Saturday, 25 September 2010

Charlie Higson - The Dead - Book Review

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Are you ready for the next book?

The Enemy is back - this is the second book in the series. Although, this book starts about a year before the events actually took place in book one. Therefore, anyone who would like to begin to read this amazing series can actually start with this book and not feel lost! 

The book begins with an entry into the world of the living dead. Most of the adults are either dead or infected with a killer virus that affects anyone, and everyone over the age of fourteen. However, a group of children, who are immune to the virus (due to their age), can be found hiding in a classroom. They are hiding from their teachers, and in some cases their parents who have turned into flesh-eating monsters. At the start of the book the fight for survival appears to have a light-hearted and playful theme to it - a similar outlook to that in the first book. However, as the story unfolds the tone becomes deadly serious and really shows the emotional torment of the characters. In fact, there are many moments of poignant reflection for the children, as they have to stop being children and grow up quickly in order to survive.

Charlie has weaved many famous landmarks into this story; developing and creating a greater sense of realism. He has also injected far more gory details into the story than in the first book. This is in an attempt to scare you out of your whits, but on a much bigger scale! The scene at the Oval cricket ground is very graphic, both in its delivery and imaginative creation. It provides a very memorable moment in the book - very thought provoking and captivating to read. 

Another great section within the story, is when the author really gets inside some of the "Sicko's" (Zombie) heads. He writes from within their demonic brain and expresses their evil personality - a clever and interesting perspective, which developed into an aspect of the book that I really loved. 

All in all this is another top book from Charlie and is one to be read by all fans of this ever popular genre. We should see the story joining up to a third instalment of mayhem.

Let us know your favourite books within this genre - we'd love to know your thoughts.

About the Author
Charlie Higson is a well-known writer of screenplays and novels, and is the author of the phenomenally successful Young Bond series. He is also a performer and co-creator of The Fast Show and Radio Four’s award-winning Down the Line series, which was recently made into a popular BBC2 sketch show, Bellamy's People. Charlie is a big fan of horror films and is now hoping to give a great many children sleepless nights with this series.


Steve Feasey said...

I'm looking forward to this book. The first book, The Enemy, was a great read.

Anonymous said...

nice review... i look forward to reading this book