventure, she decides to start her own exploring team fashioned after her idols, the explorers Lewis and Clark, and to map the forest right behind her home. This task is complicated, however, by a series of unique events—a chance encounter with a mysterious old lady has her searching for a legendary blue rose. Another encounter lands her in the middle of a ragtag gang of brilliant troublemakers. And when she stumbles upon none other than the ghost of Meriwether Lewis himself, Goldenrod knows this will be anything but an ordinary summer . . . or an ordinary quest. Debut author Sarvenaz Tash combines an edge-of-your-seat adventure, a uniquely clever voice, and an unforgettable cast of characters to prove that sometimes the best adventures of all are waiting right in your own backyard.

book cover of 

The Green Man 


Michael Bedard
Michael Bedard - The Green Man - Published by Tundra Books - 10 April 2012 
Teenaged O – never call her Ophelia – is about to spend the summer with her aunt Emily. Emily is a poet and the owner of an antiquarian book store, The Green Man. A proud, independent woman, Emily’s been made frail by a heart attack. O will be a help to her. Just how crucial that help will be unfolds as O first tackles Emily’s badly neglected home, then the chaotic shop. But soon she discovers that there are mysteries and long-buried dark forces that she cannot sweep away, though they threaten to awaken once more. At once an exploration of poetry, a story of family relationships, and an intriguing mystery, The Green Man is Michael Bedard at his finest.

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New Children's Books: Published UK - April 2012 - Post Two

Garwen Ewing - The Rainbow Orchid: Adventures of Julius Chancer v.3 - Published by Egmont books -  2 April 2012
At the beginning of Volume Three, Julius and Lily are recovering from the electrifying end of Volume Two. What does the future hold for Evelyn Crow and her gang of desperate villains? Do Julius and Lily have the strength to prevent Urkaz Grope from enacting his evil plans? Don't miss the stunning conclusion to the biggest adventure in comics! "The Rainbow Orchid" is an ambitious blend of classic storytelling, and cinematic artwork, in which adventure, historical drama and legend are seamlessly intertwined.

Ursula Jones - The Youngstars - Published by Inside Pocket - 1 April 2012

“There was a thud in Ollie’s midriff, as though he had been shot. The boy stared at Ollie, open–mouthed with surprise … and suddenly the boy smiled.” Ollie knew that smile. He knew the boy’s face. He’d seen it looking at him from countless dressing room mirrors. It was his own smile, his own face. The boy was his double.” Ollie, the youngest of the troupe, struggles through life with a stammer and a deep desire to become an acrobat (to escape the clutches of The Pig). Unbeknownst to him, his world is about to be torn apart and re-made by the arrival of movie star, Hal Havern. Meanwhile, Hal Havern’s son, Ralph, and his comrade in arms, Giselle, have jumped a train, are evading the law, and trying to escape a mysterious pursuer who dogs their every step. The variety troupe, Havern, Ralph and Giselle all descend on the bustling and industrial city of Liverpool, where the troupe are set to give their biggest performance yet. And Olly and Ralph are about to get the shock of their lives…

book cover of 



Michelle Harrison
Michelle Harrison - Unrest - Published by Simon & Schuster -26 April 2012

Seventeen-year-old Elliott hasn't slept properly for six months. Not since the accident that nearly killed him. Now he is afraid to go to sleep. Sometimes he wakes to find himself paralysed, unable to move a muscle, while shadowy figures move around him. Other times he is the one moving around, while his body lies asleep on the bed. According to his doctor, sleep paralysis and out of body experiences are harmless - but to Elliot they're terrifying. Convinced that his brush with death has opened up connections with the spirit world, Elliott secures a live-in job at one of England's most haunted locations, determined to find out the truth. There he finds Sebastian, the ghost of a long-dead servant boy hanged for stealing bread. He also meets the living, breathing Ophelia, a girl with secrets of her own. She and Elliott grow closer, but things take a terrifying turn when Elliott discovers Sebastian is occupying his body when he leaves it. And the more time Sebastian spends inhabiting a living body, the more resistant he becomes to giving it back. Worse, he seems to have an unhealthy interest in Ophelia. Unless Elliott can lay Sebastian's spirit to rest, he risks being possessed by him for ever, and losing the girl of his dreams...

