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+++Andy Briggs - Tarzan:The Greystoke Legacy - Book Review+++

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The Greystoke Legacy 

 (Tarzan, book 1)


Andy Briggs

What lies in the depths of the jungle? Escaping a dark secret, Robbie Canler joins an illegal logging team in the Congo jungle. Now they're under siege from a sinister force. When the daughter of the camp's boss, Jane Porter, goes missing, they assume bloodthirsty rebel soldiers have kidnapped her. Robbie sets out on a rescue mission - unaware he is being watched . . . Are the rumours of a feral man raised by wild apes true? If so, can the mysterious untamed savage be trusted to help them? Tarzan: a Legend Reborn

Tarzan first went to print around a hundred years ago, written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan first came to life in a magazine publication (October 1912) through 'The All - Story'. Two years later this was made into a book format - since then there have been 25 sequels, and well over 50 films. 

Andy Briggs has had the big task of writing a new series bringing the legendary character back to life, but through a modern day setting and aimed at a younger audience. So how has he done?

Well, Andy has kept most of the key details true to the original story which I was pleased to see. He has not messed around with the classic elements that readers have historically fallen in love with. However, what he has done is placed the characters within a modern day setting. Obviously many aspects have changed dramatically within the last 100 years and therefore, Andy has done a great deal of research which shows through the detail of the setting. The Congo has been intertwined expertly into the story - it deposits you deep down within the jungle of Central Africa. Whilst Tarzan's re-vamped character has an Eco-warrior approach to saving the jungle from being cut down and running out the evil characters.

I really enjoyed this introduction to the new series - it is a great classic action adventure which I soon became engrossed in. The detail and the story are most plausible as they are not overly exaggerated but instead bring serious issues to light. This is a great jungle adventure, which in my opinion, both boys and girls should really love reading. I will be eagerly awaiting the next book 'Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior' which is out in July 2012. Tarzan is back and that's a good thing.....

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