Monday, 14 February 2011

Darren Shan - Ocean of Boold - U.K Book Cover + Synopsis

Back in December, I showed you all the USA book cover for this eagerly awaited book by Darren Shan.
However, this popped up in my inbox some time last week. The UK cover, which again is so much better then the USA book cover, shows David Wyatt coming up with yet another stunning image. It really is a cracker and will certainly help to promote the book, as it leaps out at potential readers. The book will be released at the end of April - I'm going to find it difficult to wait until then. However, in the meantime, this is a brief outline of the book based on information that I found on the HarperCollins website.

Free from their mentor Seba Nile, Larten Crepsley and Wester Flack join the Cubs – wild young vampires with little respect for human life, and a taste for mindless enjoyment.
For the Cubs, everything is easy. But nothing has ever been easy for Larten, and soon fate throws his life into another spin. With dark paths to travel, Larten finds himself far from the Vampire Mountain and its rules. A long way from home, sick and alone, he must decide what kind of vampire he will be. Whether he will stand firm, be true to his master and his princples – or whether he will lose himself in blood…

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Benji @ The Non Reluctant Reader said...

Can't wait. The UK cover is better but the US one is pretty good too.