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A . J Hartley - Darwen Arkwright and the Peregrine Pact - Book Review

                                                book cover of 

Darwen Arkwright and the Peregrine Pact 

 (Darwen Arkwright , book 1)


A J Hartley

Eleven-year-old Darwen Arkwright has spent his whole life in a tiny town in England. So when he is forced to move to Atlanta, Georgia, to live with his aunt, he knows things will be different--but what he finds there is beyond even his wildest imagination!

Darwen discovers an enchanting world through the old mirror hanging in his closet--a world that holds as many dangers as it does wonders. Along with his new friends Rich and Alexandra, Darwen becomes entangled in an adventure and mystery that involves the safety of his entire school. They soon realize that the creatures are after something in our world--something that only human children possess.

placeholder image

This is a terrific book that I picked up in Paris, after a recent visit to the amazing Shakespeare and Company bookshop. After looking through the interesting bookshelves which stocked a very good selection of both UK and US book titles, I finally stumbled upon a copy of this book. Both the synopsis and the book cover caught my eye. Interestingly, I soon realised that this book has managed to creep under my radar, as it was actually published at some point last year.

It has some elements that will be familiar to young readers such as the orphaned boy making his way in a new school and having to live with a relative with whom he is not entirely comfortable spending time with. However, other elements are entirely innovative, fresh and lots of fun. 

In Darwen Arkwright, A.J. Hartley has created a sympathetic and believable hero who struggles to fit into his new surroundings. As the story further unfolds, you'll find yourself being able to relate to his problems, you'll cheer on his efforts to find his way whilst continually being amazed by the adventure that he stumbles into. 

Darwen's friends are quirky enough to be entertaining and yet still charming enough to leave readers hungry for more books about the Peregrine Pact. Especially as the world that these kids discover is filled with both wonders and frights that are sure to make this book an instant favourite with its intended audience. 

A snappy fast paced adventure that stands out from a crowd, I would really recommend it to you all.

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New Children's Books: Published UK - April 2012 - Post One

book cover of 

Brothers to the Death 

 (Saga of Larten Crepsley, book 4)


Darren Shan
Darren Shan - The Saga of Larten Crepsley - Brothers to the Death - Published by HarperCollins - 26 April 2012

The fourth and final instalment in the epic saga of Larten Crepsley – vampire, hero and victim of fate…
Just as Larten is finding a new place for himself in vampire society, trying to help vampires escape the Nazi menace, horrifying tragedy falls on his own family, thanks to the nefarious Vampaneze.
With his old friend Wester calling for war against the ancient enemies of vampires, Larten finds himself a figurehead of the campaign.
But there are more evil things than just the Vampaneze stirring. And soon, Larten might find himself grieving again – as he faces the worst and final betrayal…

book cover of 

The Death Cure 

 (Maze Runner, book 3)


James Dashner
James Dashner - Maze Runner 3: The Death Cure - Published by Chicken House - 5 April 2012

The Trials are over. WICKED have collected all the information they can. Now it's up to the Gladers to complete the blueprint for the cure to the Flare with a final voluntary test. But something has happened that no-one at WICKED has foreseen: Thomas has remembered more than they think. And he knows WICKED can't be trusted ... The time for lies is over. But the truth is more dangerous than anyone could have imagined. With the Gladers divided, can they all make it?

book cover of 

Apocalypse Moon 

 (Joshua Files, book 5)


M G Harris
M.G Harris - The Joshua files: Apocalypse Moon - Published by Scholastic - 5 April 2012

Something is very wrong with the 2012 Plan. Is it really on course to save the planet from the gigantic Electro-Magnetic Pulse that's due to shatter civilisation at the end of the year? After a narrow escape from US government agents Josh decides to risk his own life on a daring mission - a leap forward in time to discover the truth about 2012. He's jumped ahead far enough to glimpse a post-apocalyptic world in collapse. And to realise - it could be his destiny to stay.

book cover of 

The Stones of Ravenglass 

 (Chronicles of the Red King, book 2)


