Monday, 21 June 2010

Gareth P Jones - Space Crime Conspiracy - Book Review

The first book I read by this author was the twisted dark story of The Thornthwaite Inheritance - a book that featured the murderous twins of Ovid and Lorelli. I had the pleasure of reviewing it some time ago and really enjoyed it. So I was so looking forward to more of the same. However after the first chapter, I was left thinking about the versatility of the author, as the book proved to be really quite different in style, to the previous one that I had read. 

For Stan, a young lad from London, this is one amazing ride into the ether and back. It is a nail biting sci-fi journey to a far, far away galaxy, where Stan is whisked to the Bucket for an intergalactic crime - the killing of President Vorlgenar.

Packed full with an imaginative and inventive plot, this book finds you turning the pages faster then a speeding rocket. The book is full of Gareth's trade mark humour - making you laugh along with all the characters. The many imaginative characters all vie for your attention but my favourite is the talking mushroom, which befriends Stan - making a crazy, but important impact on the mystery that finds Stan on trial for murder.

In prison, accused of murdering President Vorlunar, things are not looking good for Stanley. But when he is released, matters get even worse! He discovers that his assumed crime has given him not only notoriety, but value. How can a boy who lives above a pub in south-east London cope with bounty hunters with beards on their foreheads, lawyers who specialise in Intergalactic Law, Pan-Dimensional Litigation and Criminal Prosecution, and the terrifying bird-headed space pirates, the Marauding Picaroons.
All through this book it left a smile on my face, until it sadly ended. This was the most enjoyable read I have had for quite some time - a bizarre romp of space madness. The runaway action is so much fun that it leaves you wanting another adventure soon, if there is one. I sincerely hope so!
Book Published by Bloomsbury 12 July 2010

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Read the darron Shan book. Excellent
what about your Reading pile for July?