Monday, 16 December 2019


Mr. Ripley's Book Cover War final 2019/20 has now come to an exciting end. After five exciting heats, we now have another fantastic winner ....... 

I would like to thank everyone who has supported the book cover wars. I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as we have. It's been very exciting and thrilling to see the love for children's book covers. 

I would like to thank everyone who has taken part and supported this long-running competition. Mr. Ripley's Enchanted Book Cover Wars was started to give credit to the unsung heroes of some of our favourite book covers and the creative teams and people behind them. I hope we've done that HERE. 

Altogether, over 3,400 votes were cast over the last six weeks. Thank you all once again FOR VOTING. The winner of the £10 Book Voucher and mystery book will be announced on Twitter later tonight. 

Anyway, without further ado, I'd like to award the title of 'Mr Ripley's Book Cover Wars - Book Cover of the Year 2019/2020 to . . . . . . .  

Joan Haig - Tiger Skin Rug - Published by Cranachan Publishing (6 Feb. 2020). Book Cover Designed by Annie Glennie - Congratulations to another worthy winner. 

This book cover will be placed in the Ripley's Hall of Fame where it will accompany the following past winners: 

2009/10 - Jon Mayhew 'Mortlock' illustrated by Christian Lorenz Scheurer
2010/11 - Darren Shan 'Birth of a Killer' illustrated by David Wyatt

2011/12 - Curtis Jobling 'Werewolf: Shadow of the Hawk' illustrated by Andrew Farley
2012/13 - Thomas Taylor 'Haunters' illustrated by Steve Wells 
2013/14 - Niel Bushnell 'Timesmith' illustrated by James Fraser 
2014/15 - M. G. Harris/Gerry Anderson's 'Gemini Force One' Black Horizon illustrated by Blacksheep
2015/16 -  M. G. Leonard 'Beetle Boy' illustrated by Julia Sarda 
2018/19 - Vashti Hardy 'Brightstorm: A Sky-Ship Adventure' illustrated by George Ermos 

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