Jenny Nimmo
Jenny Nimmo - The Stones of Ravenglass - Published by Egmont Books -  2 April 2012

This is a spell-binding new tale spun by a prize-winning storyteller. Timoken, the lost king of a secret kingdom that was destroyed by wicked viridees, believes he has found a new home in a castle in medieval Britain. But when an evil steward takes control of the castle, he imprisons Timoken and wreaks havoc on surrounding villages. With the help of Gabar the talking camel, a mysterious wizard and a friendly dragon, Timoken escapes and embarks on a journey to find and rescue his friends - and build himself a kingdom to call home for good. In this thrilling new series, bestselling author Jenny Nimmo takes her readers on an extraordinary quest that will enthrall any fan of magical fantasy.
book cover of 

The Haunting of Tabitha Grey 


Vanessa Curtis
Vanessa Curtis - The Haunting of Tabitha Grey - Published by Egmont Books - 2 April 2012

I've just moved into a creepy old manor house with my family. And it feels like the house is waiting for something. I can't explain all the things that are happening here. The maids I hear sobbing...The old ladies that stand in the hall. The cold breath of...Life? Death? I don't know. I can't tell Dad or Mum. But least I've got my little brother Ben to talk to. This is a ghost story unlike any other...It will leave you chilled to the very last page.

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Book Plug #7 - C . J . Busby - Cauldron Spells - Illustrated by David Wyatt

Get ready for more thrills, spills and spells in 2012! We now have book two out. Published by Templar.

Max Pendragon is not looking forward to attending Morgana Le Fay’s summer Spell School. Not only is his battered cauldron producing slimy sludge instead of perfect spells, but ever since he and his sister Olivia foiled evil Morgana’s plot against King Arthur, they have been wary of her plans for revenge.

Max and Olivia soon discover that Spell School has more in store for them than they ever imagined. With the help of Merlin and a mysterious bard, Caradoc, will they be able to outwit Morgana and save Arthur for a second time?

(All Images are By David Wyatt and subject to copyright 2012).

About the Author
C. J. Busby lived on boats until she was sixteen and often moved from place to place. She remembers one terrifying crossing of the English Channel in gale-force winds, when her family’s barge nearly overturned. She spent most of her childhood with her nose in a book, even when walking along the road. Luckily she survived to grow up, but she still carried on reading whenever she could. 
After studying science at university, she lived in a South Indian fishing village and did research for her PhD. She currently lives in Devon with her three children. She borrows their books whenever they let her.

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Philip Reeve - Goblins - Book Review

book cover of 



Philip Reeve

  • Paperback: 324 pages
  • Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books; 1 edition (5 April 2012)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 1407115278
  • Age: 9+

The dark, dark abandoned fortress, Clovenstone, where the adventure starts in home to seven bands of warring Goblins, each occupying a different tower and each bent on sating their own Goblin-tastic thirst for fighting, looting and eating. And fighting. And looting. Looting and fishing.

But there's one Goblin who stands out from the crowd (the crowd that's doing the fighting, looting and eating) and he's called Skarper. Skarper's the only Goblin clever and cunning enough to have found out about the old magician old magic that once made the castle the centre of the darstardly wizard Lord Lych's kingdom. An old magic which is beginning to stir and will soon sweep Goblins, fortune-seekers, trolls, giants cloud-madiens boglins, swamp monsters and tree-warriors up into thrilling magical conflict.

It is always exciting to have a new book by Philip Reeve land on your doorstep. It would be fair to say that this is not a book that you will easily miss - with an luminous green cover and matching page ends. The fantastic book cover illustration is by local boy, Dave Semple.

Venturing into Philip's mind is never straight forward; you can never guess what is coming next in the story. Instead you fall into it head first - excited and intrigued as to the journey that lay ahead. He's always highly imaginative; hooking the reader and plonking them down in a fantastical world that only the best can ever dream of.

There are so many ingredients that make this book so enjoyable to read. There is humour, which is at times, dripping with sarcasm. It's clever and witty as Philip is such a great story builder. He constructs the most amazing worlds that manifest into something out of the ordinary. As an admirer of Philip's writing, I'm always looking out for the characters. In this book you are sucked into feeling something and wanting everything to workout with a happy ending. `however, whether you get one . . . . . . .you'll just have to wait and see. 

