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Mr. Ripley's Enchanted Books: Children's Book Picks Series - September 2019 - Post One

Mr. Ripley's Enchanted Books has picked some of the best children's books due to be published this September. In this first post, we are featuring all the new books which are part of an existing series. Many of which we already love and can't wait for the next installment. This is a fantastic month to explore the realms of fantasy - there are so many amazing books to look forward to and to add to your wanted read pile. 

Helena Duggan - The Battle for Perfect (A Place Called Perfect) - Published by Usborne Publishing Ltd (5 Sept. 2019) - ISBN-13: 978-1474964371 - Paperback 
Things have quietened down in the town that used to be Perfect. But stories reach Violet and Boy of five missing scientists. And then they discover something odd in the forest outside Town - a mirror maze hiding a huge castle. Creeping inside, they overhear a terrible plan - a zombie army is about march on Town. Can Violet and Boy save their friends?

Kieran Larwood (Author), David Wyatt (Illustrator) - Uki and the Outcasts (The Five Realms) - Published by Faber & Faber (5 Sept. 2019) - ISBN-13: 978-0571342792 - Hardback 

'EXCELLENT,' says the bard. 'It's probably a good idea for you to know about him.' 'Wait . . . him? Who's him?' said Rue. 'Uki,' says the bard. 'Uki Patchwork. The Magpie Demon. Uki of the Two Furs.' From the Ice Wastes beyond the Cinder Wall emerges an unlikely hero. Rejected by his village and left to die, young Uki is given life and unique powers by a long-buried spirit from the time of the Ancients . . . and a life or death mission. Joined by two other outcasts - a trained assassin who refuses to kill people and a very short rabbit who rides the fastest jerboa on the plains - Uki must capture Valkus, the Spirit of War, before rabbitkind destroys itself in conflict. A thrilling new book set in the Five Realms of Podkin One-Ear.

Anna James - Pages & Co. Book 2: Tilly and the Lost Fairytales - Published by HarperCollins Children's Books (19 Sept. 2019) - ISBN-13: 978-0008229900 - Hardback

Tilly Pages is a bookwanderer; she can travel inside books, and even talk to the characters she meets there. But Tilly’s powers are put to the test when fairytales start leaking book magic and causing havoc . . . 
On a wintery visit to Paris, Tilly and her best friend Oskar bravely bookwander into the land of fairytales to find that characters are getting lost, stories are all mixed-up, and mysterious plot holes are opening without warning. Can Tilly work out who, or what, is behind the chaos so everyone gets their happily-ever-after?
The second enthralling tale in the bestselling PAGES & CO series.

Lena Jones - The Silver Serpent (Agatha Oddly, Book 3) - Published by HarperCollins Children's Books (5 Sept. 2019) - ISBN-13: 978-0008211950 - Paperback 

A third mystery for thirteen-year-old Agatha Oddly – a bold, determined heroine, and the star of this stylish new detective series.
Agatha Oddlow is on the case with yet another adventure! An assistant at the National Gallery has gone missing, but when Agatha begins investigating, she uncovers a plot bigger than she could ever have imagined. Join Agatha as she travels throughout London and into the very heart of the mystery…

Neil Patrick - The Magic Misfits: The Minor Third - Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (10 Sept. 2019) - ISBN-13: 978-0316391870 - Hardback 

The third magical book in the #1 New York Times bestselling Magic Misfits series from acclaimed and wildly popular celebrity Neil Patrick Harris!
Theo Stein-Meyer loves being part of the Magic Misfits. Armed with his trusty violin bow, he completes the team with his levitation skills, unflappable calm, and proper manners. But when a girl named Emily begins to spend time with the group, Theo is surprisingly drawn to her. She seems to understand the pull he feels between music and magic, between family and friends.
Then a famous ventriloquist arrives in town, and the Misfits are sure he (and his creepy dummy) are up to no good. With their mentor, Mr. Vernon, suddenly called away and tension simmering among the friends, can they come together to stop another member of the villainous Emerald Ring? It's time for Theo to make a choice about where--and with whom--he belongs.
Join the Magic Misfits as they discover adventure, friendship, and more than a few hidden secrets in this unique and surprising series. Whether you're a long-time expert at illusion or simply a new fan of stage magic, hold on to your top hat!

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