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Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books : Book Review - Claudia White - Seravlius Window - MP Publishing Ltd

“There was a proverb written more than 2200 years ago: watching the tree to catch a hare,” Dr. Zhang smiled warmly, “which means: the only thing that does not change is that everything changes.”

The tales of dreams and imaginings of Claudia White have been fully explored in book three. Seravalius Window is so far my personal favourite. The plot is highly imaginative and combines the ancient story of Gilgamesh and Chinese Proverbs, which is really evident in the plot line. These elements in the book make you think and flex your imaginative brain making it an absolute joy to immerse yourself in the story.   

After the first few chapters, you will be led down the narrative road asking yourself how this book is going to work out. It is surreal, intriguing and very different from the previous two books. However, it still retains all the good aspects from the other books such as the interesting and well written characters, good worldbuilding and easy going dialogue.   

The book is written in three parts and leads the reader down a path of discovery and learning which cleverly collides into a satisfying ending. Although it leaves more questions than answers. This book can work as a standalone novel, but I would recommend reading one of the other books to get a better understanding of the characters and back history, as it may be quite easy to get lost. 

In the first part, Servalius, the reader learns of a perfectly ordered world where everything and everyone lives according to their destined journey. Servalians have no knowledge of their celestial journey that began on Earth but celebrate the images of the Earth’s vibrancy through Enya Harding’s art and Alfred Canat’s music. But when twelve year old Mia learns that she does not fit into her destined path things change forever… 

This is a story of destiny and unexplained memories that will leave you wanting to uncover the mystery within the story. You will travel into a dream like bubble the further you go.  

In part two, the reader is introduced to Indigo Jasper, a friend of Felix Hutton who is gifted with strange and unexplained memories and extraordinary knowledge. Felix knows that Indigo is different from his other classmates, but believes that her exceptional intelligence is what sets her apart until she and everything associated with her ceases to exist and only Felix and other Athenites can remember her at all.

Part three involves the reappearance of Indigo’s ghostly form as she provides some of the answers to her mysterious disappearance; her travels on Earth and what awaits her when she returns to Servalius (as Mia) having completed this part of her destined journey… 

This is a pocket size family adventure, full of folk tales and myths, which are all wrapped in a magical fantasy realm. A recommended middle grade read that I would search out in a heartbeat, especially if you are in the U.K. 

  • Book published by MP Publishing Ltd (May 18, 2015)

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