Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books - Best Children's Book Picks November 2023


Kate DiCamillo (Author), Julie Morstad (Illustrator) - The Puppets of Spelhorst - Published by Walker Books (2 Nov. 2023) - ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1529512854 - Hardback - Age:7+ 

    From master storyteller Kate DiCamillo comes an original fairy tale, enchantingly illustrated, in which five puppets confront circumstances beyond their control with patience, cunning and high spirits.

    Once, there was a king. And a wolf. And a girl with a shepherd’s crook. And a boy with a bow and arrow. And also, there was an owl... They were puppets, and they were waiting for a story to begin.

    In this new work of short fiction by twice winner of the Newbery Medal Kate DiCamillo, exquisitely illustrated in black and white by Governor General Literary Award Finalist Julie Morstad, five puppets who find themselves together in an abandoned trunk are carried off into the adventure of a lifetime.

    Peter Bunzl - Glassborn - Published by Usborne Publishing Ltd (9 Nov. 2023) - ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1801313681- Paperback - Age: 8

    Fairy Tree, tall and grand, open a path to Fairyland.

    The year is 1826, and the four Belle siblings arrive at their new home in Tambling Village. Acton, the youngest member of the Belle family, immediately befriends a bright, red robin, leading him to discover a hidden key. That night, when the clock strikes thirteen, Acton is called to Fairyland. For in finding the key, Acton has become the Chosen One and must steal the Glimmerglass Crown, for the cruel Fairy Queen.

    When Cora, Elle and Bram realise their brother has been taken, they set out on a quest to rescue him. But Fairyland is full of dangers...and to overcome the Queen, and her deadly curse, they will need courage, cunning and a great deal of hope.

    An enthralling tale of magic, riddles, and curses, from the bestselling author of The Cogheart Adventures.

    Robin Scott-Elliot - Finding Treasure Island - Published by Pokey Hat (2 Nov. 2023) - ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1911279563 - Paperback - Age: 8+ 

    A summer that will change lives forever

    The Highlands, 1881

    A boy seeking a father...
    A girl seeking treasure...
    A writer seeking a story...

    When Robert Louis Stevenson sketches a map to amuse his stepson Sam, it sets them off on the adventure of a lifetime.

    While Stevenson is inspired to write his first great story, Sam has a treasure hunt of his own to pursue, guided through the hidden forests and dangerous glens of the Cairngorms by the mystical Jen Hawkins.

    Finding Treasure Island is the missing memoir of Sam Osbourne, which reveals his part in the birth of the greatest adventure story written.

    Reyaansh Joshi - An Alienn's Biography: Life on Earth - Published by Michael Terence Publishing (8 Nov. 2023) - ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1800946736 - Paperback - Age: 11+ 

    As the alien embarks on this interstellar odyssey, disaster strikes when an asteroid collides with their spacecraft, forcing a crash landing on the unforgiving terrain of Mars. With determination in their heart, the alien assesses the surroundings, glimpsing the distant blue jewel of Earth. A decision is made: they must traverse the cosmos to reach their ultimate destination.

    Arriving on Earth, the alien faces a daunting challenge - transforming into a human and blending into the human world for several years while repairing the damaged UFO. With only two options for escape, the clock ticks relentlessly. Will they mend their craft and return home, or dare to hold onto the fragile hope that their parents can locate them, despite the odds?