Friday, 21 October 2011

Tommy Donbavand -Scream Street Blog Tour - The Final Frontier

To celebrate the publication of Flame of the Dragon - the 13th and final book in the Scream Street series - Tommy Donbavand has written a brand newScream Street story! Shiver of the Phantom will be released in 13 separate parts on 13 separate blogs between 19th October and Halloween itself!

This is the third chapter from the exclusive story 'Scream Street'. The next part of the story will be posted on Barry Hutchison's web 

Chapter Three
The Story

Resus blinked, unsure what to say for a second. “You’re writing a novel?”
Cleo nodded.
“Yes, I’m writing a novel,” said Cleo. “Can I have it back now, please?”
Resus released his grip on the notebook. “How long have you been writing a novel?”
Cleo shrugged. “A few weeks.”
Resus turned to Luke. “And you knew about it?”
“Yep,” said Luke. “Cleo wanted to speak to Samuel Skipstone and get some advice about writing, so she’s been coming here every day after school to chat with him.”
“So, what’s with the magic spell and those things attacking us?” Resus asked. 
“Sorry about that,” Cleo mumbled. “Mr Skipstone said I had to find a way to bring my characters to life. I couldn’t find a way to do it by writing, so I bought a spell from Everwell’s. I didn’t realize it would work on all the characters in the room.”
Resus sat on Luke’s bed. “Why didn’t you tell me you were writing a book?” he asked.
Cleo blushed slightly beneath her bandages. “I wanted to,” she said. “I just thought you might laugh at me.”
“I wouldn’t do that,” said Resus. “I think it’s a great idea.”
“You mean it?”
“Of course,” said Resus. “I couldn’t do anything like that, but you’re good at all that writing stuff at school.”
Cleo smiled as she smoothed out the pages of her notebook. “I am enjoying writing it,” she admitted.
“What’s it about?” Resus asked.
“Don’t look at me,” said Luke, sitting on the bed beside the vampire. “I get sent out of the room when she discusses it with Mr Skipstone.”
Cleo paused for a moment. “Promise you won’t laugh?”
Luke and Resus both nodded.
“OK,” said Cleo. She took a deep breath. “It’s about a girl called Balsa, who meets a boy at school. His name is Woodhead, and Balsa is convinced that there’s something unusual about him. His skin is really cold, he doesn’t have a pulse and when he goes out in the sunshine, maggots burst out of his skin and crawl all over him.”
“So he’s a zombie?” said Resus.
“He is, but Balsa doesn’t know that for certain at the start,” said Cleo. “It’s only when he sinks his teeth into her leg that she realizes the truth.”
“What’s the book called?” asked Luke.
Cleo opened her notebook to the first page to display the title. “Thigh Bite.”
Resus grinned and began to chuckle.
“You said you wouldn’t laugh at me.” Cleo scowled.
“I’m not laughing at you,” Resus insisted. “I’m laughing at the story. It’s really clever.”
“You mean it?” asked Cleo with a smile. “Thanks.”
Resus picked up the game controller and restarted his zombie attack. “It’s all right,” he said, eyes fixed on the advancing undead. “I always thought— Ow!”
The vampire cried out in pain as a model ship exploded against his head.

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