Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Charmian Hussey - Howl on the Wind - Book Post - Illustrated By Rose Forshall

                                              HOWL ON THE WIND

The long-awaited second novel by Charmian Hussey, bestselling author of ‘The Valley of Secrets’ tells the dramatic story of Lizzie’s incredible courage and perseverance against all the odds, set on the rugged north Cornish coast.

“I’ve seen it with my own eyes,” he cried out in a shrill voice, his face contorted, his eyes shining in the light from the glowing fire.
“’Tis a poor, tormented creature … huge and hairy … a savage beast …”
From somewhere at the back of the room, a horrible howling noise rose up.
“Howooooo … Hoooooooo … Howooooo … Hooooooo …”
… with stunning illustrations by Rose Forshall

Howl On The Wind follows the fortunes of wheelchair-bound Lizzie, who visits 
Cornwall on a quest to find answers about her long-dead

Lizzie is a star sprinter who had high hopes to compete in the 2012 Olympics until an accident leaves her without the use of her legs. When she and her brother Tom uncover some previously unknown facts about their long-dead father they set out to find the truth. Their travels take them to a small island off the North Cornwall coast, home to the remains of a 13th century castle once occupied by an old Cornish family, the Tregarrows

Buying a copy of Howl on the Wind supports British Paralympians and people with physical disabilities, by donating half of the profits to the two charities 'Wheelpower' and 'Poppa Guttman Trust'.
Your support is greatly appreciated.

Published By Atlantic Press

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