Arthur Slade - Draugr - Book Review


Cover of DraugrGrandpa was going to murder us. Not with an axe. Not with a shovel. But with words."When Sarah, Michael and Angie arrive from the US to spend summer vacation with their grandpa in Gimli, Manitoba, they are prepared for his scary stories based on Icelandic mythology. But they are anything but prepared when events from the story about a draugr -- a man who comes back from the dead -- begin to happen around them.

I have been a big fan of Arthur's work ever since I first read his great steampunk adventures "The Hunchback Assignments". I then went on to read "Dust", which was equally as good but in a totally different style. 

However, recently, I have managed to acquire and read Arthur's first book 'Draugr'. Even though this was originally published in 1998, it still feels and reads like a recent story that has only just been written. 

The main character, Draugr, is a form of ghost or someone who walks again after death.  At least this is according to Norse mythology folklore, of which this story is based around. He breeds a dark atmosphere which is deliciously readable. Possessing superhuman strength, which also can increase in size and at will, a Draugr walks the earth again to seek revenge on a family generation. However, the unmistakable stench of decay that he carries around with him, is certainly not what three children out on a holiday vacation expected to encounter late at night, at their Grandpa's home.

This is a really gripping story, with a very high fear factor, that will make your heart race. It's got pace and is full of action. In fact, when I took this book to the park to read the Canadian geese voiced their approval of my reading choice by not leaving me alone to finish it! However, after finally finishing this thrilling book, I'm now hungry for more. I'm hoping to track down Arthur's next book - I wonder if the geese might be able to offer their help . . . . . .  
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Carmen said…
Strange - I'm sure I commented on your last post but it must have been gobbled up in Bloggers funny moment. But anyway - both these last two books sound amazing - I don't think I've even heard of Arthur Slade but am such a HUGE folklore/mythology... I'm thinking geek but am sure that's not the right word... I really think I'd love these so am going to add them to my wishlist!
Carmen said…
Ooh! Just popped along to Amazon to add to my wishlist and this one is 69p for the Kindle! No longer on my wishlist I can tell thee!