Monday, 3 February 2020

Mr. Ripley's Enchanted Books - Children Book Picks Feb 2020 - UK POST ONE

Michelle Harrison - A Pinch of Magic - Published by Simon & Schuster Children's UK (6 Feb. 2020) - ISBN-13: 978-1471183867 - Paperback - Reading Age: 8+ 
From the bestselling author of A PINCH OF MAGIC comes another spellbinding adventure that will take your breath away and make you believe in magic. 

A missing sister, a secret island and ... a sprinkle of sorcery.

The family curse has been lifted and the Widdershins sisters: Betty, Fliss and Charlie are free to leave the misty prison isle of Crowstone. But when a mysterious girl arrives at the Poacher’s Pocket with a pocketful of hagstones and accompanied by a will-o’-the-wisp, it seems another adventure has landed on their doorstep. And when Charlie goes missing, it’s up to Betty and Fliss to journey through misty marches, past wisp catchers and on to a secret island that doesn’t exist on any map…

Ross Mackenzie - Evernight - Published by Andersen Press (6 Feb. 2020) - ISBN-13: 978-1783448319 - Paperback - Reading Age: 10+
Thousands of years ago, the Evernight came to the Silver Kingdom and turned everything to darkness and chaos. It was only defeated thanks to the skill and bravery of the Witches. But now the Evernight is about to return, released by the evil Mrs Hester, and the only spell that might stop it is lost, deep below the great city of King s Haven. 

Then orphan Larabelle Fox stumbles across a mysterious wooden box while treasure-hunting in the city s sewers. Little does she realise she is about to be catapulted into an adventure, facing wild magic and mortal danger and a man who casts no shadow . . .

Anne Miller (Author), Becka Moor (Illustrator) - Mickey and the Animal Spies - Published by OUP Oxford (6 Feb. 2020) - ISBN-13: 978-0192773630 - Paperback - Reading Age: 8+
Mickey is the type of kid who's always on the lookout for a code to crack. So it's her lucky day when she spots a strange poster on the bus home from school written completely in code. Within the strange jumble of letters is a curious message, one that leads to exciting adventure-with diamond thieves, dognappers, and an extraordinary group of animal spies! 

This book contains real coded messages, can you crack the codes before Mickey does?

Shane Hegarty  (Author), Ben Mantle (Illustrator) - BOOT: The Rusty Rescue - Published by Hodder Children's Books (20 Feb. 2020) - ISBN-13: 978-1444949391 - Reading Age: 6+
For fans of Toy Story and Charlie Changes into a Chicken, this is the second hilarious, warm-hearted story about a small robot on a big adventure. With illustrations by Ben Mantle bringing Boot's world to life, this is a thrill-ride of an adventure, stuffed with fun, friendship and a warehouse full of bouncy castles.
Toy robot Boot has come a long way since it woke up in a scrapyard with only two and a half glitchy memories. It has a home with its robot pals in an abandoned amusement arcade, and has discovered what true happiness is - although it's still not sure why humans are so leaky and weird ... But when Boot and the gang stumble upon Rusty, an old, broken robot, forgotten in the back of a testing lab, it's time to spring into action. Boot knows there's something special about Rusty - but can they free the old robot and help it find its purpose?
Illustrated throughout in glorious black and white by the award-winning Ben Mantle, this is an unforgettable tale of resilience and hope. 

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