Sunday, 19 September 2010

A.G Taylor - Alien Storm - Book Review

Alien storm
No spoilers are to be found in this review (I hope), so that you can still enjoy the book in full.

This is the second book, from one of the best new series to date, in my opinion. It's a fantastic sequel to the author's highly acclaimed debut book, Meteorite Strike. It's listed as X-Men meets Heroes - a sci-fi, adrenaline-fuelled adventure which is full of children with superpowers and some really nasty bad guys (in need a good kicking!). It is an actioned packed, page cruncher with just the correct number of pages for the plot, and what a plot it is. . . . .

The book takes you on a sci-fi
 technological rampage that has you engaged right to the very last word. The superpowers of the characters are very visual and totally memorable. In fact, they give the story some of the best action scenes in the book which are normally only found in the best comic books.

The story starts with the children in hiding from Major Bright and the military operations of H
IDRA (a continuation from the first book). However, the story has a sub-plot based on a new boy. He has superpowers, which Andrew cleverly weaves into the story, to gather momentum and pace. He builds the story into an epic read, with the aid of a Mysterious Russian billionaire, who lures the children to his amazing home - an incredible building for the super rich. Great imaginative characters have been used in this book, one of my favourite is the Robowulf, who has a major part towards the end of the book.

I had a real storm reading this book! But when I turned to the very last page, it was a shock to find that there were no more pages left. I was truly disappointed, as I wanted to continue existing in the world that the author had so skilfully written. However, there is a real cliff-hanger at the end of the story - just perfect for setting up a great epic start to the next book in the series.

Book published by Usborne Publishing 26 November 2010

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