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Wordery 12 Books Of Christmas - What Books Have YOU Bought for Christmas 2018?

12 Books Of Christmas:
New research reveals the 12 books you’re most likely to get under your tree
Wordery unveil the nations best-selling books in the run-up to Christmas

  • Michelle Obama’s page-turning Memoir ‘Becoming’ is the number one bestseller according to Wordery sales data
  • Family favourite ‘The Snowman’ comes in second as it returns for its 4oth anniversary gift edition
  • Two Christmas themed books made the cut with ‘The Snowman’ and ‘We’re Going on an Elf Chase’ both featuring in the list
  • ‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz’ by Heather Morris comes in third place, a harrowing tale during the time of the Holocaust and a good read for bookworms.

13th December 2018: Findings released today from Wordery reveal the top 12 bestselling books over the past month. Based on  sales data from the previous month we can reveal the books that are most likely to end up under your Christmas tree.

With nearly 63 million books typically sold in the run-up to Christmas in the UK, which is a third of the market’s annual volume, it comes as no shock that new titles such as ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama are in the race to secure the number one slot in the festive book charts.

With the big day nearing closer, Wordery reveal which 12 best selling books could be under your Christmas tree this year. View the full graphic here.

Wordery’s top 12 selling books:

Michelle Obama
The Snowman: 40th Anniversary Gift
Raymond Briggs
The Tattooist of Auschwitz
Heather Morris
Fire and Blood: 300 years Before a Game of Thrones
George R. R. Martin
Anna Burns
We’re Going on an Elf Chase
Martha Mumford and Laura Hughes
My Name Doddie
Doddie Weir and Stuart Weir
I Adulted!
Robb Pearlman
Golf Rules Quick Referencing
Yves C. Ton-That
Stephen Moss
Thomas Kinkade: the Disney Dreams Collection 2019 Diary
Thomas Kinkade
The Truth Pixie
Matt Haig and Chris Mould

The number one seller ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States is a memoir which was published in November 2018. It details her upbringing in Chicago, motherhood, and her time in the White House alongside lighthearted personal and public moments.

It’s not really Christmas without ‘The Snowman’ taking the silver baton, as this 40th anniversary gift edition comes with a letter from the author Raymond Briggs and also a limited edition illustrative print. This is one for everyone as it’s a true Christmas tradition for generations of children.

The book coming in third is ‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz’ by Heather Morris, which tells the story of a Slovakian Jewish man who is captured and put to work as a tattooist marking his fellow prisoners. It’s a harrowing tale during the time of the Holocaust and a good read for those bookworms out there.

Barry Magennis, spokesperson for Wordery, comments

“The outcome provides a diverse insight into what people in the UK are buying in the run up to Christmas. It’s great to see with no surprise two festive books making the cut with the classic literary ‘The Snowman’ being our second best seller. Wordery are looking forward to seeing which books do end up as Christmas gifts this year.”

For more information on the best selling books for Christmas, visit Wordery

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