Monday, 17 October 2011

One to Watch: James Bartholomeusz - The White Fox

The White Fox Cover

James Bartholomeusz lives in Hertfordshire, England, with his parents and two brothers, but is currently studying English Literature at the University of Exeter. When not reading or writing, he enjoys films and British comedy. He’s also interested in politics. His first young-adult novel, The White Fox, is published in December 2011 by Medallion Press, with two more in the same series to follow.
By all accounts, Jack Lawson was a normal British teenager. He had few friends, no love life, and a horde of embittered teachers who seemed to be after his blood on a regular basis. In his Birchford home, a centuries old overflow prison–turned–orphanage, life was excruciatingly mundane.Then came the Cult of Dionysus, a sect of sorcerers at the head of an encroaching Darkness.Then an old friend back from the dead.
And then the white fox.
Suddenly life wasn’t so mundane anymore.

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