Friday, 3 December 2010

The Chainsaw Gang - The Author's List Of Merry Death - PART 1

Steve Feasey. You can never, ever, ever, have enough werewolves. Throw in djinns, vampires and sorcerors and frankly I'm amazed you're not reading his Changeling series right now. In fact, what are you doing on this blog? A love of werewolves is a pre-requisite!

UK Cover

For ten years Sam Enthoven worked as a part-time bookseller in London's Charing Cross Road, living mostly (by necessity) off instant noodles while honing his skills as a writer of fantastical action thrillers for eleven to fifteen year olds. To his great glee and delight in September 2006 his authorial dreams came true when his debut novel THE BLACK TATTOO was published by Random House Children's Books. In January 2008 his second book TIM, DEFENDER OF THE EARTH was released and a third, CRAWLERS, is (as of April 2010) 

Contrary to popular myth, William Hussey was born on Planet Earth – more precisely in the London Borough of Hounslow. He spent the first year of his life roaming around the country with a travelling fairground, though his memories of this time are vague. The Hussey family have been touring with fairgrounds and circuses for centuries and, in the 1800s, William’s great-grandfather had the honour of meeting the legendary Elephant Man!
                    Alexander Gordon Smith is the author of seven novels for children and young adults. The first, The Inventors, was co-written by his then nine-year-old brother Jamie, who researched the book by testing out dozens of extremely dangerous inventions on Gordon. It was shortlisted for the Wow Factor Award, and the sequel – The Inventors and the City of Stolen Souls – came out in 2008. His latest series is called Furnace, and is about a fourteen-year-old thief who is sent to a prison full of monsters. Reviewers unanimously agree that the five books are terrifying, and when discussing foreign rights markets Gordon's agent once told him that "it's too scary, we'll never sell it."

You don't have to be called Alex to be part of the Chainsaw, but it helps. Alex Milway is a writer, and illustrator, designer (the logo up top is his idea) and all round decent human being. I don't know why he wants to hang out with us but he writes about yetis and that's good enough for me.

David Gatward is the author of the gruesome and bestselling Dead saga. Basically, we're talking zombies. What more do you need to know?

 Jon Mayhew.Try as I might the guy just pops up everywhere! They said he was a legend, but we sadly now know the truth. He lives and walks among us! Irritatingly talented he's written the completely awesome Mortlock. Spooks. Demons. Knive-throwing heroines (we really like those, more please). Enter dark, 

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