Monday, 8 October 2018

Kiran Millwood Hargrave - The Way Past Winter - Book Review - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books

If you are going to walk into a bookshop today then this perfectly formed little book will certainly capture your attention. It's a sparkling golden and green hardback published on the 4th October 2018 by Chicken House Books. The Way Past Winter by Kiran Millwood Hargrave is a standalone novel that will delight readers whilst distilling a chill to the VERY hearts and minds. However, in places, the poetic writing will also sprinkle a charm that will envelope you with a big warm hug. 

It was a winter they would tell tales about. A story they would shout about. A winter that arrived so suddenly, that the magical adventure leaves you unsettled and slightly disturbed. This is a festive literary cracker that will set the imagination going; a fairytale full of wonder that captures the harsh reality of winter. 

Mila and her sisters live with their brother Oskar in a small forest cabin in the snow. One night, a fur-clad stranger arrives seeking shelter for himself and his men. But by the next morning, they’ve gone – taking Oskar with them. Fearful for his safety, Mila and her sisters set out to bring Oskar back – even it means going north, crossing frozen wild-lands to find a way past an eternal winter.

The narrative will drag you on a sleigh ride of an adventure following three sisters in search of the truth and their missing brother Oskar. You will dance with wolves and escape the clutches of a spellcasting wizard into a landscape that will crush you with a snow avalanche. It's a poignant and searching story that almost distills a biblical-like feeling about it. 

This poetic festive treat will be loved by everyone regardless of age and gender. Every word is carefully placed and every sentence delicately balanced. It's a book that sparkles with brilliance making it the author's best book to date. Engaged by the compelling narrative you'll soon want to explore deeper within the book. So settle down and serve with a large cup of Yorkshire tea ..... perhaps even a biscuit or two. 

If you intrigued and you would like to read a small extract of the book the link is HERE

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