Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Philip G Bell - The Elfin Child Bk 1 - One To Watch

I have been informed that this book should be available soon in the UK, although it is already available on the Kindle. The paperback form is also available in the US from CreatesSpace the publisher. What a great eye catching book cover that has been designed by the talented illustrator/graphic designer from Brazil, Marcos Porto. For more details check out Philips website.

This is a fantasy story about an 11-year old boy living in late 1950's London and after a prolonged period of illness aggravated by London Smog, he is sent to spend his summer holidays with an Aunt who lives in the countryside. Whilst enjoying a quiet time playing in a nearby wood, he encounters an Elfin Child. He is soon drawn into a parallel world where his own world's time is almost stationary. He discovers that the Elfin Race are threatened by dark forces led by Voros of the Bogenvalk. Prophecy had foretold that only a human child will save the Elves and the Elfin Child was tasked with finding one. Join their quest as they travel through mysterious lands and meet strange characters and creatures. 

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