Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Charlotte Lo - We Won an Island - Book Review - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books

When Luna's family win an island, Luna thinks it will solve everything AND she can finally get a donkey! But things don't go entirely to plan - no one expects Luna's younger brother to win a Sheep Pageant, for example - and the secret festival they hold soon spirals out of control. But the island is beautiful, and the family are happy, and maybe Luna will get her donkey after all...

This is another delightful book published by Nosy Crow. We Won An Island is the debut book from Charlotte Lo. The book will hit the shops on the 2nd May 2019 just in time for summer. When you turn the first page, the characters' narratives start to work the magic inside your head. It starts off with sadness and pulls on the emotional heartstrings of the reader. Luna's family are suffering from bereavement and things start to go bad as they're just about to lose their home. However, with just one wish, the plot turns into an adventure that will uplift the soul and pump fresh joy into the heart of the reader ... very slowly. 

A slice of magic and luck hit the family when a bonkers businessman gives away his Scottish Island. As part of the competition's terms and conditions, the island can never be sold by the winner. Therefore, anyone who enters should be prepared to live on the island for the rest of their natural life. It's a brilliant and simple concept which gripped me from the opening pages. The three children are fantastically portrayed in the book. Each one is full of character and written well; they all have a unique and somewhat quirky outlook.  

A breath of fresh air takes the family on an adventure that leads to a catastrophic chain of events. One minute it will make you laugh out loud and the next minute it will bring on the tears.  As the three siblings and family adapt to the rural life of the island, they all have dreams which float through the air like confetti leaves hugging the forest floor. It's a great holiday read that inspires the great outdoors and depicts the beauty in nature and our natural landscapes. The book delivers hope and understanding whilst pulling together a community, even when the characters are new to the area. 

This is a flying-high, middle-grade story that will make your day and make you smile. It's crazy, very surreal and asks a lot of questions that will pull on the reality strings of the reader and also the characters. It's a pleasure to turn the pages. This is a family read full of determination and donkeys, goats, knitting, and a run-down house. A storm is brewing where comical laughter and calamity will hit you in the face. As you turn the last page and the secret festival has come to an end, w
hat could possibly go wrong? Come and find out...

What would you do if you won an island? 

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