This story is action packed and full of great ideas. I particular loved the Boglins, which are crossed between a giant frog and a Goblin and live in the Swamps. One of my favourite parts of the book was in the chapter "IN Natterdon Mire" - featuring the Boglins and their brilliant leader, Bospoldew. 

This is a captivating story incorporating rhyming songs and little bits of poetry which are sprinkled in for good measure. True to form, this is like a good old-fashioned fairytale.

What a brilliant family read - loaded with energy. This book will have you locked into the pages until it finally leaves you with a feeling of loss once it has all come to an end. Will we have more? To be quite honest, I'm really not sure but I hope so.

Other great series by Phillip include: 
Fever Crumb Series
Mortal Engines Quartet
Larklight trilogy
Here Lies Arthur and No Such Things As Dragons

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Guest Post: Roy Gill - The Daemon Parallel - (Kelpies)

The original idea for The Daemon Parallel came to me in a dream… 
I saw a boy who was staying with his Gran in Edinburgh – as I had sometimes done when I was small. She sent him out to buy something, but the world beyond her front door was all twisted and strange – both like the city I knew, and very different. When he’d made his way home, and successfully dodged several scary monsters, she didn’t seem that pleased to see him. In fact, she seemed a little cold.

When I woke up, I wanted to know why the boy had to live with this odd old woman, and what had happened to the city. It all went into a notebook, and lurked there for a while. One day I sat down and wrote - ‘It was over coffee and biscuits that Grandma Ives offered to return Cameron’s father from the dead’ - and the whole mad, creepy story unfolded from there… 

I guess I had always wanted to be a writer. Growing up, I was usually scribbling away on some story, or trying to draw a comic strip (badly), or plotting how to make my own episode of Doctor Who if I could ever get my hands on a camera.

I went to university to study English and Film – and stayed there a very long time! I mainly wrote academically for a while, trying to discover how and why people fell in love with certain stories. In an odd way, I became a little sidetracked from my original goal. When I was about to hit 30 – one of those milestones where you take stock of your achievements – I realised it was time to get back to my first love of writing fiction.

The Daemon Parallel is my first novel. It sometimes feels like my second and third as well, because it took a lot of drafts to reach the final version! In 2011, it was submitted for the Kelpies Prize for new children’s fiction, and made the shortlist. I was delighted when Floris said they would like to publish it.

It’s got twists and turns, thrills and monsters, and hopefully quite a few laughs along the way. You definitely don’t need to know Edinburgh to enjoy it – although those who have visited this gothic city might start to see it differently. You’ll certainly never look at the shadow on a crumpled curtain, a rundown cinema, or a rambling department store in quite the same way again… 

Welcome to The Daemon Parallel!

If that post doesn't have you hooked and chomping at the bit to read it, then I think you might need your head testing! The Daemon Parallel is due to be published on the 22nd of March by Kelpies (great little Scottish publisher). So don't wait and get your order in now. 

Many thanks to Roy for taking the time to write such an insightful post into his debut book and for giving us a taste about the man himself.

New Book Plug Preview #1: Lissa Price - Starters

book cover of 


 (Starters, book 1)


Lissa Price
  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Doubleday Childrens (29 Mar 2012)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 0857531352
  • ISBN-13: 978-0857531353
In the future, teens rent their bodies to seniors who want to be young again. One girl discovers her renter plans to do more than party--her body will commit murder, if her mind can't stop it. Sixteen-year-old Callie lost her parents when the genocide spore wiped out everyone except those who were vaccinated first--the very young and very old. With no grandparents to claim Callie and her little brother, they go on the run, living as squatters, and fighting off unclaimed renegades who would kill for a cookie. Hope comes via Prime Destinations, run by a mysterious figure known only as The Old Man. He hires teens to rent their bodies to seniors, known as enders, who get to be young again. Callie's neurochip malfunctions and she wakes up in the life of her rich renter, living in her mansion, driving her cars, even dating Blake, the grandson of a senator. It's a fairy-tale new life . . . until she uncovers the Body Bank's horrible plan. . . .

