Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Jim Eldrige - The Invisible Assassin: The Malichea Quest - Guest Review

book cover of 

The Invisible Assassin 

 (Malichea Quest, book 1)


Jim Eldridge

  • Paperback: 272 pages
      • Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (12 April 2012)
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-10: 1408817195
      • Book Review by Christopher Todd (Twitter @campertodd) 

      The Invisible Assassin is a book in which a new press officer (Jake Wells) is sent to cover a meaningless story, but an incident leaves a construction worker dead and covered in a strange fungus, Jake realises there is much more to the story. His life on the line, he and his ex-girlfriend try and solve the puzzle about what killed the man and why the Government are trying to cover it up.

       At first glance, this book did not seem to be one that I would generally enjoy reading since the book cover just had two people on a motorbike. I didn’t really know what to expect, but after finishing it I was proved quite wrong indeed. From start to finish I was enticed to keep reading. It didn’t take loads of pages to get into it, in fact from the first couple of pages I was already trying to solve the puzzles, which I just couldn’t do! Therefore, I had to keep reading and every time I kept getting closer there were more twists and turns to grab the reader’s attention.

       It’s like a mash up of The Da Vinci Code, the way that the secret organisations keep trying to keep the secrets quiet, whilst some try to expose the truth. However, the book comes together giving a sense of mystery and a sense of action.

       The Invisible Assassin is the first, within a series of books, from The Malichea Quest series. From the look of the very first one, I hope that the rest of the series live up to the potential of a great teen thriller like this one.

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