Friday, 11 March 2011

The Federation of Children’s Book Groups launches its Twitter Book Forum for adults.

The Federation of Children’s Book Groups is delighted to announce that it will be starting a children’s book forum for adults over social networking site Twitter. The aim of the forum is for librarians, teachers, bloggers and anyone else interested in children’s books the chance to talk about new releases, favourites and anything else of interest surrounding children’s books.
Off the back of the success of both World Book Day and World Book Night, which saw Twitter being used to share experiences, advice and generally to talk about books, this forum will provide book lovers with an interactive social book group.
The Federation has always been forward thinking in the ways it encourages people to read. By running this forum it is hoped that fans of children’s books will have a way to share opinions, new books and to talk about children’s books and their love for them.
The forum will run every fortnight on a Sunday evening between 8pm and 9pm and will be hosted by the Federation @FCBGChair. Using the hashtag #fcbgbkgrp chat will be directed by the participants but at certain times of the year a theme will be suggested. For instance during the month of May it is National Share A Story Month so the theme may be the best books to share with your child. In November to celebrate National Non Fiction Day we will also theme it towards non fiction books.
The opportunities this provides are endless and with nothing similar already happening on Twitter for children’s books this provides book lovers the opportunity to interact with each other in a shared interest around children’s books.
The launch date for the first forum is 20th March 2011 and every other Sunday from then.
For further information about the Twitter Book Forum, please contact Adam Lancaster. 

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