Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books - Favourite Reads 2012

                                          Illustration by Lilli Carre.

             Mr Ripley's Favourite Reads Of 2012

Looking back over the year it has been a good one for me - it has been one that I've really enjoyed in the world of blogging. I've read over a hundred books (children and YA) this year. Many of them I have really enjoyed reading, and therefore, picking out a handful of books was a really hard task. However, I've managed to pick 15 worthy books. I admit that I might have missed a title or two, but I hope that you get some ideas from the list below. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the authors and publishers for their support throughout the year - you've been brilliant, as always. Mostly I would like to thank the many readers and followers of this blog - without you I would not continue with my posts. I wish you all a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I'm looking forward to another stunning year full of fantastic books.

Listed in date order:

  1.  Barry Hutchison - Afterworlds: The 13th Horseman - Published By HarperCollins Children's - 1 March 2012
  2.  Kai Meyer - Arcadia Awakens ( Arcadia Trilogy) - Published By Templar - 1 March 2012
  3. Roy Gill - The Daemon Parallel - Published By Kelpies - 1 March 2012
  4. Tom Becker - The Traitors - Published By Scholastic - 5 April 2012
  5. Alexander Gordon Smith - The Fury - Published By Faber and Faber - 5 April 2012
  6. Garth Nix - A Confusion of Princes - Published By HarperCollins Children's -  17 May 2012
  7. Thomas Taylor - Haunters - Published By Chicken House - 24 May 2012
  8. Oldman Brook - The Wizard of Crescent Moon Mountain - Published By Matador - 1 July 2012
  9. Michelle Paver - Gods and Warriors - Published By Puffin - 28 August 2012
  10. Patrick Carman - 3 Below (Floors) - Published By Scholastic US -  1 September 2012
  11. Kim Curran - Shift - Published By Strange Chemistry - 6 September 2012
  12. William Alexander - Goblin Secrets - Published By Magaret K. McElderry Books - 6 September 2012
  13. Darren Shan - Zom-B - Published By Simon and Schuster Children's -  27 September 2012
  14. Gareth P Jones - Constable and Toop - Published By Hot Key Books -  4 October 2012
  15. Kate Cann - Witch Crag - Published By Scholastic - 4 October 2012


Ms. Yingling said…
The Tom Becker looked particularly good. Thanks for a good list!
Anonymous said…
Zom-B was awesome.
Laura said…
Zom-B was just the business. Becker I kind of liked but was a little disappointed in the ending. 13th Horseman - I really need to reread because I get such a kick out of it! And Gods and Warriors I so want to read because the cover just looked AWESOME. Don;t care what they say about book covers, I still love that cover!