Sunday, 23 January 2011

Deborah Abela - Grimsdon - Book Review

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Deborah Abela
  • Pages - 304 
  • Published - Random House Australia 
  • Date - 1 Nov 2010
  • Age - 9+
Grimsdon is in ruins. Three years ago a massive wave broke its barriers and the sea flooded this grand city. Most were saved, others were lost and some were left behind.
Isabella Charm and her best friend Griffin live with three other children in the top of an opulent mansion. They've survived with the help of Griffin's brilliant inventions, Isabella's survival skills and their vow to look after each other.
But what will happen when a thrill-seeking newcomer arrives in his flying machine? When bounty hunters attempt to capture them? When Byron P. Sneddon, the self-appointed protector of the flooded harbour, demands obedience?
What if the danger is even greater? Something they can't see coming - something below the floodwater's?

I love the cover for this book as it gives off a great sense of feeling. It shows a vibrant and exciting world that is full of mystery. The author has written a highly imaginative story, which is full of friendship and hope, as well as wonderful inventions. The book is based in Grimsdon, a place blended with fantasy and adventure, which is set in a post-apocalyptic world. 

The book starts off quite slowly but after the first two chapters or so, the story line and the characters begin to weave together producing a magical picture. They create a world that has been turned upside down, by a tragic flooding, which engulfs the city of Grimsdon. Therefore, the story becomes a fight for survival for a group of children, who try to make the best of a bad situation. However, you make up your own mind as to whether they achieve this or not. Nevertheless, the courageous children have to overcome many hidden perils such as collapsing buildings, coming face to face with deadly sea monsters and fending off nasty kidnappers. They also get the occasional slap in the face from a fish or two along the way! 

The characters are easy to relate to and certainly make for a good read. The main character of the group is the feisty heroine 'Isabella', who fights like a tiger and can duel well with a sword. The brains of the group is Griffin - his inventive skills help to create a power source with the help of tidal waves. Whilst the two twins (Raffy and Bea) plus their friend Fly, make up the rest of the group. That is until the day when a mysterious boy brings the flying machine called 'Aerotrope' into their lives and shows them the bigger world.

The story is generally fast paced - uncovering the mysterious world inside Grimsdon and the challenges that are faced for survival. The ongoing friendships between the group are poignant and produce many memorable moments within the book. As a result, you will find yourself laughing and crying, both in equal measures, as you travel along their path of discovery. 

This was such an enjoyable read, that when I came to the final page, I was left feeling sad that I had reached the end. I would really love to see another adventure involving all the characters, as they left a small, but memorable imprint and therefore, I would like to meet up with them all again.                                                   


Carmen Wing said...

Just love the cover of this one - so much going on, makes you keep looking at it.

Sounds a really good read too :)

Unknown said...

Great review! I know what you mean about being sad to see the end of this wonderful cast of characters. Would love to see another book set in this world!