“The only thing better than a terrific concept is one that is as well executed as “Starters.” Readers who have been waiting for a worthy successor to Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games” will find it here. Dystopian sci-fi at its best, “Starters” is a terrific series kickoff with a didn’t-see-that-coming conclusion that will leave readers on the edges of their seats, waiting for the second and final book, “Enders,” which will be out this year.”

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On Friday 9th March Bloomsbury will formally launch its new Facebook page, Hooked on Books. The page will focus on Bloomsbury ’s young adult fiction and will feature news, events, giveaways and extras.  

The Hooked on Books logo will be unveiled on Friday morning and a day of exclusive news about summer 2012 super-lead, Burn Mark by Laura Powell , will follow. Be the first to read an extract from the book, find out about Laura, win a proof copy and see the jacket.

You can also ‘follow’ us at

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Press Release:Macmillan Children’s Books buys three-book series by Andrew Lane

(Picture by Helen Stirling)

MCB Associate Publishing Director, Polly Nolan, has bought world rights in a new three-book series by Andrew Lane, author of the hugely popular Young Sherlock Holmes series. Rights were acquired from Robert Kirby at United Agents.

Entitled Lost Worlds, Macmillan Children’s Books will publish one novel a year from May 2013 in ebook and paperback original, the paperback retailing at £5.99.  The launch will be backed by a major marketing and publicity campaign.

The Lost Worlds novels will feature fifteen-year-old Calum Challenger, a genius on a mission to track down creatures considered so rare that most people don’t believe they exist. Calum is doing it for two reasons – to take their DNA and use that to help protect these species, but also to search for a cure for his paralysis. From his state-of-the-art bedroom in London he commands a group of fearless misfit friends – a computer hacker, a free runner, an ex-marine and a pathological liar – in a race around the globe against those who want to wipe out these endangered creatures.

Andrew Lane comments:

‘I'm more than overjoyed to be working on this exciting new series with the highly talented editorial, marketing and publicity teams at Macmillan. I've had an amazing time working with them on Young Sherlock Holmes, and Lost Worlds will bring the same sense of intelligent adventure and excitement to a modern-day setting.

‘That doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing Young Sherlock Holmes. The series gets more popular every day, and I've got plenty of ideas up my sleeve that will keep both series bubbling merrily along!’

Belinda Rasmussen, Publisher, Macmillan Children's Books, adds:

‘We are delighted to be working with Andrew Lane on a new series to sit alongside the Young Sherlock Holmes series. Lost Worlds has a captivating cast of characters and a pacy, narrative style combined with nail-biting adventure and thrilling plot twists. As with Young Sherlock Holmes, all these elements make a truly addictive read.’

Andrew Lane is an author, journalist and lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan. Macmillan Children’s Books publishes his bestselling Young Sherlock Holmes series, with a fifth novel, Snake Bite, due to be launched in October 2012.
Andrew's passion for the original novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his determination to create an authentic teenage Sherlock Holmes made him the perfect choice to work with the Conan Doyle Estate to reinvent the world’s most famous detective in this new series.
He lives in Hampshire with his wife and son.

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Conrad Mason - The Demon's Watch - Happy Launch Day - March 1st 2012

Many thanks to Conrad for taking the time to write a little post about his exciting debut book which is out today. I for one loved it, so check out the review Here
I hope that you enjoy the blog post below. If it grabs your attention then go and buy a copy of the book so that you can have an amazing amount of fun reading it. 
If you've already read the book then please let us know what you thought of it. Don't be shy and write a few words in the comments part at the bottom of this page. I look forward to reading all your thoughts and comments soon. 

When I was young, I thought it would be cool to read a book which had magic, elves and goblins, but in an 18th century style setting - with pirates, tricorne hats and muskets. I never found that book, so years later I decided to write it.
There are a lot of fantasy stories in which a young farmboy goes on a quest to defeat a dark wizard, facing evil creatures along the way (usually orcs of one sort or another) and discovering that he is the chosen one, destined to rule the kingdom. I love this kind of story. But for The Demon's Watch I wanted to do something different. So my hero is a goblin boy, and there's nothing special about him at all. My villains are the League of the Light - self-righteous humans who want to rid the world of anyone who isn't like them. It's a sort of fantasy-in-reverse.

