Monday, 11 October 2021

Danny Weston - A Hunter's Moon - Book Review - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books

Are you looking for a Halloween read? Well, we recommend the latest installment by the cheeky author and man of mystery, Danny Weston. A Hunter's Moon was published by UCLan Publishing on 2 Sept. 2021. The reason for recommending this book is that it has none of the classical cliché monsters such as ghosts and vampires or monsters lurking under the bed. The author has something a little different to offer the reader; a nostalgic supernatural mystery that will make your toes curl. 

The book is set in Scotland; deep in the Forest of Tay. There are no modern distractions in the story as it has been set in simple times when folklore, myths, and word of mouth ruled the day. Instead, all the cinematic action happens under the cover of darkness. We walk and run the gauntlet of fear and mystery as the locals are attacked and begin to disappear. Farmers' sheep are ravaged by a beast summoned by the mysterious people called 'Walkers in the Woods'. 

The villain is a wealthy landowner, who chopped down large parts of the forest to build a hunting lodge. Whilst the two main protagonists (Callum and his master Fraser) hopefully come to save the day. Although, this does not quite go to plan! 

The story is brilliantly fine-tuned with distractions, mayhem, and a slightly romantic involvement that pulls the story together. It's a great earthy story with a moral in the tale and a read that comes with a warning; Don't go into the FOREST. Enter at your PERIL. Do you DARE? What more can you want from a great Halloween read? So don't hesitate, buy yourself a copy and get stuck in. Maybe read it in a forest near you. 

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