Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Mr Ripley's Book Cover Wars Final Winner 2016/17 - Roderick Gordon - Summerhouse Land - Book Cover by Stanley Donwood #bookcoverwars

Mr Ripley's book cover wars final 2016/17 has now come to a final end. After four cracking heats, we now have another fantastic winner.......

As usual, I would like to thank all the people who have supported the
 book cover wars. I hope that you too have had as much fun as I have. 

Altogether 1,150 votes were cast over five weeks. Thank you all once again.

Without further ado,  I'd like to award the title of 'Mr Ripley's Book Cover Wars - Book Cover of the year 2016/17' to . . . . . . .  

Roderick Gordon - Summerhouse Land - Book Cover by Stanley Donwood - Published by Mathew & Son Limited -  (20 Jun. 2016) 

This book cover will be placed in the Ripley's Hall of Fame where it will accompany the following past winners:

2009/10 - Jon Mayhew 'Mortlock' 
2010/11 - Darren Shan 'Birth of a Killer' illustrated by David Wyatt
2011/12 - Curtis Jobling ''Werewolf: Shadow of the Hawk' illustrated by Andrew Farley
2012/13 - Thomas Taylor - 'Haunters' illustrated by Steve Wells 
2013/14 - Niel Bushnell - 'Timesmith' - illustrated by James Fraser 
2014/15  - M. G. Harris/Gerry Anderson's - 'Gemini Force One' Black Horizon by Blacksheep. 
2015/16 -  M. G. Leonard - 'Beetle Boy' - illustrated by Julia Sarda 

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