Monday, 24 September 2012

Book Review: The Unfed by Kirsty McKay

book cover of 

The Unfed 



Kirsty McKay

Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Chicken House; 1 edition (6 Sep 2012)
Language: English
Age: 12+
ISBN-10: 1908435321
ISBN-13: 978-1908435323
  • Book Synopsis:
    The good news: Bobby survived her Undead school trip. Bad news: her best mate, Smitty, is missing. Bobby knows she's got to find him \. even if it means risking it all and going out into the starving-zombie-infested wastelands again. Even if it means taking fellow survivors \- including a couple of old frenemies \- along for the ride. And even if the zombies are not the only ones who are chasing them this time.

  • If you are a vegetarian then this might not be the book for you - there is so much floppy dead skin within this story that it would even make a butcher blush! This is the second installment in the gripping Zombie series, and it will certainly not disappoint, if you are gagging for a good horror read. This book starts where the Undead finishes off. No time is lost in bringing the dramatic bus crash into focus as it flips onto its side and everything turns to blank before being flung headlong into more action, as the bloody entrails drip through every page.

    The Zombies are growing with intelligence and things are really starting to heat up; there's no time for Bobby to lose. She finds herself in a strange hospital with lots of unanswered questions but before long she is faced with a full-scale Zombie disco, playing to the tune of ripping out flesh and brain feasting! At this point of the story, there is certainly lots to get your teeth into for sure.

    The action sequences are well placed within the story. They bring well deployed bouts of scary tension that really create an impact on the reader. The giggles are perhaps optional as the quick one-liners might escape some readers. The slight development of sizzling romantic passion didn't necessarily enhance the storyline for me; at times it felt this was aimed at a more romantic audience. Nevertheless, this book had more graphic detail in than book one. In fact it had been intensely ramped up, which in my opinion was a good aspect, but the jury is perhaps still in discussion for me in terms of the romantic element. 

    This was a very engaging and gripping book to read, and to be quite honest, I loved (nearly) every page. It had a good ending in which to start book three, but I hope that this next book will continue to remain imaginative and to consider different approaches in order to keep it fresh.

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