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Welcome everybody to our June 2024 edition of children's book picks! As we enter the summertime, we are delighted to present a curated selection of enchanting and captivating stories that will spark the imagination of young readers. Join us on a literary adventure as we explore magical lands, brave heroes, and heartwarming tales that are sure to inspire and delight children and adults of all ages. Let's dive into our handpicked selection of must-read children's books for June! What are you looking forward to reading this month? 

A. D. Downton - The Cavern Under the Lake - Published by A.D. Downton (11 Jun. 2024) - ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1068661600 - Paperback - Age: 9+

The best explorers speak of a power in nature. Not everyone can see it, not everyone can feel it, but it’s there, and it’s dying...

Seeing is believing. That was the world as Levi understood it. But when a young boy goes missing around a mysterious frozen lake, the lone cartographer gets drawn to the edge of a hidden world. A world of stubborn townsfolk, ruthless industry and a stream that never freezes.

Meanwhile, the missing boy, Sigmund, attends a journey of his own. At the hands of a frozen Viking come to life, Sigmund is shown the power of his ancestral inheritance. But that power is fading, and the terrible mark of frostbite is closing in.

The age of exploration is still very much alive in the 1800s, but Levi and Sigmund must both put their convictions aside if their Arctic world stands any hope of surviving…

A.D. Downton’s clean-fiction debut novel is aimed to bridge the gap between Adventure and Christian fiction, whilst keeping its key theme of caring for the natural world at its core. Its omniscient nature, mixed with its cinematic scene-setting and dialogue, creates a historical fantasy universe that children, teens and adults can all feel a part of.

An inspiring and uplifting low-stakes fantasy novel suitable for those who enjoyed such adventures as The Last Bear or The Chronicles of Narnia.

Patrick Gallagher - Transcendent - Published by Orion Children's Books (6 Jun. 2024) - ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1510112421 - Paperback - Age: 8+ 

JOIN THE TEAM. SAVE THE WORLD. Twin geniuses Jacob and Kira are recruited to take part in a high-tech mission to protect the planet ... but will their dreams of adventure come true, or is the threat too great to handle?

Jacob and Kira live in the heart of Mbale, Uganda with their conservationist mother and navigate life as unsuspecting geniuses; Kira with hopes to explore outside the hot terrains of Uganda, and conspiracy theorist Jacob, whose fear often holds him back from the answers he so desperately wants to uncover.

But when they discover that someone has been watching their every move in the hopes of enlisting them in a top-secret agency called Transcendent, their lives are turned upside down.

Soon the twins are hurtled from the luscious landscapes of Mbale, to the sleek streets of London, where - alongside other selected protegees - they must undertake three rigorous trials, each more difficult than the last, to be accepted into Transcendent. If they are successful, they will be launched into space to complete a high-stakes mission to fight the greatest threat the world has ever seen.

Only, the twins soon realise they have more to contend with than they bargained for ... is there a more sinister reason they have been chosen?

Two kids, one top-secret agency and an epic mission to save the world. 

Clare Povey - The Wednesdays: Journey TO Fantome Island - Published by 
Usborne Publishing (6 Jun. 2024) - ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1803708089 - Paperback - Age: 8+ 

Are you brave enough to join the Wanderdays in their first thrilling adventure? They're off on an edge-of-your-seat underwater quest to find out what's really happening on the secret Fantome Island. 

Meet Flo and Joseph Wanderday.

Their mum is one of the world's greatest explorers, but she's gone missing on her latest expedition. When a mysterious stranger appears, they discover the sinister reason for Mum's trip.

This was no ordinary expedition and Mum was trying to uncover crimes committed by Sir Frederick Titan, a much-loved TV presenter who claims to be a protector of the natural world.

Flo, Joseph and their friends Funmi and Isaac find a map and follow clues taking them to a secret island to save Mum and expose Titan's fishy plans...

An exciting watery adventure packed with brilliant baddies, bravery, friendship and real passion for protecting the natural world.

Lucy Strange (Author), Julia Moscardo (Illustrator) - The River Spirit - Published by Barrington Stoke (6 Jun. 2024) - ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1800903258 - Paperback - Age: 9+ 

Trapped within the oppresive warrens of the city’s chimneys, young sweeper Tom longs for fresh air and freedom in this atmospheric and ghostly tale from Lucy Strange.

Young chimney sweep Tom has started seeing strange, supernatural things – fairies in the flowers by the river, a soot monster crouching in the darkness of a chimney, and then the mysterious river spirit Elle. Elle joins Tom and the other children apprenticed to cruel master sweep Mister Crow. Together, they shimmy up the town's narrow, filthy chimneys. But Tom has an ominous feeling in his bones, and when he faces his most dangerous job of all, the reason for Elle's magical appearance becomes clear . . .