Monday, 29 April 2019

Abi Elphinstone - Rumblestar (The Unmapped Chronicles) - Boo Review - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books

Step through the door of adventure this May with the latest book from Abi Elphinstone. This is the start of a breathtaking new series "The Unmapped Chronicles" published by Simon & Schuster. Rumblestar is an epic read that pulsates with the author's zest for real-life adventures and daydreaming in her writer's shed. Each book in this series will be a standalone read that features a child from our world trying to save the unmapped magic from being stolen by an evil harpy called Morg. 

As soon as you turn the first page, you open the doors to the soul of imagination where you meet eleven-year-old Casper Tock. He hates risks, is allergic to adventures and shudders at the thought of unpredictable events. So, it comes as a nasty shock to him when he accidentally stumbles into Rumblestar, an Unmapped Kingdom full of magical beasts. This leads to a world of magic and a fantasy web of wonder where every page will thrill and entertain. All Casper wants to do is find his way home. However, Rumblestar is in trouble and is in need of a saviour. Who could that be?

Morg is sending her followers, the Midnights, into the kingdom to wreak havoc and pave the way for her to steal the Unmapped magic for herself. However, Casper cannot turn a blind eye because the future of his own world, as he discovers, is bound up with that of the Unmapped Kingdoms. The reader is whisked into an unimaginable quest full of action and suspense where you'll sky hop with cloud giants and fly in a magical hot air balloon that can pilot itself. 

This is a story that sparkles with a kiddish excitement whilst exploring magical kingdoms and bright colored rainbows. All of which are filled with fantastical creatures floating on a dream. This, for me, is the best book that Abi has written to date; it is a sparkling jewel of a read. The book is delivered with pace and passion. It starts in reality and takes you into an illusion that will have you gripped all the way. The heart of adventure is here. This is a book and a series that is definitely not to be missed so order it NOW!

Live a life filled with adventure with Abi Elphinstone where a whole new world is waiting to be discovered... 

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