Monday, 16 November 2020

Catherine Bruton - Another Twist in the Tale - (Nosy Crow) - Book Review (Mr.Ripley's Enchanted Books)

I've always enjoyed the ability to pick up a book and read it from cover to cover. However, like many others, I've really struggled of late to keep my focus and concentrate. Fortunately, this book has been a turning point as I have really enjoyed it. Another Twist in the Tale is the second book by Catherine Bruton and was published by Nosy Crow (5th November 2020). The story takes us back to Victorian London as we gatecrash a world created by the great man and author Charles Dickens. You've heard the tale of Master Oliver Twist, but have you heard the tale about Twill Twist?

Well walk this way, my fellow reader, and watch your step on the slippery, cobbled streets rife with pickpockets, gangs, and cutthroat thieves. It's time to discover the mysterious tale of TWILL TWIST who was separated at birth and discarded on a rubbish heap. Here the imagination begins as we set off on a thrilling journey that will entertain the socks off a spider and send you spinning into a Victorian frenzy full of mayhem and mishaps. 

This is an action-packed adventure full of life where characters gamble the odds and undertake daring rescues. The book is very well executed and delivers the time period rather well; the plot is compact and full of intrigue and suspense. Weaving through the thick smog with the child catchers chasing you will leave you with an uneasy feeling in your bones. It is a perfect introduction to the young and old as we visit some very familiar Dicken's characters such as Jack Dawkins (better known as the ARTFUL DODGER) and Fagin (a miser and cheat who would swindle his own mum out of the clothes on her own back). 

I loved every minute of this book; it's a magical walk into fantasy and beyond. It really depicts Victorian hardship through the feminist characters all of whom you will be cheering on and hoping for the best. The world is depicted full of dark promises and nefarious deeds that you will enjoy from the very first page to the last. The ending is brilliant and leaves a hint of another adventure yet to come. There's plenty to reflect on as you pop on the kettle, crack open the Jammy Dodgers, and ask for more. MORE?! Absolutely! 

Teaching Resources

They have also produced some Activity packs which we hope you will enjoy – they can be downloaded here as PDFs.  There is a teaching pack, some activity sheets, and some stylish bookmarks!

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