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A . J Hartley - Darwen Arkwright and the Peregrine Pact - Book Review

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Darwen Arkwright and the Peregrine Pact 

 (Darwen Arkwright , book 1)


A J Hartley

Eleven-year-old Darwen Arkwright has spent his whole life in a tiny town in England. So when he is forced to move to Atlanta, Georgia, to live with his aunt, he knows things will be different--but what he finds there is beyond even his wildest imagination!

Darwen discovers an enchanting world through the old mirror hanging in his closet--a world that holds as many dangers as it does wonders. Along with his new friends Rich and Alexandra, Darwen becomes entangled in an adventure and mystery that involves the safety of his entire school. They soon realize that the creatures are after something in our world--something that only human children possess.

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This is a terrific book that I picked up in Paris, after a recent visit to the amazing Shakespeare and Company bookshop. After looking through the interesting bookshelves which stocked a very good selection of both UK and US book titles, I finally stumbled upon a copy of this book. Both the synopsis and the book cover caught my eye. Interestingly, I soon realised that this book has managed to creep under my radar, as it was actually published at some point last year.

It has some elements that will be familiar to young readers such as the orphaned boy making his way in a new school and having to live with a relative with whom he is not entirely comfortable spending time with. However, other elements are entirely innovative, fresh and lots of fun. 

In Darwen Arkwright, A.J. Hartley has created a sympathetic and believable hero who struggles to fit into his new surroundings. As the story further unfolds, you'll find yourself being able to relate to his problems, you'll cheer on his efforts to find his way whilst continually being amazed by the adventure that he stumbles into. 

Darwen's friends are quirky enough to be entertaining and yet still charming enough to leave readers hungry for more books about the Peregrine Pact. Especially as the world that these kids discover is filled with both wonders and frights that are sure to make this book an instant favourite with its intended audience. 

A snappy fast paced adventure that stands out from a crowd, I would really recommend it to you all.

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