Danny Weston - Inchtinn: Island of Shadows - Book Review - Mr. Ripley's Enchanted Books

This is the latest book by the cheeky chap, otherwise known as, Danny Weston. Inchtinn: Island of Shadows was published back in early October 2019 by an independent publisher based at the University at Central Lancashire in Preston. This is the second book that I've read by Uclan Publishing and I have been really impressed with both books. The book cover, which is illustrated by Helen Crawford-White, has been recently paraded in Mr. Ripley's book cover wars. It is also important for me to mention that there are a couple of black and white (pastel) illustrations inside the book by Miranda Harris. These really do give a lovely bleakness quality to the story which you gaze and reflect upon.

This a brilliantly written story that captures the attention of the reader as you skip and dance across the sea to the Scottish Island of Inchtinn. On arrival, a fantastic spine-tingling plot awaits the reader on the shore of this remote Island. A mystery unfolds as Noah is forced to travel with his mum, Millicent, who is a bestselling children's author. However, she's struggling for inspiration to write a new novel but then sinister things start to stir. There's no one better than Danny Weston to whip up a creepy storm that will have you hooked and running for cover. He does this slowly and pulls the threads of the characters like puppets doing a macabre dance on the cliff's edge. Some parts of the story are slightly predictable, however, he still has that talented ability to slap you around with a surprise or two.  

The book has a natural beauty and charm about it. The harsh landscape and remoteness are magnetically woven into the story - they actually feel like characters themselves. Wild birds soar and sweep above your heads as a great sense of loss, fear and tragedy sweep through your pores. Certainly, the loss of Noah's father resonated with me and pulled on the emotional element of the story. 

A true smorgasbord of events unfold and wrap you in a shawl of darkness and brooding tension. Sinister beings and the stirrings of dark shadows all start to appear on the peripheral vision. Noah has to face unimaginable horrors and conquer his fears within this story. We are treated to a climactic and adventurous ending - it's a firecracker that will soon have you plunging into the freezing deep cold waters. 

This is an edgy and spooky story that all started out with a mere spark of an idea. However, it has now fully grown into a seismic plot. It's a truly great read to lose yourself in so, don't hesitate, buy yourself a copy today.