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New Books Published - June 2011 (Part Two)

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Black Ice 

 (Young Sherlock Holmes, book 3)


Andrew Lane
Andrew Lane - Young Sherlock Holmes:Black Ice - Published by Macmillan - 3 June 2011
The year is 1868 and fourteen-year-old Sherlock Holmes faces his most baffling mystery yet. Mycroft, his older brother, has been found with a knife in his hand, locked in a room with a corpse. Only Sherlock believes that his brother is innocent. But can he prove it?
In a chase that will take him to Moscow and back, Sherlock must discover who has framed Mycroft and why . . . before Mycroft swings at the gallows.
Young Sherlock Holmes is a series of novels in which the iconic detective is reimagined as a brilliant, troubled and engaging teenager – creating unputdownable detective adventures that remain true to the spirit of the original books.

The Midnight Palace
Carlos Ruiz Zafon - The Midnight Palace - Published by Orion - 2 June 2011
The book begins with a chase through the streets of Calcutta in May 1916. Lieutenant Peake pauses for breath outside the ruins of the Jheeter's Gate station knowing that he only has a few hours to live. Inside his overcoat he is sheltering two newborn babies - twins, a boy and a girl. Pursued by his would-be assassins, Peake runs at full tilt to the house of Aryami Bose, to whom he entrusts the children. In 1932 we meet the boy, Ben, and his group of friends the night before they are due to leave St Patricks orphanage. They have formed a secret club, The Chowbar Society, that meets each week at midnight in the old ruin they have christened The Midnight Palace. Their final meeting is due that evening but then Aryami Bose turns up at the orphanage with Sheere, Ben's sister, and tells them the story of the parents they never knew. Their father was an engineer and writer who died in tragic circumstances at the inauguration of Jheeter's Gate station. But as the novel unfolds, there is more to this story than meets the eye and they are lured by a shadowy figure from the past into a final showdown in the ruins.

book cover of 

Enemy Invasion 

 (Superhumans, book 3)


A G Taylor
A.G Taylor - Enemy Invasion - Published by Usborne Publishing - 2 June 2011
Superpowers and conspiracy collide in this unmissable action-packed sci-fi thriller, sequel to 'Meteorite Strike' and 'Alien Storm'. Sarah and Robert Williams are no ordinary brother and sister. With superhuman powers originating from the mysterious Fall Virus that left thousands of others in a coma, the two are now working with government agency HIDRA and other superhuman kids to find a cure. The powerful alien that first sent the virus to Earth, known only as 'The Entity', is ready to attack again, determined to bring humanity under its control for good. It is being aided by Sarah's arch-enemy, Major Bright, and malicious software expert, Marlon Good, who have their own plans for world domination - but the key to their plans is 14-year-old Hack and his technology-manipulating powers. Before Sarah and her friends can get Hack to safety, Major Bright abducts him and uses his power to create an army of alien spider-robots that will be able to spread the virus across the world. Wave after wave spiders are launched in a lethal attack on London. Can the superhuman team stop the disaster or have they finally met their match? This is the final chapter in the mind-blowing trilogy of mesmerizing heroes, superpowers and non-stop action by critically acclaimed author A.G. Taylor.
Ben Molyneux - Arthur Archer and the Time Traveller's Chronicles - Published by Janus Publishing - 14 June 2011
Trees do not have pulses, he said to himself sternly ... he pulled a handful of the mistletoe out of the way and there, to his utter amazement, he saw a door. Arthur is a seemingly ordinary teenager with a seemingly ordinary life until he stumbles across a strange and mysterious tree in the grounds of his new home at Rose Cottage. Unable to contain his curiosity, he investigates and ultimately changes his life and perhaps the past forever. For Arthur has discovered a time portal and finds himself transported back to the year 1643 during the English Civil War. His only hope is his sister, Emily, who discovers the secret of the time portal and who must find and warn her brother that unless the two of them return home within twenty-four hours then they will both be trapped in the past. But can the two of them find their way home during one of England's most bloody and grotesque periods? Or will Emily and Arthur have to spend the rest of their lives in a world where witch-hunts, battles, beheadings and the Black Death are commonplace?

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