Friday, 12 August 2011

Jason Moss - Smell & Bogey and the Magic Carpet

Author invites grubby little monsters into a world of snot, dribble and odd-ball creatures with inventive debut novel, warning parents, grannies and nannies to proceed with caution!

Welcome to the world of the Magic Carpet: home to all sorts of peculiar tiny creatures, wobbling through life, trying not to get trodden on, covered in snot or eaten alive! The fat, the thin, the brainy and the dim, the blobby and the furry, the hairy and the curly all collide in this secret world lurking under our feet, deep within the filthy fibres of the carpet. Whatever lands upon the Magic Carpet suddenly springs into life. Within the dirty pile funny things can happen, and they usually happen to best friends Smell and Bogey, two chums who couldn’t be more different. Bogey enjoys the quiet life, sleeping, eating and keeping their green Monopoly house spick and span; Smell is a thrill seeker with a taste for excitement. 

Late one night, Smell and Bogey are visited by a mysterious figure who forewarns them of approaching evil. The friends have felt a strange rumbling from underneath the Magic Carpet and take the stranger’s advice to abandon their home. Smell and Bogey have no choice but to embark upon a treacherous journey to seek advice from Gingerbags, the wise ginger Tom cat who lurks on the edges of the rug. Joining Smell and Bogey on their quest for answers is Fluff, their beautiful next-door neighbour - with whom everyone is in love, especially Smell - as well as a host of new friends they make along the way. Crumb and Lord Itch and his Ant Army are all keen to help, but a trio of scheming fleas seem determined to sabotage the trip. Smell and Bogey’s journey will be fraught with difficulty, comedy and nonsense, as they dodge milkshake showers and other mucky matter falling from the big skies above. Will their friendship survive the adventure? And more importantly, will Smell and Bogey survive the looming threat of the vacuum cleaner?

With his first novel for children, Jason Moss introduces a coterie of joyful characters in what is arguably the most emphatically grimy book for children since Roald Dahl’s legendary poetry collection, Revolting Rhymes (1982). Smell & Bogey and the Magic Carpet will have children giggling with glee at its charismatic celebration of all things repulsive; the crude components of childhood that make children smile whilst turning the stomachs of their teachers and parents. Beneath the mucky mayhem lies the heart of Moss’s story; the special strength of friendship against all the odds. Delightfully irreverent, ghoulishly grotesque and wickedly funny, Smell & Bogey and the Magic Carpet is the first in a series of Smell & Bogey novels by Jason Moss, and possesses all the hallmarks of a kids classic in the making. 

Published by New Generation, 2011,
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