Monday, 17 November 2014

Mr Ripley's Book Review: Nick Handel - Newskids on the Net - Published by Troubador Publishing

Nick Handel is a former award-winning BBC producer. His 30 years of experience and creativity has helped to form and develop 'Newskids on the Net' as a thriller for children. This book was first published in 2008 and after much demand is now being reborn again.

Aimed at the 9-13 year old audience, Nick captured the story for this age-range brilliantly. Full of deadly adventure, strange kidnappings, late night stakeouts and secret recordings, the reader is propelled into a thrilling and original plot. I was captivated and I feel quite sure that any reluctant readers would find it hard not to be intrigued. We may soon find that garden sheds everywhere have an additional function as a newsroom that are run by, and for, children.

A range of subject areas were sensitively handled and explored within this book. Many children may find themselves being able to relate to some of these elements. However, these were also balanced alongside humorous and light-hearted issues to create a fun and engaging read.

The story is set in England at a time when the World Cup is finally being hosted by the home nation. Around this time the main character, Max Taylor, creates a TV station in his dad's garden shed as a community news programme. Before they know it they soon become unlikely candidates for not just presenting, but actually becoming the news. Unexpectedly they uncover a match fixing plot which throws them into a deadly adventure. Will they be able to save England's World Cup dreams or will it be shattered by corruption and bad press?

The ending leads to a nerve tingling climax and an exclusive scoop. Globally, Max and his team soon become local and national heroes. The world gets to hear their voice and story about what really did happen.

With christmas on the horizon, this would be a great book for any children interested in a career in media and entertainment. This book has been released and is out now in bookstores to purchase. Watch out for multi-functional sheds everywhere!

More details check out the dedicated website: Here or if you would like to buy a signed copy: Here

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