Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mark Walden Facebook Fan Page is Now Live - The Villains School of Higher Education

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 (H.I.V.E., book 7)


Mark Walden

The new Mark Walden Facebook Fan page is now live –

Here is your chance to discover more about the author of the HIVE series and have your say. There will be regular updates, giveaways and free downloads. There will also be top gadget ideas, video game highlights and some villainous characters passing by every now and then! Mark himself will be popping by to let the fans know what is currently going on in his world.

If you know of anyone who might be like to be a fan then please let them know. Spread the word.......

Welcome to H.I.V.E., the school where villains rule. Here, eligible students are trained in the ways of wickedness in the hope that they will become super-villains. The school’s motto is ‘It takes the best to create the worst’ … but one of the new students is about to become their worst nightmare!

Packed full of humour, action and with a knowing nod to cinematic baddies, H.I.V.E. subverts the traditional school-based novel by setting it somewhere that the pupils are encouraged to misbehave. With a filmic text that rolls from one action sequence to the next, all four H.I.V.E. novels have bags of boy appeal, enough hi-tech gadgets to make James Bond jealous and a globally dominating sense of fun. Not since Hogwarts has there been a school that children will so actively want to attend!

Get villainous!

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