Monday, 4 March 2019

Martin Howard (Author), Chris Mould (Illustrator) - The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet - Book Review

We are on the younger person's book trail with the latest installment by Martin Howard. The Cosmic Altlas of Alfie Fleet will be published with love on March 7th, 2019 by Oxford University Press. The book supports a cracking book cover with delightfully energetic black and white illustrations by local illustrator Chris Mould. The map of OUTLANDISH is very cool and I think I might just have to acquire it from his studio! However, I'll make sure I get a slow getaway on good old Betsy the moped. 

This is a fantastic book full of pure escapism and jolly wild capers. Hop on for the ride of your life at 5 miles an hour! Strap yourselves in and put on your crash helmet. Alfie Fleet's problems started when he was feeling very sad about not having any money. All Alfie wanted to do was give his loving mum a foot spa as she worked long hours on her feet at a fish market. Life could be so dull some times, however, this foot problem took him on an unbelievable adventure. All it took was one add in the local newspaper. HELP NEEDED due to a bad back.

Simple words that then catapult the dear reader into a mighty escapade that will pop all imaginary clogs before you even finish the book. You've been WARNED! 

The story takes the reader on a far-flung fantasy adventure filled with fun, FROLICS and rather copious amounts of humour. You will travel a whole universe full of wonders with a crazy old professor and his bristly moustache all aboard the trusty old moped. You'll have a giggle and a google (make sure you check the map first) at the places they visit. It's a book full of eccentric characters that will knock out your teeth or make you smile and then, of course, there is Derek. 

The book is brilliantly creative and will engage all readers regardless of age. It has so much to offer the reader in this original heartfelt story full of action, thrills, and plenty of spills. You'll meet deadly hoarding dragons, elves that want to be supermodels and crazy gods. 

The diary style ramblings are a slice of genius and give us an insight into how the main character thinks through the exploits and explorations that take part on the road to INFINITY.  This, for me, worked brilliantly and enhanced the wonderful illustrations which worked in harmony with the ongoing story. It's a very cool plot for the seasoned adventurer; a great pootle of a ride into a world and beyond. This is a fully recommended family read that will uplift your mood in seconds leaving you wanting so much more. Hopefully, to be delivered very soon...

Now, let's take an OUTLANDISH blog tour with the author. Check the banner below for all the visits and come and say BRAINS-IN-JARS. It might give you a chance to win your own copy of the book. You can also Tweet me on TWITTER or contact me via FACEBOOK. The blog tour starts on Tuesday with Book Lover Jo, so don't forget to check it out. 

Bored of the same old routine? 
Longing for a bit of adventure in your life? 
Love living life on the edge? 
Then join Alfie Fleet and discover a whole universe of wonders (and things that are not so wonderful too, but we won't go into that now). 
From giant sand lobsters on planet Maureen and the Twang Bears of Mumsy, to the eerie (yet oddly quite boring) brains in jars on Brains-in-Jars World - there's something for everyone. And if danger's your thing you won't want to miss Outlandish, with its gold-hoarding dragon, take-your-life-in-your-hands cuisine, and welcoming locals who'll fire lightning bolts at you. 
Thrills and adventure await, just hop on board the slightly old and rusty moped of infinity! 

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