Thursday, 1 September 2011

Competition: WIN Signed/Doodled Copies of Justin Thyme and Thyme Running Out by Panama Oxridge

This is the prize to win! To celebrate the paperback release of JUSTIN THYME, the Tartan of Thyme Blog is running a competition with signed/doodled copies of both JUSTIN THYME and it's forthcoming sequel THYME RUNNING OUT as the prize and what a prize it is . . . .

All readers have to do is visit the participating blogs, note down the letters and numbers on the Justin Thyme bookmarks (see photos), then rearrange the letters in numerical order. This spells a secret message (Justin’s description of himself). Visit the TOT blog to find links to all participating blogs, and to email your answer. The competition will close on September 7th, when a winner (picked at random from the correct entries) will be announced.

To take part, visit the Tartan of Thyme blog to see a list of all the blogs taking part in this competition. You can also win one of these limited edition bookmarks from me! The bookmark giveaway is open to all my readers worldwide and what a beauty she is! All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and you will be entered into the draw. I will pick a random winner on the 8th September.

Here is the book trailer of JUSTIN THYME just to get you excited about winning the prize and the synopsis for the brilliant book!

Justin Thyme is a self-made billionaire living in a castle overlooking Loch Ness. The day he turns thirteen, he receives an anonymous gift: a fabulous watch with a puzzling message hidden on it. When he tells his father of his plans to build a time machine, the Laird of Thyme reveals tantalising fragments of past espionage and warns his son of a ruthless enemy keeping him under constant surveillance. At first, Justin fails to take Sir Willoughby seriously, but when a stranger arrives claiming to be his long-lost grandfather, Justin is wary - especially after his beloved Nanny insists the old man is an impostor. Justin's TV celebrity mother departs on a Congo expedition with her eccentric film crew and Eliza, a computer-literate gorilla. Whilst returning, Lady Henny is abducted, and clues prove that the kidnapper has inside information; someone in Thyme Castle must be a spy - or possibly Sir Willoughby's old enemy in disguise. Everyone is under suspicion: Justin's nervy tutor; their snooping housekeeper; the theatrical gardener; an ex-royal butler; and Mrs Kof, their freakishly strong cook. Suddenly, the race against time is on. Can Justin convert his vintage motorbike into a time machine, rescue his mum and discover the identity of their resident spy in less than a week...or will the dreaded Thyme Curse claim another life?


P.O. said...

Thanks for getting the competition post up on thyme! I hope your readers enjoy visiting all the various book-blogs on their scavenger hunt!
With best wishes,

Aleksandra said...

Thanks for the giveaway :)
I'm new follower! at gmail dot com

T.B. said...

Stopping by for the scavenger hunt! Thanks, and this such a great idea :)

ftbotbblog (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Unknown said...

This is so awesome I love the book trailer very interesting and intriguing XD


Many thanks and Take care ^_~

Anonymous said...

Many thanks (for the comp and your great blog)!

P.O. said...

My thanks to all the book-bloggers who hosted clues, and to everyone who took part in the JUSTIN THYME competition.
The competition is now closed, and the winners announced at the "Tartan of Thyme" Blog.