Here's a bit about the story:

Port Fayt - where humans live in peace alongside trolls, goblins and fairies alike. Captain Newton and his men are the Demon's Watch, keeping the town safe from pirates and smugglers. But now Fayt is under threat from a much more deadly enemy - the all-human, all-powerful League of the Light. And to make matters worse, a dangerous witch has just arrived in town.
Half-goblin boy Joseph Grubb works in his uncle's tavern, the Legless Mermaid, and has only ever heard stories of the Demon's Watch. But when he runs away from his uncle and finds himself deep in a criminal underworld, Grubb might be the one person who could help the watchmen save Port Fayt.
The Demon's Watch is my first book, and it's out in March with David Fickling Books. I've tried to pack it full of action, humour and mystery, with some big twists along the way. I like to think the younger me would have enjoyed it. I hope you will too. 

Conrad Mason's website:

Jim Carrington - Drive By -Happy Book Publication Day - Bloomsbury

What would you do if you thought you had killed someone? After an innocent prank goes horribly wrong Johnny is wracked with guilt, but things go from bad to worse as the consequences of his actions spiral out of control.  

On the way back from the park one sweltering summer day, Johnny and his friends spot the mean old lady who burst their football. They decide to take their revenge and give her a drive-by soaking with their water pistols. Johnny later discovers that the old lady has suffered a heart attack and died. He feels terrible, and when he starts waking up at the same time every night, in a cold sweat, sensing a presence in his room, he is convinced she is haunting him.

To make matters worse, the impossibly cool girl Johnny can’t get out of his head is the old lady’s granddaughter. He doesn’t know what to do, but the sleepless nights and ghostly visits are getting to him. Something has to change . . .

Jim Carrington is an expert at writing gripping stories with teen dilemmas at the heart of them. Drive By raises moral questions about taking responsibility for your actions as well as keeping the reader guessing right until the end. 
Jim Carrington grew up in Norfolk before moving to Raynes Park, London, where he still lives. When Jim was at university he started writing a fanzine, which is when he realised that he was better at making things up than reviewing gigs and albums. Not long after that he moved on to writing short stories and decided to do the MA in Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University. Jim is also a primary school teacher.

Jim’s debut novel was inspired by his memories of school bullies. Inside My Head was initially a short story he wrote for anti-bullying week. It was shortlisted for the Lancashire Book of the Year award.

Happy World Book Day - 1st March 2012 Post

PR ResourcesBackground: World Book Day was designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and is marked in over 100 countries around the globe.

World Book Day is a partnership of publishers, booksellers and interested parties who work together to promote books and reading for the personal enrichment and enjoyment of all. A main aim of World Book Day in the UK and Ireland is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own.

To mark the day, school children are entitled to receive a World Book Day £1 Book Token (or equivalent €1.50 Book Token in Ireland). The Book Token can be exchanged for one of eight specially published World Book Day £1 Books, or is redeemable against any book or audio book of their choice costing £2.99 or more at a participating bookshop or book club. The World Book Day £1 Book Token will be valid from 27th February to 25th March 2012.

The full list of World Book Day £1 books for 2012 is:

The What the Ladybird Heard Song, Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks

Winnie Flies Again, Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul (Oxford University Press) 

Where’s Wally Now?, Martin Handford (Walker Books) 

Magic Molly: The Clever Little Kitten, Holly Webb (Scholastic) 

Roald Dahl's Fantabulous Facts, Roald Dahl (Puffin) 

How to Train Your Dragon: The Day of the Dreader, Cressida Cowell (Hodder
Children’s Books) 

Skulduggery Pleasant: The End of the World, Derek Landy (HarperCollins)

Big Day Out, Jacqueline Wilson, Illustrated by Nick Sharratt (Random House)

World Book Day aims to encourage children to explore the pleasure of books and reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own. To mark the day, all school children are entitled to receive a World Book Day
Book Token. The Book Token can be exchanged for one of eight specially published World Book Day £1 Books, or is redeemable against any book or audio book of their choice costing £2.99 or more at a participating bookshop or book club.