Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Ewa Jozefkowicz - The Mystery of the Colour Thief - Book Review - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books

First the accident, then the nightmares. The shadowy thief steals all the colours from Izzy's world leaving her feeling empty and hopeless. Will her new neighbour and a nest full of cygnets save Izzy and solve the mystery of the colour thief? A heartwarming story about families, friendships, school, nature, hope and self-confidence. 
After a frightening car accident, Izzy's mum is in a coma. Her family is in pieces. Her best friend at school has dumped her. And her nightmares are haunted by a shadowy man stealing all the colours from her world. She's trying so hard to be brave, but Izzy thinks everything is her fault. Then she meets her new neighbour, Toby, paralyzed after a skateboarding accident, and together they find a nest of cygnets who need rescuing. Particularly the odd one out, called Spike. Will saving Spike save Izzy? Will she and Toby solve the mystery of the colour thief and bring hope and happiness back to Izzy's life? Written with insight, compassion and empathy – an authentic story about real life and how to survive it.

What is on the review table this week? 

Well, it is a brilliant debut book by Polish author, Ewa Jozefkowicz. The Mystery of the Colour Thief will hit the shops, with a resounding bundle of emotions, on 3rd May 2018. It has been published by Zephyr and is aimed at 9-12 year old readers. However, I believe that it will be especially loved by adults. 

This is a very thought provoking book; deeply moving with a very tragic story which could happen to anybody in real-life. The book is emotionally and sensitively written. It shows how perspectives differ depending on the feelings of the character. The main character is a young girl called Izzy, who is trying to deal with the fact that her mother is in hospital. Unfortunately, she is in an induced coma after a car accident. 

You might think this book sounds rather depressing with such a theme. However, the author has achieved an excellent balance displaying the vulnerability of the characters and actions whilst still delivering an upbeat narrative filled with a fantasy edge. Everything is told through her daily life in school, but especially through her nightmares. This creates a dramatic and inspirational story that gives the reader a shiny beacon of hope, even in the bleakest of times. I thought the situation the characters found themselves in were particularly well written. They displayed great understanding and provided a true representation of what people might be going through as part of their everyday life. 

The book features two young and brilliantly written central characters that you will warm to in a big way.  It was really interesting viewing the perspective through childrens' eyes and seeing the world in a fresh light. The importance of making friends in an instant and sharing what the world has to offer from an early age. I have never read a book containing two such resilient characters like Izzy and Toby. Toby is definitely an inspiration to us all. He is a wheelchair user who really shines as a character and encourages a positive outlook on life despite overcoming many difficulties. He helps Izzy to solve the puzzle in the story.

I loved the idea of Spike, a vulnerable cygnet, which tied in with the theme of the book and brought a kindred spirited feeling. It made you really think about the plot. This is a fantastic story inspired by life. It's a book that I would recommend that you read with your heart and maybe a tissue or two. 

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