Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Book Plug #7 - C . J . Busby - Cauldron Spells - Illustrated by David Wyatt

Get ready for more thrills, spills and spells in 2012! We now have book two out. Published by Templar.

Max Pendragon is not looking forward to attending Morgana Le Fay’s summer Spell School. Not only is his battered cauldron producing slimy sludge instead of perfect spells, but ever since he and his sister Olivia foiled evil Morgana’s plot against King Arthur, they have been wary of her plans for revenge.

Max and Olivia soon discover that Spell School has more in store for them than they ever imagined. With the help of Merlin and a mysterious bard, Caradoc, will they be able to outwit Morgana and save Arthur for a second time?

(All Images are By David Wyatt and subject to copyright 2012).

About the Author
C. J. Busby lived on boats until she was sixteen and often moved from place to place. She remembers one terrifying crossing of the English Channel in gale-force winds, when her family’s barge nearly overturned. She spent most of her childhood with her nose in a book, even when walking along the road. Luckily she survived to grow up, but she still carried on reading whenever she could. 
After studying science at university, she lived in a South Indian fishing village and did research for her PhD. She currently lives in Devon with her three children. She borrows their books whenever they let her.

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cleemckenzie said...

I love all things dragon, so, of course, I had to comment when I read about Cauldron Spells and saw these fabulous illustrations. Thanks so much for posting about this book.