Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Christopher Edge - ESCAPE ROOM - Book Review - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books


Are you ready to ESCAPE to the Escape Room? This is the latest book by Christopher Edge which is due to be published by Nosy Crow Ltd on the 3rd Feb 2022. The book cover is brilliantly produced by the talented illustrator, David Dean. We arrive at the start of the book with a buzz of excitement as the main character arrives at The Escape; a reward for working so hard. We are led slowly into a fantasy adventure with the trademark qualities that you associate with this author. There's a plot full of puzzles and a deadly sting in the tale as a group of children (unknown to each other) have a race against time to battle the rooms and actually save the world. 

It's only Fantasy? 

However, the Host has other ideas as you skip and dive through this fantastic narrative escaping danger and sometimes death. The author drags you through different creative and eventful moments that will have readers gripped in a vortex of magic fantasy realism. Find the answer and you'll find the key to escape. Although, along the way, you'll visit an amazing library and battle a strange chess automaton that was built 250 years ago. If you need even more madness you'll also hurtle across an unknown galaxy in a spaceship and encounter extinct species of animals that just might eat you alive. 

The author has a great way of putting an important message into his books. There's a quirky twist whilst still managing to weave a web of epic ingredients together to create an exhilarating ending. He does this in a very imaginative way that only natural storytellers can do. This is a story that is so much more; great entertainment with a  massive thought-provoking moment that leaves you reflecting. Have you got the Answer? Find out by reading the book - enjoy!

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