Sunday, 11 December 2016

Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books: Cathryn Constable - The White Tower - Book Review (Chicken House Books)

When Livy's accepted at Temple College, a school for the very brightest, no one is more surprised than her, though she has always felt different. Recently, Livy's been drawn to the roof, where, among its towering stone angels, she has the strangest desire to fly. But her behavior is noticed by others, for whom the ability to defy gravity is a possible reality that they'll stop at nothing to use for their own ends.

In 2012, The Wolf Princess was published by Chicken House and captured the hearts and minds of many readers. This is the second children's book to be published by Cathryn Constable. The White Tower is a similar story; it is a dreamy and nostalgic book that will transport the reader to a place in time that the author has chosen. The book is scheduled to hit the bookshops in January 2017, but you don't have to wait that long as I've already seen it on the shelves of many well- stocked bookshops. 

Livy is the main character of the story and you will certainly warm to her from the very first page. The doors close behind her and the bus lurches away to uncertainty, a new chapter and a new and unwanted life that will pull on the delicate heart strings.

A new start at Temple College, one of the oldest schools in London, but Liv is missing her best friend. She doesn't want to replace her with a new life at a rich school. The sadness and the loneliness exude through the plot. Liv does not want to fit into her new environment. The struggles of life will draw you into this plot unexpectedly; the atmospheric ambiance will suck you into a vortex of mystery, old-fashioned sense of adventure that will have you glued to the pages.

Cathryn has painted a brilliant narrative just like John Constable paints a landscape. A flourish of colour and a romantic palette painted in words and language that will transport the reader into a classic timeless fairytale. You will fly high into the clouds of mystery in search of forbidden knowledge and rummage through the secrets of the past. Science or magic, alchemy or mayhem? All of these will draw the reader into this brilliant and engrossing adventure. 

This is another fantastic publication from Chicken House. It is a great story of sadness, but it pulls the readers through the pages with uplifting charm and dreamy reality. Cathryn has a great sense of imagination turning dreams into good classic adventures that you will love and enjoy, regardless of time and age. 

A girl, a roof and the cold winter sky... A scattered snowflake of magic realism and a festive delight for everyone. I hope you read and enjoy it! 

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