Kindle Book Plug: Peter Quatrine - The Chronicles of the Dragon Sisters

Hello reader,

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Peter Quatrine. I’ve
recently published my debut novel on the Amazon Kindle store.  Mr.
Ripley has very kindly offered me the use of this blog post to help
promote the novel.

The book is entitled “The Chronicles of the Dragon Sisters,” the first
in a series about teenage twin sisters Eva and Jane Fonten.

The estranged twins move from London to a bizarre country house, rife
with dragon decor and motifs.  Follow their adventures as they are
drawn into fantastic and dangerous worlds as they begin to learn of
their heritage and themselves.  The developing relationship between
the girls and their immediate and extended family is a central theme
in the unfolding saga.

Barry Cunningham, publisher and MD of Chicken House, kindly notes in
his 4* Amazon review: “I was lucky enough to read this early - it's a
really excellent story, and I love the Dragon Sisters.  It's not so
common in fantasy to find great girl characters, and these are truly
intriguing in a fantastic and strange adventure.”

If you like contemporary fantasy perhaps you might like to give it a
try.  If you’re a Prime user you can borrow it for free, or buy it
for a £1 or $1.55.

Previews are available for your reading pleasure. The work can be
downloaded onto anything that carries the Kindle app.

Thank you very much,

Peter A. J. Quatrine


Anonymous said…
Hi,I read your book as your sister knows my sister a bit and she happened to mention it to me and I was interested as I am a fan of the fantasy genre. I have to say I though it was very good. I loved some of the fringe characters, especially Mrs Nancy, and I also liked how the story got off to a running start and didn't burden the reader with lots of unnecessary back story. Thank you for a day's good reading. I look forward to the next in the set.