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Hello everybody - we hope you are managing to keep cool this week! One of our favourite books of July 2022 has to be the epic and thrilling second book in the QUICKSMITH series by Loris Owen. The book has been published by Firefly Press Ltd and has a cracking book cover image. I think this is by Anne Glenn but unfortunately, I cannot find any information in the book to back this up. 

New readers might not instantly realise that this is the follow-up book to The Ten Riddles of Earth Quicksmith. It's not essential that you start at the beginning of the series as it is possible to read this as a standalone story. However, I would personally recommend reading the series in sequence as the back history is such an important aspect of the book to understand the complexity of the plot. It will certainly help you to understand more within the second book. 

Currently, there are so many books being published that the choice is vast and somewhat challenging in being able to find a great read. However, this author (Loris Owen) has a fantastic vision of the world she has created; it's magical and easily grips the reader by transporting you to the world of fantasy and mayhem.  The storyline is like no other book. It's a quest full of well-imagined sequences and ideas that are told with so much depth and detail. The plot allows you to explore with the characters as you follow the clues and decipher new riddles to solve the mystery as well as defeat old enemies. 

It's a fast-paced full of action-adventure with some rather big surprises along the way. The storyline stretches the imagination like an elastic band propelling the reader on a great fantasy ride full of fun and enjoyment. It's a really great sequel that takes you further into a creative world of discovery that is unlike any book I have read for some time. Packed with inventions, teamwork, and gadgets that will have you scratching your head, it's time to travel the Myriad waves and find where the CRAZY PAVING might be. 

Be BOLD and be brave as you travel through space and time with Kip and his friends to a strange world. The places are so bizarre, with creatures and technology so unfathomable, that you might JUST need a helping of sideways thinking. The book is layered with a strange energy that will set your teeth tingling and your toes tapping as you evade capture by the Myriad Pirates. The secrets of the Ark hold the key but a freak accident will just nicely set you up for a quest that will have you wanting more. If this sounds like your type of book strap yourself in, come and DREAM BIG for the time of your life with our recommended book of the month. You can buy HERE. 


Loris said…
What a brilliant review - thank you so much! Loris