Thursday, 15 April 2010

C T Furlong Killer Strangelets:An Arctic6 Adventure - Review

I was recently introduced to this debut title by the up-and-coming publisher, Inside Pocket. Their first book release will be 'The Adventures of Titch & Mitch' by Garth Edwards, which has some great illustrations by Max Stasyuk. The next book to be published, after the Titch & Mitch books, will be 'Killer Strangelets:An Arctic6 Adventure' by C T Furlong, due to be published in June 2010.

After a childhood love of adventure stories, the author was inspired to write her own books - for us all to enjoy. This will be her first published book in the 'Arctic6 Adventure' series - with the next book 'Killer Genes' to follow in September 2010.

At the start of the book, I did actually get a little lost, as I struggled with understanding the different character relationships and how these fitted into the story. I felt they weren't made too clear at the start and this held me back a little, but when I did get my bearings the book was immensely enjoyable. The plot was fast paced and full of adventure and mysteries. The tech-stuff and science part was particular engrossing and worked really well - you could tell that the author has a really good understanding of the subject. This was used to great effect within the book.  

The book follows the exploits of the fifteen year old Iago, his cousins, Cam, Tara and Renny, and his younger sister, Aretha. Joined by their friend, the bewitching Charlie, they embark on a mission to save Iago's father who has been accidentally kidnapped - by perhaps the maddest of all possible mad scientists.

Firstly all the characters have to work together to establish and solve the problem. Then they need to act to save Iago's father, and save the world from destruction. The book is action packed and a race right until the very final page. There are an array of original ideas packed into this book, some of these are written through phone conversations which give it an extra dimension. The book ends with a bang, as all the storylines are brought together, leaving you to finally catch your breath.

This is a great debut start to the series, I am already looking forward to the next planned adventure, which will not come soon enough for me. The book cover is particularly enticing; it will have you wanting to pick it up and to read it as soon as you see it in the shops. I hope you think about putting this book on your summer reading list . . . . I would have!

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