Friday, 21 February 2014

Book Review: Sally Green - Half Bad - Published by Penguin 2014

One of the biggest books to make last years Bologna Book Fair was Sally Green's Half Bad. It received worldwide praise and some amazing comments from the publishing world. From this point onwards, the book has now been released in 42 languages worldwide and film rights have recently been sold to Fox.

A global launch for this book will take place on the 3rd March. This supernatural thriller has been much anticipated by readers everywhere. The question must be . . . .  is this hype justified? Well it isn't another Twilight or Hunger Games which I'm really pleased to be able to report as I'm always looking for originality. Personally, I think that this has original qualities by the bucketful. I was not expecting this book to turn out the way it did - I was expecting magic and, perhaps, an unrealistic fantasy world. However I found neither of these elements within this book.

What I did find was an emotion-fuelled story that will touch every heart to the core. Set in a modern day world inhabited by Witches (both Black and White) who are divided by hatred and the fear of each other. The white witches are the ruling force - this council seeks out protection for it's own kind. However this brings social consequences, which create emotional turmoil, developing in to an interesting element of the story that I was keen to explore.

Half Bad is a parallel universe occupied by witches. This fantastical side to the book is so subtle that it almost creeps into the book. I really loved this aspect and felt that, in my opinion,  it was very cleverly created. There is light and dark, good and evil and then the main character of the book, Nathan.  He lives in no-man's land, on the blurred boundary between black and white magic. Illegitimate and exiled. Wanted by no one, but hunted by everyone.

This book is a real thinker; it's not all about magical spells within an over the top fantasy world. Instead it's a journey of self discovery in a world of loneliness. Where the main character doesn't 'fit' in and is regarded as a social outcast. The plot encompasses a brutal world of fear and the worst elements of mankind. It is a very dark and gripping YA/adult cross-over which will entertain both emotionally and psychologically. It's interesting, intriguing and, to me, felt totally original. The blend of genres makes you think from the first page to the last. A great debut start with a powerful new voice in town.

I'd love to hear what you all think of this one......

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